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How Corbynism Alienated Everyone

This is a cross-post by John Wall In Summer 2017 Jeremy Corbyn was riding high after a better than expected election performance largely silenced his critics. He basked in the adulation at Glastonbury and predicted being in Downing Street by Christmas and cancelling the Trident replacement. A second election in 2017 may have been his […]

IHRA: The Last Word is NOT Stern

This is a guest post by Amie One particular utterance of an American attorney and academic hitherto unknown to the UK public called Kenneth S Stern, expressing his concerns about the IHRA, has rapidly become the Ha’avarah Agreement de nos jour: People who have never heard of him until just now are quoting him “knowledgeably” […]

Jeremy Corbyn Antisemitism and Justice for Palestine

There’s an event tonight entitled Jeremy Corbyn Antisemitism and Justice for Palestine: The Facebook page says: The Labour right and supporters of Israel have launched a serious attempt to paint Jeremy Corbyn and the Left as antisemites. Any instance of antisemitism should be vigorously opposed, but these right wing forces are using smears to try […]

Labour’s Problem is NOT Antisemitism

The antisemitic views expressed by Labour members have been getting a great deal of media attention recently, at HP we have done our best to shine a light on some of the antisemitic discourse that has become almost a staple of far left discussions on social media. Recently the Jewish community held two demonstrations against […]

Craig Murray Goes Conspiracy Theory…Again!

Two days ago former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray posted a blog ‘Russian to Judgement’ (since gone viral) that Israel was more likely behind the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter (and about 100 other affected people) than Russia saying; “Israel has the nerve agents. Israel has Mossad which is extremely […]

It’s Not All Bad News for Jewish Students on American Campuses

With the endless spats of anti-Semitism within our major political parties and a constant stream of “anti-Zionist” claptrap coming out of universities on both sides of the Atlantic, it’s nice to hear some good news about being Jewish on campus: A recent Brandeis University study of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment on American college campuses finds information […]

More Anti-Semitism at Bay Area Schools

I noted the growing issues with anti-Semitism at public schools in the infamously left-wing California Bay Area a few months back and recent examples continue to bubble to the surface. According to Algemeiner, the Alameda School District has routinely ignored anti-Semitic language directed at Jewish students. In Alameda, California, middle and elementary schools have been […]

Anti-Semitism in Bay Area Schools

Vice recently posted a fine piece that affirms what I have seen while teaching in the Bay Area over the last few years: a growing level of anti-Semitic incidents carried out by students against other classmates.  Max Cherney writes: During the first quarter of 2017, compared with the first quarter of 2016, there has been […]

Rasmea Odeh at Jewish Voice for Peace Conference

Jewish Voice for Peace had their annual conference this weekend, earning more press than normal due to the inclusion of Rasmea Odeh. She’s a convicted terrorist preparing to be deported for entering the United States illegally, but Rasmea Yousef Odeh has seen her status as a leftist celebrity remain intact. The Palestinian and feminist activist […]

Fathom 12 OUT NOW

Fathom 12 addresses five themes. First, the rise of the new antisemitism. Alex Chalmers hit the headlines when he resigned as co-chair of Oxford University Labour Club, alleging a ‘large proportion’ of club members had ‘some kind of problem with Jews’, while many used the slur ‘Zio’ and voiced support for Hamas. In this issue […]