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Big questions for Police Scotland

This is a cross-post from Large Blue Footballs
Last summer, the Edinburgh-based, then law student Sophie Stephenson gained notoriety after boasting on Twitter that she had gone out to dinner wearing a Hezbollah T-shirt.
At the time, Campaign Against Antisemitism reported Ms Stephenson to the police, alleging that she had committed a criminal offence under section 13 [...]

Closing the loophole: time to clip Hizballah’s “wings”

This is a guest post by James Mendelsohn

On 18 June, just 15 days after the terror attacks in central London, the flag of Hizballah was paraded through central London at the annual Al-Quds Day March, without police intervention. This post argues for an urgent change in the law.
Introducing Hizballah*
Hizballah, an Iranian-backed Shiite militia group, [...]

Some thoughts on Al Quds Day, Sadiq Khan, antisemitism and anti-Muslim prejudice

This is a guest post by James Mendelsohn
No decent person could fail to be appalled by last Sunday’s “Al Quds Day” march through the streets of London. The prospect of Hezbollah flags being paraded through the capital, so soon after the recent terror attacks, was always horrifying.
In these circumstances, it is entirely understandable that many [...]

Inter-Varsity Press withdraw Stephen Sizer’s books

This is a guest post by John Bevan.
In these challenging times, here is some positive news: Inter-Varsity Press (IVP), one of Britain’s largest Christian publishers, has withdrawn Stephen Sizer’s books from sale and no longer lists them on its website.
How has this come about? Well, a few weeks ago, a friend of mine wrote [...]

British Ummah Channel Politics Editor – Government Funded Imam – Europe’s Largest Mosque – All Mourn ‘Apostate’ Killer Qadri’s Death

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan
Mumtaz Qadri had been tried for the murder of Governor Salman Taseer, on the basis that the latter had violated the anti-blasphemy laws of Pakistan. Taseer had campaigned against the Islamic blasphemy laws that are used in Pakistan, arguing that they are used to deliberately oppress minorities “[of [...]


This is a cross post by Amir Pars at Quilliam
The original can be viewed here

The bird of life is singing on the bough
His two eternal notes of “I and thou”
O hearken well, for soon the song sings through
And would we hear it, we must hear it now
Ask me who I regard the greatest Muslim personality of [...]

Labour fails to shine

UKIP has taken more than 140 council seats, and averaged 25% of the vote, while the Conservatives lost 335 and the Liberal Democrats lost 124. Labour failed to make any stunning gains raising more questions about its drift to the left and begging the question if not now then when?
It confirms without a doubt that [...]

10 Years of Harry’s Place

This is a cross post from Phil of A Very Public Sociologist. The view represented is his own and does not represent that of Harry’s Place. We cross post it, with his permission, as it is about us and Phil knew Harry before Harry’s Place.

According to their archive, yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the [...]

Village People

This is a cross post from The Islamic Far-Right in Britain
Islamic Network have put together what must be the line-up of the year for their four-day event, ‘Islamia Village’:

The ’village’ is to run from August 24th-27th at York’s very charming Thorpe Underwood Estate. Punters are invited to “spend a few days with internationally renowned [...]

To Those Who Doubt Me

This is a cross post by Marc Goldberg from The Times of Israel
This is for everyone who wrote me off as naive.
Here is some background about me:
I haven’t had a clean uniform in 3 weeks, a shower for days or slept in 25 hours. When I do go to sleep it will be with my [...]