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Archive for 'Women's Rights'

Daily Mail Shames Victim with Video of Sex Attack (but she’s an unnamed Chinese so who cares?)

No context. No obvious – or even covert – expression of disgust for, you know, the sleaze responsibly. Just a prurient link to the video of this appalling instance.
I would say this does not meet any public interest criteria. What a bunch of cockweasels.

Hehir and O’Neill on FGM

Whereas most people welcome moves to publicise the dangers of FGM and clamp down on the practice, the contrarians of Spiked aren’t so sure. Recently Baroness Jenny Tonge expressed concern that some of the British families on a flight to Addis Ababa might be taking part in the ‘cutting season’. In response, Brendan O’Neill opens [...]

Irish Government Minister Unveils Monument to Victims of Pro-Life Amendment

Guest poem by Kevin Higgins
On the day of the great result in the same sex marriage referendum here in Ireland, how long will it be before this poem comes true.
On a date to be confirmed,
when those who remember 1983
will sleep safely in their graves,
or be anxiously telling nurse
about the auld ones with crucifixes
they think [...]

Yasir Qadhi, MEND and Baroness Warsi

The American preacher Yasir Qadhi has fashioned an entire career out of promoting obnoxious views.
Women are not spared, oh no. Have a look at this exchange:

A question from the audience: “What kind of occupation would you recommend for a sister? A job that a sister could do?”
Qadhi’s answer: “Well the question arises, [...]

Harry’s Place marks International Women’s Day

Like May Day, International Women’s Day apparently originated in the United States but is now observed mostly elsewhere– although I’m pleased that Agnes and her trailer-park friend and neighbor Trout celebrate it.
Anyway it’s an opportunity to note what I hope most long-time readers of Harry’s Place will acknowledge is a change for the better in [...]

International Women’s Day – Dissenting Voices

This is a cross-post by Iram Ramzan

l-r Sandhya Sharma, Pragna Patel, Amal Farah and Gita Sahgal
“It’s women who have to take up these issues. The left is not going to do it. The left are trying to silence us.”
You would be forgiven for thinking this statement was made quite recently. In fact, it is [...]

No True Feminist

Well, things aren’t like when I were a girl young woman/feminist.
CUSU Women’s Officer Amelia Horgan posted the following statement re an event at Cambridge Union, where Germaine Greer was invited to speak:
“The CUSU Women’s Campaign would like to express concern over the invitation of Germaine Greer …to speak at the Cambridge Union. Greer’s transphobia has [...]

The veil: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown vs. Myriam Francois Cerrah

This is a guest post by Iram Ramzan
Writer and Journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is not one for avoiding controversy. Her latest book, ‘Refusing the Veil’, will no doubt be criticised by many Muslims and those on the left – Myriam Cerrah recently wrote a scathing critique for the New Statesman.
While I am broadly with YAB on [...]

The horrifying effects of El Salvador’s abortion ban

This animation gives a quick snapshot of the impact of El Salvador’s complete ban on abortion on many women and girls.  Most people, whichever side of the abortion debate they normally find themselves on, would oppose a law so draconian that it won’t allow abortion even to save a woman’s life.  Because abortion can lead [...]

Neil Lyndon’s No More Sex War 22 years on.

I don’t remember the furore caused by this book on its first publication. However my interest was sparked by this recent article and I bought the new revised edition, which includes some further articles and reflections, on kindle. Lyndon quotes an unnamed feminist on Start The Week saying: ‘What I hope most of all is [...]