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Archive for 'Wingnuttery'

Rowan Williams Hails the Khomeinist IHRC

The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is one of the most absurdly named organisations in Britain. It is a band of Khomeinist extremists, not a legitimate rights group.
Its activities include staging the annual “Al Quds Day” march in London, which is one of the nastiest Israel hatred demonstrations you will ever find outside the [...]

Jesse Ventura hides from drones in Mexico

Former professional wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura, who actually served a four-year term as governor of Minnesota in the not-too-distant past, now says he is “off the grid” and hiding from “the drones” in an undisclosed location in Mexico.
I’m not sure why Jesse thinks that hiding out in Mexico will save him from the drones. [...]

Wingnut alert

President Obama is about to nominate Stanley Fischer– a dual US-Israeli citizen who was governor of the Bank of Israel from 2005 to 2013– as vice chair of the Federal Reserve to replace Janet Yellen, who was nominated as the Fed’s new chair.
You don’t think the antisemites and conspiracy nuts have had anything to say [...]

Reason to be thankful that Canada had no nuclear weapons in the 1960s

Paul Hellyer was Minister of Defence.

Tea Party Insult Generator

These are actual insults posted on the Facebook page of a Republican: House Speaker John Boehner, who committed the unforgivable sin of allowing the vote which ended the recent government shutdown and prevented default– without succeeding in killing Obamacare.
(RINO = Republican In Name Only, i.e., not far enough to the Right, more usually applied [...]

Code Pink at the White House

Although most of the recent craziness and detachment from reality in Washington has been concentrated among Congressional Republicans, it isn’t limited to them.
The “antiwar” Code Pink people demonstrated in front of the White House to protest a meeting between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, whom they apparently believe were plotting to start a [...]

Father of party leader says stupid and indefensible things

No, I’m not talking about the late Ralph Miliband, father of Labour party leader Ed Miliband; I’m talking about Rafael Cruz, father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the de facto leader of the Republican party.
But the elder Cruz wasn’t speaking 50 or 60 years ago; he was speaking last Friday at a Republican dinner [...]

Russia Today’s toxic mix

While Vladimir V. Putin tries to come across to the outside world as reasonable, moderate and even concerned about Israel, the TV station funded by his government plumbs new depths of craziness.
I forced myself to watch this disjointed parade of half-truths, lies, conspiracy theories and (above all) Israel-bashing on Russia Today, hosted by one Daniel [...]

Um, no, Ted

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, engaged in not-technically-a-filibuster against funding Obamacare, compared opponents of defunding to appeasers of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

And if that wasn’t historically resonant enough, he compared himself and his fellow defunding advocates to the Rebel Alliance against the Empire in “Star Wars,” complete with a Darth Vader impression.

Update: And speaking [...]

Another visit to Glennbeckistan

I try very hard to ignore Glenn Beck these days. I really do.
But sometimes the guy makes it pretty near impossible.
For one thing, his campaign against the nonexistent threat of the United Nations Agenda 21 (including a dystopian novel) convinced my representative in the Virginia House of Delegates, Republican Ben Cline, to waste his time, [...]