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Al Bashir’s true friends

In her guest post last week, ami reported on the celebration outside the Sudanese embassy in London when the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for President Omar Hassan Al Bashir on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity relating to the genocide in Darfur.

Since then the government of Sudan has reacted as any self-respecting genocidal regime would react: it expelled 13 aid organizations providing desperately-needed assistance to the people of Darfur.

The New York Times reported:

In Darfur’s camps, the effects were already being felt. The International Rescue Committee, for example, said it was forced to close medical clinics in three camps, leaving more than 200,000 without medical assistance. Michael Kocher, the organization’s vice president of international programs, said the agency was appealing the government’s decision, as were the other groups.

“Our biggest worry is about the humanitarian situation — some 50 to 70 percent of the humanitarian assistance has stopped,” said Philippe Conraud, of Action Against Hunger.

So who is standing in solidarity with President Al Bashir and his government at this trying time for him?

Fortunately an article in The Yemen Times provides a handy list. In addition to the government of Yemen, which organized a pro-Al Bashir demonstration in Sana’a, those supporting the Sudanese stand against the ICC include:

–The governments of Iran and Syria, as well as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which sent representatives to Khartoum to express solidarity.

–The government of Venezuela.

“Venezuela questions the intrusion into the legitimate internal affairs and sovereignty of Sudan,” said Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister Reinaldo Bolivar.

–An outfit called ICC Watch, which lists Marc Glendening and its director and John Laughland as its external advisor.

Glendening is the campaign director of the anti-EU Democracy Movement. Laughland, who has defended Slobodan Milosevic and the former repressive government of Ukraine, will be familiar to longtime Harry’s Place readers.

“The courageous decision of Sudan signaled an important and much needed resistance to the dangerous phenomenon of undemocratic transnational institutions such as the ICC,” wrote ICC Watch in a recent press release.

It’s times like these when a practitioner of genocide finds out who his true friends are.

David T adds:

Nobody will be surprised to hear that the the Muslim Association of Britain, the British section of Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood, also supports Al Bashir:

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) expresses its profound rejection of the ICC position, regarding its decision to level charges against the Sudanese president, Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, in issuing a warrant for his arrest; a step that reflects mismanagement on the part of the international order in dealing with the Darfur crisis and its repercussions. 

While we emphasise that international justice should not be open to political abuse nor selective standards, we consider that the standards of the international order, and the values promoted by Western States in particular, are today in the eyes of many nations and peoples being put to the test, to prove the extent of their balance, objectivity, and fairness.

But of course!

Music for Antisemites


This is a guest post by David Adler, and was first posted on Z-Word. A leading writer on jazz, you can visit David’s other site here for essays, reviews and criticism.

Can you imagine a journalist for a liberal newspaper referring in neutral, even vaguely congratulatory terms to an artist’s “provocatively anti-gay rhetoric,” or “provocatively anti-black rhetoric,” or “provocatively anti-Arab rhetoric”?

Well, have a look at John Lewis’s profile of Gilad Atzmon for the Guardian, in which we read about the saxophonist’s “provocatively anti-Jewish rhetoric,” his “firebrand political outbursts,” his “furious attacks on Israel,” his “blunt anti-Zionism.” Sounds like laudable stuff, a challenge to the status quo, hooray!

Lewis, to be fair, does mention the fact that some Palestinian activists want nothing to do with Atzmon. But he refuses to see Atzmon’s message for what it is: hatemongering. And Lewis is hardly the only one.

To remind readers: Atzmon is an apologist for the Third Reich; he’s endorsedthe antisemitic writings of Wagner. In this viciously racist screed, published just this day, Atzmon’s line of attack against Nick Cohen is to call him a Jew (Cohen is not Jewish). He also declares: “Without justifying any violent act whatsoever, the reasoning behind resentment towards Israel and Jews is rational.”

It’s become a truism on much of the left that Jews who make charges of antisemitism are simply blowing smoke on behalf of Israel.

