Bullying Women is not one of the 5 Pillarz of Islam – innit bro !

This is a cross post by Amjad Khan

There seems to be something about women that really gets on the nerves of Islamists such as Dilly Hussain. Namely when they’re doing horrible “Islamophobic” things such as expressing opinions or leaving the confines of their home.

Now for those of you who don’t know ol’ Dilly, he’s a regular on the Huff Po and likes to write about his wonderful Caliphate (you know, the one that beheads apostates and stones women to death) on a bag of crazy called 5Pillarz.

Dilly is like an old man yelling at clouds and nothing gets him fired up more than a woman (gasp!) a Muslim one at that, saying something just slightly progressive.

Of course you’d have to ask Dilly himself what he has specifically against drinking, clubbing, liberalism, secularism and Russell group universities. Given that he’s currently living in a secular, liberal, Britain where clubbing and going out with friends on a night out is fairly standard fare – why doesn’t he migrate to a Caliphate that has been setup by a bunch of crazies over in the Mid-East somewhere. But then asking him to have some sort of coherent or principled position beyond “youse a slag” or “ANY MUSLIM WHO DISAGREES WITH ME SHOULD SHUT UP” would be asking too much from the poor boy.

Dilly’s latest outrage was over Mina Topia having the audacity to say she ”wouldn’t agree with any state which tries to curtail anyone else’s right based on their religion, their sexuality, their creed or their political leaning” on a recent debate on the caliphate on BBC Asian network. That should sound fairly uncontroversial coming from pretty much anybody. The problem of course is that Mina made the mistake of being a Muslim and worse still, being a woman. Being unable to smear his critics as either racist or “Islamophobic”, Dilly instead resorted to calling Mina a “fatty”. Because that’s real mature and because he couldn’t deploy his usual dirty tactics to close down the debate before it even gets started.

With his persecution complex in full swing, Dilly decided to Twitter stalk Mina then copy and paste pictures of her out friends with great nuggets of wisdom like “pisshead, drunken liberal garbage”. Of course what somebody like Dilly is doing on a site that is meant to cater mainly to progressives, whilst referring to a woman as a “stupid liberal cow”, you will have to ask the Huff Po themselves. I didn’t know believers in a brutal, repressive, totalitarian theocracy that stones uppity women to death like Mina were standard fair for that site now.

The sort of hatred that Muslim liberals, especially women, get from their regressive contemporaries, is nicely demonstrated in Dilly’s barely coherent attack on anybody that breaks the silence and calls out fundamentalist Muslims like himself. The fact that he holds such disgusting views only begs the question what the hell he’s even doing in a secular, liberal democracy in the first place.

The sort of liberals that like to give theocratic fascists like Dilly a platform whilst promoting their hatred and disdain for anything secular, liberal or feministic have to face up to the sort of thugs they’re supporting. “You’re in no position to talk about Caliphate. Keep your backside here n do what liberals do” Dilly says. It is up to the Huffington Post whether or not they continue to give a platform to a hateful reactionary bigot like Dilly.

You can enjoy Dilly’s latest outburst against any woman (or Muslim for that matter) that might disagree with him below.

You can also follow Mina on @minamania84. If you feel her principled stand against religious reactionaries like Dilly deserves a shout out, drop her a tweet.

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