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Slavery’s Prophets

This is a guest post by Paul Bogdanor
Marx and Engels recognised “only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated” – namely, “revolutionary terror.” They anticipated “the disappearance from the face of the earth not only [...]

Portia, Shylock and the exclusion of Israeli actors from the global cultural community – David Hirsh

This is a cross post by David Hirsh from Engage
Is the Merchant of Venice an antisemitic play or is it a play which intimately depicts the anatomy of persecution, exclusion and bullying?
A classic speaks differently to each individual and in each new context.  On Monday I saw The Merchant of Veniceperformed by Habima, the Israeli National [...]

Richard Millett SOAS Update

This is a cross post from Richard Millett
Thank you very much for all the support I received in light of last Monday’s Palestine Society event at SOAS when I was manhandled and told I was a “typical Israeli”, even though I am a proud Brit.
I received incredible emails from all over the world with people appreciating [...]

Spare a thought for the other ‘nakba’

This is a cross post from The Times of Israel by Lyn Julius
The news that student groups on Tel Aviv University campus will be commemorating the Palestinian “nakba” this week with a special ceremony should come as no surprise. Why shouldn’t they join the thousands of youngsters around the world protesting the “catastrophe” of Israel’s birth [...]

Hath a Jew not eyes?- Israeli Theatre and the BDS Movement

This is a cross post by Curtis McLellan, Labour Students International Officer
There is legitimate criticism of Israel to be made. This I say with no caveat, no ifs or buts, no obfuscating or justification of things that are unjustifiable. Yet there is something I find more abhorrent about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement [...]

A response to: Why always me?

This is a guest post by James Donnelly
As someone involved with student politics in Sheffield, I read about the anti-Semitic vandalism of the UJS stall at the NUS Conference in Sheffield with disgust but not much surprise. The Left’s stance in Sheffield is not atypical of the way in which the Left operates nationally, a [...]

Liberation: ‘Occupy Zionism’

This is a guest post by Darren Cohen
Pesach is the festival of freedom; a quintessentially Jewish value. It should also be a reminder of the essence of the Zionist revolution: the self-liberation of the Jewish People. Laid bare, that is all Zionism is. The notion that Zionism is somehow a colonialist, racist ideology is antithetical [...]

All We Need To Know Is Told In The Story Of The Four Children

This is a guest post by Leo Abrami
The Passover Haggadah teaches us many lessons which serve as a guiding light in our lives.  In the first place, it tells us that everyone is welcome at the Seder table, not just the wise child but all children, however we may call them.  Everyone is invited to partake in [...]

Why the Left Just Don’t Get It

This is a guest post by Phil
George Galloway’s win this morning in Bradford West and the huge Labour defeat accompanying it can be put down to some, and I stress some, mitigating factors. True, the constituency contains a large Muslim community. True, the three major parties were unable to enthuse voters and true, Galloway got [...]

Airbrushing anti-Semitism out of the Toulouse attack

This is a cross post by Joel Braunold from Haaretz
Like Jews across the world, I was shocked, sickened and frightened by the senseless murder of a rabbi and three small children in France last week. With the end of Mohammed Merah’s life came the start of an operation on the psychosis that drove him to [...]