I think the opposite dynamic is evident. On much of the left, you can’t call an antisemite an antisemite. That would make you an evil Zionist.

Look Who Is Defending Daud Abdullah!

The exposure of one faux-moderate as an extremist creates a domino effect. You just watch for the statements of outrage, and of support for the poor maligned nutter, and you uncover their constituency.

So it is with Daud Abdullah. 

First out of the trap is, of course, the Islamic Forum Europe: a front for the clerical fascist south Asian party, Jamaat-e-Islami, that operates from the East London Mosque:

The Observer on Sunday ran an inflammatory piece claiming Dr Daud Abdullah, Deputy Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) “One of the UK’s most influential Islamic leaders, who has helped counter extremism in the country’s mosques, is accused of advocating attacks on the Royal Navy if it tries to stop arms for Hamas being smuggled into Gaza.” 

Not only is it preposterous to allege that one of the foremost Muslim leaders of the international campaign for peace and justice could advocate violence, but to further it by saying he is “facing calls for his resignation” is completely unacceptable. The only calls of resignation appear to come from the government which is trying to meddle in the structures and workings of legitimate and democratic grassroots organisations like the Muslim Council of Britain. 

We the undersigned attest to the irrefutable fact that Dr Daud Abdullah has been a leading voice condemning terrorism wherever it transpires, making him a hate figure within extremist circles; Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Dr Abdullah was democratically elected by the membership of MCB, with over 500 organisations and nobody besides the MCB electorate can oust him. It is unacceptable that the government would choose to undermine this democratic process based on media reports. 

The witch-hunt by the government against individuals and organisations which do not tow the government line is unacceptable. It is clear that these attacks on leading figures from the mainstream British Muslim community is nothing short of retribution for the incredible loss and humiliation suffered by Israel during its criminal attacks on Gaza. 

We believe the government is pursuing a draconian policy against Muslims and the case of Dr Daud Abdullah is just one of many. Our support is with Dr Abdullah and we will continue to support him as an elected and chosen leader within the MCB and wider afield. 

But wait – although this is branded as a IFE press release – it is signed by:

The Coalition of British Muslim Organisations Concerned with the Rights of the Palestinian People (aka Gaza Group)

And then there’s a telephone number:

07899 806 000 

That turns out to belong to the senior Muslim Brotherhood honcho …

Anas Al Tikriti

So we know that Jamaat-e-Islami and Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood are in full solidarity with Daud Abdullah, who supports “attacks on the Royal Navy if it tries to stop arms for Hamas being smuggled into Gaza”

But who else belongs to the Coalition of British Muslim Organisations Concerned with the Rights of the Palestinian People? 

I’d love to know.


And now I do know. 

Here is a press release on the Muslim Council of Britain website. Its purpose is to “express the gratitude of British Muslims to the government and people of Turkey”. And it is on the letterhead of:

Coalition of British Muslim Organisations Concerned With the Rights of the Palestinian People

The signatories of the letter are:

1. Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham 
2. Dr Daud Abdullah, Muslim Council of Britain & Chair of the Coalition. 
3. Mohammad Sawalha, British Muslim Initiative 
4. Dr Arafat Madi, Palestinian Return Centre 
5. Dilwar Hussain Khan, Secretary-General, Islamic Forum of Europe 
6. Mohamed Ali, Islam Channel 
7. Faisal Hanjera, Federation of Student Islamic Societies 
8. Mawlana Mowdud Hasan, Da’watul Islam 
9. Dr Hafiz al-Karmi, Palestinian Forum in Britain 
10. Sayed Ferjani, Muslim Association of Britain 

Sawalha and Abdullah both signed the shameful statement from the Turkish conference, calling for jihad against peacekeepers in Gaza.  Mohammed Ali is a convicted terrorist. 

So, here are my questions.

1. Is Lord Ahmed – a Labour Peer – a member of the Coalition of British Muslim Organisations Concerned With the Rights of the Palestinian People?

