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Antisemitism, homophobia and the NUS’s National Executive Council

This is Ayo Olatunji. Ayo is running to sit on the National Union of Students (NUS) National Executive Council (NEC) at this week’s NUS conference in Glasgow.

Ayo is best known for his role in the Hen Mazzig protest at UCL in November 2016 where Jewish students were trapped in a room by a mob of anti-Israel protestors.

Unsatisfied with his initial attempts, Ayo was this year once again front and centre at the Dan Meridor protest at KCL where  Jewish students were again surrounded in a room by a baying crowd of their fellow students.

Ayo believes that Israel is “one of the principal funders of genocides of Africans”. Sound familiar? *Cough*…..Jackie Walker…..*ahem*….

Ayo quite proudly asks people to call him a ‘conspiracy theorist’ as he shares an antisemitic video about the “Rothschild’s master plan”. The video he shares goes on to talk about how the Rothschild’s run every central bank in the world (apart from North Korea, Iran and Cuba). It discusses how the Rothschild’s manipulate countries to go to war for them as they have an “unlimited amount of money and power”. The video suggests 9/11 was an inside job, carried out in order for the Rothschild’s to gain control of Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s banks. The video is quite simply a piece of antisemitic propaganda. Ayo tells people to “do a little research on this” – we did. Google “Rothschild’s master plan” and you will get taken into a world of antisemitic conspiracies, much coming from far-right, neo-nazi sites and forums.

In the comments section, Ayo displays his approval for his friend’s comment about how “the roothchild (Rothschild), rockafella (Rockefeller), and Kissinger all stay hidden in the shadows and get absolutely no media coverage”. Nothing like some prominent Jews staying hidden in the shadows to complete the conspiracy.

And whilst you’re at it, why not take “a look into the balfour declaration, shows the power they really have” says one of Ayo’s friends. “They“?!….Hmmm….I wonder who he could mean. Ayo of course shows his approval with a friendly like.

One of Ayo’s friends knows what the video is really about and calls him out on it. But instead of apologising or deleting the post, Ayo demonstrates some great whataboutery by stating that he is “not involving religion in this“.

And here comes the best part. In a welcome booklet produced by UCL Students’ Union, Ayo delivers his own warm welcome to new students…..

He makes clear how the Union “recognise the importance of respecting and celebrating differences“,

How he is “extremely proud to have a variety of cultures and faiths represented on campus

And that “it is important for us to ensure that you feel SAFE at a university right at the heart of London“.

We wonder why Ayo did not personally extend any of these wonderful ideas to Jewish students. We wonder how “safe” Jewish students will feel if Ayo gets elected onto the NEC.

To cap it all off, check out these causally homophobic tweets from Ayo.

It will be interesting to see what the NUS makes of all of this come election time this week….

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