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You strike, you settle, you get arrested

This is  a press release from Labour Start

Imagine if this happened to you:

Your union is in a dispute with your employer.  You call a strike.  The employer agrees to negotiate.  The strike ends, the workers return to work.

And then the government steps in, announces that what you have done is illegal, and arrests the leaders of your union.

That’s exactly what just happened in Fiji.

Among those arrested was Daniel Urai, who is also President of the Fiji Trades Union Congress. I met Daniel at the LabourStart Conference in 2012 in Sydney.

This is outrageous — which is why the International Trade Union Confederation and the International Union of Foodworkers have launched a joint global protest campaign on LabourStart here:

We’re demanding that the government release the jailed union leaders now.

This is one of those campaigns that has a really good chance of having an effect because Fiji is dependent on tourism and goodwill from overseas.

Every protest message we send can help ensure that Dan and his colleagues are freed.

Please make sure to share this message with your friends, family and fellow union members.

Thank you!

Eric Lee

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