2. Was Lord Ahmed aware that the Coalition of British Muslim Organisations Concerned With the Rights of the Palestinian People consisted of Jamaat-e-Islami and Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood, working together?

3. Will Lord Ahmed now disassociate himself from the Coalition of British Muslim Organisations Concerned With the Rights of the Palestinian People, and condemn the jihadist resolution, signed up to by Abdullah and Sawalha?


And, surprise surprise – MPACuk have also joined the fray:

This week Daud Abdullah was attacked by Zionists for supporting the Palestinians. Calls by Islamophobes and Zionists have demanded he resign from the MCB, with articles appearing on Zionist blogs attacking him. True to form, most ISOC emirs, instead of coming out in support of him are organising their pointless talks on Jinn or the beauty of menstruation.

The Beauty of Menstruation?

Convoy – My Fascist Hell by Greg Cullen

Greg’s back!

And in an exclusive interview with top Jew-friendly website Harry’s Place he’s spilling the beans on what travelling thousands and thousands of miles in a spluttering convoy taken over by a herd of hardcore lumpen-Islamists is actually like.

Clue: It’s not nice.

Here’s Greg on everyone else’s reaction to the Islamists’ naked ideological power-grab en route to Gaxa:

 ”…we are not alone in becoming increasingly frustrated by the hijacking of the convoy by those who seem to have that agenda. 

Forcing an agenda on others eh? Next you’ll be saying Islamists use violence to impose their will on people who don’t agree with them. Is that what you’re getting at? That you have evidence that your fellow convoy-goers use violence as a matter of course?

The final van, in a kamikaze manoeuvre, scraped our wing mirror down the side of his van. John got out to ask what the hell he thought he was doing, in response the driver threatened to physically attack John him in front for our bewildered hosts. Meanwhile, behind us another vehicle cut in front for the fire truck and took their wing mirror with them, this also caused a near punch up. It was embarrassing to say the least. The guy apologised later, but it goes to show how some people behave. Tiredness and hunger are not an excuse. Sometimes its more like the Gumball rally to Gaza. Anyone one of us accepts that we might take a bullet from a trigger happy Israeli soldier, but to be killed on the road but some nutter from our supposedly humanitarian convoy, is not on my list of meaningful ways to throw off this mortal coil.

Didn’t you think about going home at that stage, you know, using your time more productively in Cardiff than acting as a convenient whipping-boy for a bunch of anti-gay, anti-women thugs who you tried to help out.

After the humiliating threats of violence in front of people who have come to welcome us, John and I seriously thought about jacking it in. We are not alone is becoming increasingly alienated from the way the convoy is being presented as we enter towns , or attend official functions. We are not a Muslim convoy and certainly not about making a literal holy war.

Their adoption of undemocratic, non-consensual leadership, their acceptance of Sharia Law’s more extreme “deterrents”, such as stoning adulterous women to death makes them fascist in my eyes, and I am not prepared to be a part of a fascist convoy to anywhere but hell.

Fascists eh? That’s fighting talk Greg, and the sort of thing that Harry’s Place gets criticised for by all and sundry who should in fact know better. For someone in your position to be agreeing with us politically might be construed as a litle bit suspicious mightn’t it? What are you Greg, some kind of bloody Zionist?

We are beginning to attract the bemused wonderment of other convoy members for our apparent ability to find hotles when others sleep rough, spare parts, low loaders, shopping trips, press interviews and hot food. Much more of this and they’ll start accusing us of being Mossad agents supplied by Israeli air drops.

*Panic beginning to show* Greg, will you shut the f**k up you madman? You’re going to blow your cover with that sort of loose talk. This whole mission to expose the truth behind the propoganda about the convoy will be in extreme jeopardy if you don’t keep your big gob firmly shut…

*Regaining composure* Now, get back in your box and make sure the wool is pulled over the eyes of your fellow convoy-goers again. No-one is to know who you really are. Do you understand? Now, make busy with the accusations against this website like we agreed before.

