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Oldham Council Being “Positive”

“This preacher is a strong supporter of Thomas Mair, the man who murdered Jo Cox MP. But he doesn’t support Anders Breivik. And he’s speaking at a peace conference in town. That’s very positive, isn’t it? Let’s join him on the stage!”
This would be an absurd move by any local council. [...]

Tariq Ramadan Double Talking for Hamas

Tariq Ramadan is known for his double talk.
I don’t know why he bothers. Being slippery does not hide his thinking. It only makes it even more objectionable.
You can see him at it again in a speech at Palestine Expo in London last weekend. Hamas are not terrorists. Only bad Israelis make [...]

Platform Pieties, Safe Spaces, and Palestine Expo

For the champions of righteousness, platform pieties and safe space niceties are central to the struggle.
Consider former National Union of Students President Malia Bouattia, for example:
The President of the National Union for Students (NUS) has defended the the union’s No Platform policy, claiming places of education should be “safe spaces in which to debate and [...]

Ebrahim Bham – A Perfect Preacher for Palestine Expo

When Ismail Patel and his Friends of al-Aqsa group organise a conference on Palestine, one can be confident that the speakers will be suitable for the cause. Namely, hating Israel and loving Hamas. This is Mr Patel’s lifelong mission.
Sure enough, the prominent South African preacher Ebrahim Bham is on the bill for Mr [...]

Al Quds Day – Let’s Help Some Confused Khomeinists

The Khomeinists of the self-styled Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) appear to be confused. Ahead of their annual “Al Quds Day” Israel hatred march, scheduled for this Sunday in London, they have issued this statement:
Flags: participants are welcome to bring flags that show solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Flags of proscribed (illegal) organisations will [...]

The Jabir Bin Zayid Mosque and the Limits of Tolerance

Let’s say a far right group is in a spot of bother. A rival group has accused it of not being properly hardcore. It risks losing followers and needs to act. So it puts these words up on its website:
How dare you slander us. We say the penalty for following Islam [...]

Manchester bombing

Awful news.
My thoughts are with the victims, their families, the first responders and the British people.

John McDonnell and Plan B

What to do if parliamentary democracy and elections deal you blow after cruel blow? As Labour reels, this is the question.
How about John McDonnell dusting off his “insurrection!” Plan B, presented at this meeting in London in 2013. To the streets!

Imams Jekyll and Hyde

Oh happy days! I am elated.
A libel claim brought against the BBC by Chief Imam, Shakeel Begg, has been dismissed today.
Mr Begg, the Chief Imam at Lewisham Islamic Centre, sought damages against the BBC for libel in respect of a broadcast of Sunday Politics presented by Andrew Neil on BBC One, 3 November 2013. [...]

Hate preacher Hanif Qureshi and Tanveer Ahmed

One Tanveer Ahmed is too many.
Proud to Kill
Mr Ahmed is the man who murdered Glasgow shopkeeper and Ahmadi Muslim Asad Shah in March of this year.
His motive? Religious hatred, proudly displayed. Ahmed simply waited for the police to arrest him after killing Shah, keen to tell them why he did it.
Then he pleaded [...]