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McCain versus Trump

Getting back to the subject of moral courage…
While soon-to-be president Donald Trump takes the side of a foreign adversary against his own government, Republican Senator John McCain is spending New Year’s Eve with Ukrainian Marines defending their country against Russian aggression.
Spending #NewYearsEve w/ brave #Ukrainian Marines at a forward combat outpost – we stand w/ [...]


“I’m telling you, Mr. Trump, inviting President Obama’s estranged half-brother to be your guest at the debate in Las Vegas could be a game-changer. It might even swing the election to you.”
“I look very much forward to meeting and being with Malik,” Trump, 70, told the New York Post. “He gets it far better than [...]

Trump goes there– and beyond

In a speech on Wednesday Donald Trump went full Fred C. Dobbs.
Donald Trump suggested Wednesday that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) was part of some “sinister” deal to to undermine his candidacy, citing Ryan’s failure to congratulate him on his Sunday night debate performance.
“Wouldn’t you think that Paul Ryan would say ‘Good going’? In front [...]

Galloway, Trump and “the sex game”

Remember back in 2012 when George Galloway explained that Julian Assange couldn’t possibly be guilty of the rape charges he faces in Sweden because his behavior was simply part of “the sex game”?
Now it turns out that in 2005 Donald Trump explained his own version of “the sex game.” He wasn’t simply being “lewd.” He [...]

Emergency xenophobia infusion?

Donald Trump is prone to rail against the harmful effects of foreign imports (while having almost all of his Trump-branded products manufactured outside the US), so I found it interesting that he reportedly is bringing UKIP’s Nigel Farage over from England to help him prepared for the upcoming debates this month with Hillary Clinton.
Update: The [...]

Trump-Putin bromance influencing Republicans?

Of all the countless polling results relating to the American election campaign, I have to single these out as the most fascinating:
PUTIN Net-Favorability (YouGov/Economist Poll) among…
DemocratsJuly 2014: -54Aug 2016: -54
RepublicansJuly 2014: -66Aug 2016: -27
— Will Jordan (@williamjordann) September 9, 2016

That’s right. In July 2014, Vladimir Putin’s net favorability was minus 54 percent among Democrats and [...]

“Taco trucks on every corner”

Sounds good to me.
Latinos for Trump founder warns that “you're gonna have taco trucks on every corner”
— BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) September 2, 2016

I’m reluctant to call someone a “self-hating Latino” (or a self-hating anything). But what would we think if a Jewish Trump supporter shrugged off the undisguised antisemitism of other Trump supporters by [...]

The anti-Trump

Instead of yet another post about the latest horrors and craziness emanating from Donald Trump and his campaign, I thought I would focus on someone who, by contrast, exemplifies the best of America– inclusiveness, mutual responsibility, commitment to democracy, distrust of authoritarians who say things like “I alone can fix it.”

Tefere Gebre fled his native [...]

Race to destruction

So which political party is self-destructing faster: Donald Trump’s Republicans in the USA or Labour in the UK?
Owen Smith, Jeremy Corbyn’s challenger for Labour’s leadership, managed to say something so stupid that it gave Corbyn the opportunity to sound like a hard-headed realist by comparison.
Isis should 'get round the table' with UK, says Owen Smith [...]

Corbyn supporters and Trump judge judges by ethnicity

It’s shocking and disturbing that some supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have suggested that the judge who ruled against him in a Labour party membership case was biased against him because he was born in Israel or because his is a Zionist or because he attended a Jewish boarding school.
Lord Justice Jack Beatson ruled in the [...]