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Antisemitism and Oren Ben-Dor

Alan Johnson, Editor of Fathom Oren Ben-Dor is a Professor in the University of Southampton’s Law School, and co-organiser of a controversial conference on International Law and the State of Israel. The recent cancellation of the conference – following the University’s withdrawal of permission for it to be held – proved equally controversial. Whether or […]

Kenneth Walzer | Reflections on Contemporary Anti-Semitism in Europe

The Fathom editors are proud to launch a new longer-form publication. Each ‘Fathom Insight’ will allow writers and readers to explore in greater depth a range of key contemporary debates about Israel’s future, regional dynamics, and the global rise of the ‘new antisemitism’. In this inaugural ‘Insight’, Kenneth Waltzer –  the former director of the Jewish […]

Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?

The moderators have provided me with login privileges here to post my thoughts. So, until they come to their senses I’ll probably post the occasional short piece here while reserving my long-form writing for my own blog. For my first post I thought I’d re-post some brief comments I made on Facebook in response to […]

Anti-Judaism, Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism, by Eve Garrard

This edited speech was given to the Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism by Eve Garrard, Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Manchester. It appears in Fathom 9. The murders in France of four innocent Jewish shoppers, connected arbitrarily but not accidentally with the killings of the Charlie […]


Fathom 6 is online. Our writers explore five questions concerning the future of Israel. First, what will sustain Israel as a resilient democracy in the face of global social change? Gidi Grinstein and Daphna Kaufman of the influential Reut Institute argue that Israel needs a revolution in how it thinks about foreign relations. Einat Wilf […]

Rebels Against Zion: Studies on the Jewish Left Anti-Zionism

Edited by August Grabski The Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw, 2011. pp.288 Reviewed by David Hirsh In the first half of the 20th century, most Jews failed to find their way to a successful strategy for dealing with the threat of antisemitism. Some individuals emigrated, for example to Britain, the United States or Palestine. Some found […]

Fathom Essays on Antisemitism

‘The Oldest Prejudice in Modern Garb: Essays on Today’s Antisemitism’  is a new collection of essays by David Hirsh, Norman Geras and Eve Garrard. It’s online here. Defining Antisemitism Down by the sociologist David Hirsh of Goldsmiths College, University of London, argues that when the academics union rejected the European Union’s official definition of anti-Semitism […]

Zionism and Islamophobia

This is a cross-post from Dave Rich at the CST Blog Anti-racism has to be consistent. It must apply consistent standards and attitudes, and defend all minorities. An opposition to racism which demonises one group in society in an effort to protect another, is no form of anti-racism at all. Islamophobic hate crimes and the […]

CST Discourse Report: Gaza Conflict and UK Antisemitic Discourse

This is a cross post by Mark Gardner from The CST Blog  (This is the 4th in a series of sections and summaries from CST’s recently released report, Antisemitic Discourse in Britain in 2009. The full pdf can be accessed here. 58 pages, including graphics. The below pages, 18 and 19, can be accessed here.) The Gaza conflict in December […]

Cause and Effect

A Starbucks in London’s East End has been fire-bombed. Early this morning, thugs smashed their way into the coffee shop as the manager hid inside the office. As he watched on the security monitor in the office, they daubed racist graffiti and finally lobbed a molotov-cocktail through the plate-glass window. Luckily he managed to make […]