News reached me today that a pro Isralei website has used some of my criticisms of the convoy on their website. Let me make it absolutely clear that I will pursue them with every force I can muster including the Writers Guild and their lawyers to prosecute them under the copyright laws unless it is removed at once. I will continue to give my version of events, critical or otherwise, but let no Zionist imagine that anything I criticise the convoy for comes close to the disgust and revulsion I feel for their murders of innocents.

That’s better, much better…

*Offstage* Contact your handler again at 2300 hours as agreed…by the way I loved that bit about the Writer’s Guild. These dumb Islamists will believe anything…

Guess who’s getting the “Viva Palestina” aid?

Those of us who wondered how the Viva Palestina aid for Gaza would be distributed now have an answer from The Gorgeous One himself.

Speaking to the adoring masses after crossing into Gaza, George Galloway announced:

We have brought with us many vehicles, much equipment, much medicine, everything we could carry. And we will hand it to Ismail Haniyeh, the elected prime minister of Palestine.

That would be Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of the Hamas regime in Gaza. And that would be Hamas, which in January raided some 100 aid trucks that Israel had allowed into Gaza, stole their contents and sold them to the highest bidders; and which in February stole hundreds of tons of food aid from the UN’s Relief and Works Agency, causing UNRWA to suspend shipments to Gaza.

Defamation of Religion

Freedom House has published an important alert

The basic human right to freedom of expression is increasingly under threat as countries introduce and enforce laws that have been wrongfully legitimized by numerous United Nations resolutions on “defamation of religions.”  In a statement sent to the UN Human Rights Council today, Freedom House and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty strongly urged members of the council to reject any further resolutions when they meet in Geneva for the upcoming 10th Session March 2-27, and to further reject any attempts to create international instruments or mechanisms that would prohibit “defamation of religions.”

The statement explains how such resolutions directly violate international law and can encourage countries to increase the repression of religious minorities, political dissidents and human rights advocates. It points to a 2008 joint report by two UN special rapporteurs that soundly rejects the premise that the rights of religious believers are violated by merely hearing statements critical of their faith: “Defamation of religions may offend people and hurt their religious feelings but it does not necessarily or at least directly result in a violation of their rights.”

Several recent high-profile cases have highlighted the growing conflict between freedom of expression and so-called religious “defamation.” This month, Indian authorities arrested the editor and the publisher of the Statesman, after Muslims protested the newspaper reprinting an article from the United Kingdom’s Independent titled, “Why should I respect these oppressive religions?” The article decried the erosion of the right to criticize religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

In another case, Random House backed out of a deal last year to publish “The Jewel of Medina,” a fictional novel about one of the wives of Muhammad citing concerns that “the publication of this book might be offensive to some in the Muslim community” and that it could “incite acts of violence.” In September, Gibson Books announced it would publish the book in the United Kingdom, but the publisher’s home and office were fire bombed three weeks later. The book was eventually published in the United States by Beaufort Books.

“Although we are sympathetic to the stated goals of the resolutions of combating intolerance, racism, and religious hatred, we believe that such resolutions do not serve to achieve these goals but rather limit the ability of individuals to raise questions, concerns, and even criticisms at a time when people of all faiths need to engage in more, not less, dialogue,” said Freedom House and the Becket Fund.

You should read the alert in full, here.

A Modern Sceptic in The Guardian

This is a guest post by Mira

There are four new science columnists at The Guardian, one of whom is anomalistic psychology academic Professor Chris French. In this Channel 4 documentary about conspiracy theories he conducts a small-scale study of conspiracy beliefs and then pursues reasonable discussion about the findings with David Icke on a windswept beach.

