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    “Dirty Zionists and the bad British radio”

    The Guardian is running a live-ish translation of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s address. There is a large element of “my sister is deaf please lend me a hatchet” to the translation, but you get the gist of it. I’d say Khamenei is sounding pretty nervous: “We have not had such participation (85%) since the revolution. The young generation especially showed their worry and their political obligations. There are differences between the people, some prefer different candidates. This is natural. This election was a big celebration of the revolution. That many people showing love and loyalty. This election was a religious democratic event. It showed dictatorial countries that this is…

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    Five Per cent?

    In the local elections in Morocco this week, the Justice and Development Party – the local franchise of the Muslim Brotherhood – came sixth. Two years ago, it took second place with 14%. This time round, it managed to persuade only 5% of the public to back it: “I can read the Quran myself,” said Souad, a young woman entering a voting station last Friday in Rabat, the Moroccan capital. “I don’t need some political party telling me that Islam forbids everything.” People are, by and large, not idiots. In fact, as Morocco has gradually moved towards greater democracy, the Justice and Development Party has been forced to hugely moderate…

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    Guido v Kammo

    Guido? or Kammo? See also Tom Harris, Hopi Sen and Danny Finkelstein. There are very few occasions on which I would, personally, permit a blogger to be ‘outed’ on my site. I might permit an anonymous blogger, whose identity was well known, or which the blogger had themselves disclosed, to be re-identified, for example. But basically, if somebody decides to keep their identity private, I think you should respect that. I haven’t read the Nightjack case, so I can’t really comment on the basis on which it was decided – except to say that were there any discretion, I would be wholly unsurprised if Mr Justice Eady were to have…

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    STWC Twit-ers on Iran

    Twitter has come into its own, circumventing Islamic Republic of Iran censorship of the media, and ensuring that a clear picture of the brutality of the regime is apparent to all – both inside and outside Iran. We also know that Obama asked Twitter to stay open in order to help the struggle for democracy in Iran. Naturally, therefore, the Islamic Republic is nervous.  Here, for example, is a list of “possible fakes accounts and may have connections to the Iranian Security apparatus”. By way of contrast, in the United Kingdom, the Stop the War Coalition is spreading the following zany theory: Did Israel use Twitter to destabilise Iran? http://bit.ly/aSJv0 Nope.…

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    More On That Galloway Article

    George Galloway, who is employed by the Islamic Republic’s Press TV, claims: [Ahmadinejad] lives like them, looks like them – he’s never worn a suit since becoming president Wrong. Here he is, last week: From Haaretz. So we’ve established the accuracy of that assertion. What about this: I’ve said many times that Ahmadinejad’s comments about the Holocaust are a disgrace. I’m glad to hear that. Now, can anybody find me a few examples of these “many times”. Here’s google.

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    Exceeding Expectations

    In a recent piece, George Galloway MP suggested that Iran’s democracy was more healthy than our own. The proof is thus, says Galloway: More than 85 per cent of the electors turned out to vote – compared with 35 per cent in our own elections recently. That’s nearly 40million Xs on ballot papers. This massive exercise took place without trouble of any kind – the polling stations were kept open longer than required to facilitate the huge lines of people outside. Indeed, that’s one of the reasons I discount the opposition complaints. When a candidate is reduced to protesting that too MANY people were allowed to vote, you know he’s…

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    Al Muhajiroun: Extremists and Thugs

    This is a press release from the Centre for Social Cohesion The Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC) tonight urges the Government to ban the radical Islamist group al-Muhajiroun after police were called to a sharia law debate between CSC Director Douglas Murray and the newly appointed British al-Muhajiroun leader Anjem Choudary. Al-Muhajiroun hijacked the debate, ‘Sharia law vs British law’, which was organised by a student society. Members of the radical organisation responsible for the Luton protests took over the debate: the SIA – licensed security guards were al-Muhajiroun and members of the group attempted to intimidate and segregate the audience. One member of the public who objected to the…

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    Did I Say That?

    Proud republican and self-confessed radical Beatrix Campbell utterly detests the whole rotten British honours system: The survival of an honours system clothed in royalism and imperialism is a reproach to New Labour’s craven sentiment about pomp and power. It’s timidity about reforming the constitution and its indulgent accommodation of the monarchy encourages the belief that these institutions are somehow natural, that radical renewal is too painful – that powerful people’s feelings would be hurt. Mmm. Not sure I would agree with that, but if that’s what ex-Communist Party member Campbell believes it’s obviously up to her.  By clinging to symbols and rituals that belong to a cruel imperial order the government compromises the gonged.…

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    Extremist to speak at the University of East London

    This article by Houriya is cross posted from The Spittoon East London Islamic Societies are at it again. University of East London Islamic Society (UEL ISoc) is hosting its annual dinner event today on UEL premises hosting ‘Sheikh’ Abu Usama Adh Dhahabee. Abu Usama, an African American convert, advocates holy war (jihad) in an Islamic state; preaches hatred against non-Muslims; that apostasy and homosexuality is punishable by death; and women are inferior to men. He alsospoke at two Queen Mary Islamic Society events in March and November 2008. You may remember Dhahabee from Channel Four Dispatches’ documentary Undercover Mosque (2007) [See here for transcript]. His statements include: Holy war: “Verily Allah is…

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    You know us; Support us!

    Wednesday, 17 June 2009 People of the world! We are your neighbours, friends, lovers, colleagues, and comrades. You know us. We have lived together and fought together – whether for labour rights, against Sharia, for civil rights, asylum rights, against executions and stonings, against cultural relativism, against faith schools and apostasy laws, for freedom of expression, rationalism and secularism, against political Islam and US militarism… Today, our revolution – the one we have been preparing and waiting for – has begun in Iran. We need you to support it full force. The battle you see unfolding on the streets of Iran is not about the farce of an election, though that is what the western media…