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And what’s happening in your constituency?

Look on the bright side in this general election.  At least there’s no Russell Brand – remember Ed Milliband paying court to him last time?  Not to mention the Ed Stone.  The process of democracy, of politicians out-sloganing each other, the photo stunts, the slagging and counter-slagging is fairly undignified. The dignity belongs to the [...]

Back to Work

My local hustings was cancelled last night. Electioneering was put on hold after the Manchester bombing and will not resume until tomorrow. Outside of Manchester itself, one day’s pause would have been enough.
There has been plenty written by Mancunians celebrating their city, their football and music and creativity. That is their Manchester, and they cherish [...]

General Election 2017 – Bradford West Again

Who can forget George Galloway of the Respect party winning Bradford West in a by-election after running a foul sectarian campaign back in 2012? And his tweet saying “shattered but happy after the Blackburn triumph?”
The 2015 General Election’s brightest spot was Naz Shah’s defeating him and telling him off for running a further disgusting sectarian [...]

An election round-up

Although Corbyn has attracted some new Labour supporters, many others remain unconvinced.  Janice Turner (£) outlines the horrible dilemmas facing moderate Labour supporters – stuck between the Scylla of a Labour wipeout and the Charybdis of a defeat mild enough for Corbyn to cling on:
Because the worst-case scenario for Labour moderates is if Theresa May’s [...]