Go to jail?

This is actually the third time the Israeli police have recommended that Benjamin Netanyahu be indicted on corruption charges.

In 1997, police recommended that Netanyahu be indicted on corruption charges for influence-peddling. He was accused of appointing an attorney general who would reduce the charges and prosecutors ruled that there was insufficient evidence to go to trial. In 1999, Netanyahu faced another scandal when the Israel Police recommended that he be tried for corruption for $100,000 in free services from a government contractor; Israel’s attorney general did not prosecute, citing difficulties with evidence.

Do our Israeli readers believe the outcome this time will be any different?

Should Netanyahu continue as prime minister while subject to a possible indictment?

You may believe that Israel can’t do any better than Netanyahu given Israel’s circumstances. (I hope that’s not true, but I can understand that argument.) But even those who believe that must realize how personally sleazy he is.

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