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    Yvonne Ridley the University College Union and the Politicisation of Holocaust Memorial Day

    Most people who had heard of her might think Yvonne Ridley would make an unlikely choice to speak on Holocaust Memorial Day. Not so the University College Union in Newcastle, they actually invited her to speak at their Holocaust Memorial Day Event: And speak she did, alongside local Labour MP Liz Twist: Journalist and author @yvonneridley speaking to a packed audience at @nclcollUCU #HMD2019 event pic.twitter.com/vHXFhyuXIO — Newcastle Unites (@NewcastleUnites) January 25, 2019 The reason one might think Ridley is a strange choice is because of some of her past comments on the Holocaust:       One might also want to read this note written on Facebook:   For…

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    This Week in Labour News – 1/25/19

    The first in a weekly set of links regarding labor struggles around the globe. Feel free to post any OT links in the comments. 1. Biggest protests ‘in living memory’ hit Sudan “The umbrella group of doctors, engineers and teachers co-ordinating the protests says they have been held in at least 50 places around Sudan. They began last month over the economy, but are now focused on removing President Omar al-Bashir from office.”

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    The Thought Police Are Here

    The Thought Police have arrived and it is doubtful they’ll ever go away. This isn’t an hysterical reaction with a hyperbolic headline. The UK police have quite literally announced they police thought crimes. Well, ‘thought crimes’ isn’t quite accurate because one’s thoughts aren’t actually crimes, but the police will knock on your door or come to your place of work anyway. The Telegraph reports that a man has had a visit from the British Police because he retweeted – not wrote, mind you, retweeted – a satirical limerick about transgenderism. But this is the terrifying part: When the man asked why the police were questioning him even though they acknowledged…

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    The Guardian doubles-down on Covington lies.

    If ever an article needed fisking, it is The Guardian’s disgraceful piece today on the #CovingtonGate saga. Where other news sources like The New York Times and the Washington Post have furiously back-pedalled now that the full facts have come to light, The Guardian has doubled down and run a piece alleging that the “changed narrative” is a consequence of the “conservative media” running interference rather than the simple Occam’s Razor of the evidence now having been fully reviewed – and there is a lot of evidence: hours of video footage covering the entire ‘event’. So let’s jump in and give The Guardian’s reporter  Jason Wilson of Portland, Oregon (where…

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    Free Book!

    Beyond the Green Line is available for free from Amazon via digital download for the next few days. Please feel free to download your copy and let others know that it’s available. Thanks all at HP for your support. DOWNLOAD HERE    

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    US recognizes opposition leader as interim Venezuelan president

    President Trump made the right decision here. Francisco Toro writes in The Washington Post: Thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets on Wednesday to confront Nicolás Maduro and the Western Hemisphere’s most wantonly destructive regime. A resurgent opposition — under the leadership of Juan Guaidó, the until-recently unknown 35-year-old leader of Congress and now the self-declared president of Venezuela — has mobilized its supporters to try to dislodge what’s now a no-doubts-about-it dictatorship. On Wednesday afternoon Guaidó claimed to be the legitimate leader of Venezuela, directly challenging Maduro’s authority. President Trump promptly recognized Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president. “In its role as the only legitimate branch of government duly elected…

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    A Hatchet Job of an Editorial in The Guardian

    It’s no secret that The Guardian doesn’t have any great love for Israel. Just this week, the newspaper of choice for many British liberals has published three articles about the Jewish state. All three are deeply critical. Not that criticism of Israel is inherently wrong. Millions of Israelis are critical of their politicians and government on a daily basis. A problem emerges, however, when one’s criticism becomes so one-sided and shallow as to effectively parrot Hamas propaganda. The Guardian’s editorial today is a case in point. Literally, the day after only his helmet prevented an Israeli soldier’s certain death when a Hamas terrorist shot at him, The Guardian publishes a lead editorial…

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    Leading Remain Campaigner Jumps The Shark

    Brexit Derangement Syndrome has struck down one of the UK’s leading public intellectuals. The symptoms have been manifesting for some time, but it seems his immune system – also known as ‘critical faculties’ in some circles and ‘good taste and judgement’ in others – has finally lost the fight. A C Grayling #FBPE #PeoplesVote #RemainAndReformVerified account @acgrayling Re our fellow EU citizens who live with us here in our part of Europe & contribute so much to our country: so, paying to continue doing so has been ‘waived’ but they still have to ‘register’. Next thing will be wearing a yellow star on their sleeves? It seems an odd and…

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    Sinjar: 14 Days that Saved the Yazidis from Islamic State, a Fathom book review by Paul Iddon

      Susan Shand’s book (The Lyons Press, 2018) is a moving account of the Islamic State’s (ISIS) genocide against the Yazidi community in the Sinjar region of northern Iraq in August 2014, which claimed the lives of over 2,000 Yazidis, saw over 10,000 more abducted and tens-of-thousands more displaced — arguably constituting ISIS’s single most heinous crime against humanity. It is Shand’s first book and the only comprehensive examination we have of ‘the first genocide of the twenty-first century’. Shand asks how it was possible that ‘the greatest military might in the world could rally so quickly on behalf of an obscure people without influence or power?’ In the very…

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    Labour on Racism and Diane Abbott

    Recently Diane Abbot participated in Question Time where she was placed on the defensive regarding Labour’s position in the polls. The fallout from this was a wave of righteous indignation from the party about racism and pro-Tory bias int he BBC. Momentum were quick to create a video and email it around to their members complaining about “discriminatory bias”:   Fiona Bruce was clearly repeating Tory propaganda that Labour were behind in the polls. If she had said behind in one poll, that would have been different matter. This👇🏾is not an apology and does not address all of the issues that have been raised. https://t.co/XVJpncIegl — Diane Abbott (@HackneyAbbott) January…