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Is it snowy down your way?

No public transport except the Airlink and the tram. Pavements ankle deep in snow. A lovely hush over the city. Camerarderie among those of us who have ventured out.

The North Edinburgh Path Network.
One of four brave cyclists progressing very slowly along the National Cycle Network 1
View of the North Edinburgh Path Network [...]

And now, Irma

Best wishes to everyone in the path of yet another “unprecedented” storm barreling toward the US– Hurricane Irma, which is on course to strike the Gulf Coast of Florida Sunday morning.
In one of the biggest evacuations ever ordered in the U.S., about 6.3 million people in Florida — more than one-quarter of the state’s population [...]

Harvey slams Texas

Best wishes to our readers in Texas and their families as the remnants of Hurricane Harvey, after devastating part of the Gulf Coast, move inland and flood Houston.
Officials here warned that the deluge in the nation’s fourth-largest city on Sunday will be “beyond anything experienced,” as Harvey pummeled Texas, dropping more than two feet of [...]

Soldiers aid British flood victims

Best wishes to any of our British readers who have been affected by the recent severe flooding.
I see that the government has sent hundreds of soldiers to the affected areas to help people in need. I hope that won’t give rise to idiotic warnings from the far Left about “occupied Leeds” or “militarized York” [...]