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Archive for 'Britain Today'

Bizarre George Galloway gamble backfires for unionists

Last night the BBC carried a major debate on the referendum from Glasgow – with the audience specifically Scotland’s youngest voters. Both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ were allowed to nominate two people for the debate.
The SNP and Green party represented the Yes campaign. The ‘No’ ( Better Together) chose the leader of the Scottish Conservative [...]

The Mail on Sunday and the Trussell Trust

Guest post by Sackcloth & Ashes
Harry’s Place was kind enough to include a brief guest post from myself about the hit job that The Mail on Sunday did on the Trussell Trust and the food banks (appearing on an Easter Sunday, of all days).
Predictably, some of HP’s resident trolls didn’t like a post attacking [...]

“Investigative journalism”: The Mail on Sunday way

Guest post by Sackcloth & Ashes
Every now and then, it’s helpful to get a reminder of how despicable the gutter press in this country is. And today’s Mail on Sunday shows the depths to which it can plummet.
Apparently it is now acceptable for a journalist to pass himself off as an unemployed man, and to [...]

On Clearing Your Own Toast Plate

Perhaps Allison Pearson was back on the booze when she approved of the decision by the Camerons and Cambridges and others to hire a non-British nanny.
Her position stems from a less than optimal experience with a British-born nanny called Hayley; one which was distressing to such a degree that became reluctant to hire British employees.
For [...]

Rent at Five Per Cent of Income

Much anger – as defined by the angry speaker – at comments by the deputy Leader of Conservative-controlled Westminster City Council, Robert Davis. Although it is unclear which PR firm he was speaking to as mentioned to by the piece, what is clear is that, in the context of providing affording mortgages for first [...]

State Sector Justified Through Previous Existence of State Sector

After a six month sojourn as CEO of Harrow Borough Council, Michael Lockwood is to leave with a severance pay of approximately equal to his projected annual salary of £180k. There have been detailed intra-borough machinations – such as schism in the Labour group which led to the appearance of a minority Conservative administration [...]

Archbishop of Canterbury Not Infallible

Since I last cogitated on payday loans, I have modified my position somewhat. Although there still are holes in the ID checking procedures, what has struck me about the vocal opposition is a reflexive distrust of anything which looks like capitalism or simple profit.
One individual who would have been expected to appreciate the distinction [...]

Back to Work

James Bloodworth at Leftfoot Forward cogitates on George Osbourne’s proposed Welfare-to-Work scheme intended to redress the shortcomings arising from Iain Duncan-Smith’s 2011 model. Namely, the failure to achieve the predicted step change of between five and 15% of participants entering employment after the first two year cycle: a figure which compares to the [...]

Price-Fixing the Value of Soiled Toilet Paper

I have written before that, regardless of the dry distinction between operational and pre-tax profits, it catches in the throat when Paul Massara, chief executive of RWE N-Power describes not paying corporation tax on £766 millions of the former as “nothing remarkable”.
Likewise, the immense remunerations which boardroom executives of the major energy companies receive for [...]

The Grinches Who Stole the Dinner Money

Accountancy Live reports that temp agency, Employ-E has gone into liquidation with an unpaid tax bill of at least £58 millions; although £22.5 millions of that could have come from money owed by the the parent group, Legitas which went into liquidation last month.
When this occurred, Nick Sommerlad of the Daily Mirror described both [...]