I’m sure even this will be surpassed. His first column is about the resurgence of modern scepticism:

“Once the sceptical community reached a critical mass, events could be organised in the confident knowledge that enough people would turn up to ensure their success. If such events appeal to you, you might want to sign up to the APRU’s Psychology of the Paranormal email list. It’s free and we’ll keep you informed of events of interest, including our own Invited Speaker Series, with forthcoming talks by Nick Pope, Bernard Carr, and Simon Singh, and some interesting events organised by the London Centre for Inquiry, including one-day events dealing with God in the Lab and Science and Religion.

Whatever factors may have combined in sociologically interesting ways to produce the rise of modern scepticism, it is to be welcomed. It is not just about giving previously isolated geeks a sense of community, it is about promoting critical thinking as widely as possible throughout society. We live in an age where companies advertise products on the basis of fake science, alternative therapists sell pseudoscientific and unproven treatments to uninformed consumers and, arguably, human greed and irrationality has brought the world to the brink of environmental and financial disaster. Not only that, but alienated religious fanatics yearn for nothing more than the death of as many non-believers as possible in their quest for personal martyrdom. Have we ever needed critical thinking more?”

When An Israeli Played Tennis In Sweden…

this is what happened.

Make no mistake.

You are watching the conduct of Hamas supporters – advocates of  a racist politics which openly promises a genocide of Jews. 

If you are a true anti-fascist, you will not let them pass.

Makes You Feel Safe

They’ve arrived:

Gaza, Gaza, here we are!!!!!

Grown men crying, the siege is broken..they entered side by side like heroes, some on foot some in their vehicles, tears, smiles, hugs, was historical, it was legendary..Gaza we are here..We have fulfilled the promise..Viva Palestina..your lifeline from the people of Britain to you the people of Gaza is here..

George Galoway said:

“I have entered Palestine many times but the most emotional of these is after the 22-day genocidal aggression against the Palestinian people,”

Other convoy-goers were similarly full of joy:

“…completely on a high, a high like no other. They say thats the same feeling every person on the convoy is having, it’s amazing! They said they’ve not even reached Gaza City yet and the streets are lined with thousands of people. Abu Bakr mentions that just like every other country they passed, there are alot of bodyguards with big guns, but here it dosnt make you fell scared, it makes you feel safe,  “they all give a huge smile whenever we look at them”.


Smile, kid…

Parwiz Kambakhsh: Afghan Supreme Court secretly sentences young journalist to 20 years in prison for “blasphemy”

This is a letter from Parwiz Kambakhsh’s brother:

Unfortunately, one month ago the Supreme Court of Afghanistan confirmed a twenty-year prison sentence for Afghan Journalist Sayed Parwiz Kambakhsh. The Court did not inform either the public or the press of this dubious action.

It was confirmed behind closed doors without the presence of Kambakhsh, his lawyer, members of his family, members of international human rights organizations, observers from the U.S. government, which is pouring billions of dollars and tens of thousands of American soldiers into Afghanistan, or members of the public or media.

Kambakhsh has never experienced a jury of his peers. His trials for blasphemy have all been held in secret. We, Parwiz’s family, just found out about this sentence today. There was no difference between this Supreme Court trial and the unjust four-minute Mazar provincial trail, where Parwiz was sentenced to death.

We thought a bit of justice could be found in the capital of Afghanistan; in the highest level of the Judiciary. Even President Karzai assured the world that justice would be carried out. However this secret decision shows that there is no justice in Afghanistan— at any level. An examination of this case shows that there are no grounds in international law to keep Kambakhsh in prison.

This is the tragic level of justice in Afghanistan today. It is just a make-believe system of justice and humanitarianism. The reality is that the Afghan government and judiciary, although supported by the U.S., the U.N., the E.U., and other democracies worldwide is morally bankrupt.

The Afghan government is a culture of corruption and cronyism; they give only lip service to human rights, democracy, and freedom of speech only to enhance their political aims. Their words are not backed by their actions.

This is the everyday tragedy of Afghanistan, and now Parwiz Kambakhsh is a confirmed victim.


Yaqub (journalist, and brother of Parwiz Kambakhsh)

You can read the back story here.

via IoC