Homophobia,  Islamism

Why Not Both?

Although potentially a good writer/commentator, Owen Jones strikes me as wanting to believe in the white/black hat theories of political power rather than actually believing that tosh.

Plainly he was shaken by the act of soul-destroying evil which unfolded at Orlando. Like the victims of the Bataclan, those here are disproportionately young. Whilst they were targeted because they were gay, such murderous sentiments is a sine qua non of jihadism. Likewise, the Ozar Hatorah school and Hypercacher shootings were impromptu Jew-hunts but arising from hard-wired antisemitism.

Update: And here it is:

If a terrorist with a track record of expressing hatred of and disgust at Jewish people had walked into a synagogue and murdered 50 Jewish people, we would rightly describe it as both terrorism and an antisemitic attack. If a Jewish guest on television had tried to describe it as such, it would be disgraceful if they were not only contradicted, but shouted them down as they did so. But this is what happened on Sky News with a gay man talking about the mass murder of LGBT people.

Such goysplaining is well established, Owen.

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