• Gordon MacMillan,  UK Politics,  Vote 2010

    Tories and Lib Dems agree deal

    Sky News is reporting that the Tories and Lib Dems have agreed the “outline” of a deal to form a new government. If that’s true, and it almost certainly is, not least because as The Guardian put it today “Lib Dems believe Brown’s continued presence as prime minister would be seen as illegitimate by the public”, it could as the Fabians are also arguing today offer a major opportunity for the Labour Party to stage a strong comeback stronger under a new leader in opposition. As attractive as it might have been to stay in government and push through a progressive programme of reform Labour is going to be better…

  • UK Politics,  Vote 2010

    When Nick Lowles met Nick Griffin

    Searchlight editor Nick Lowles confronted Nick Griffin after the party was wiped out on election night and got his views on kicking people on the ground (the answer is yes, in case you were unsure) and some tall story that I must have missed about London being given to foreigners (“You’ve won London, you’ve taken London from the English and given it to the foreigners”). All this before his bored minder neatly surmises: “its over”. I don’t think he was talking about the interview.

  • UK Politics,  Vote 2010

    The eternal squeeze

    An astute observation from David Osler: Far left candidates were squeezed by the pressure to vote Labour to keep the Tories out, Socialist Worker is already arguing on its website. OK, comrades. So when wasn’t this the case? When will it not be the case in future? Richard Seymour at the Tomb dutifully repeats the party line: Bad news is that all left-of-Labour candidates have been squeezed… ….. [Salma Yaqoob of Respect] has been squeezed by the rush back to Labour in working class heartlands. I guess being squeezed isn’t as bad as, y’know, losing.

  • Anti Fascism,  Vote 2010

    Hope not Hate ASAP help needed please!

    Dear Harry’s Place We’ve got hours left until the polls close – so forgive me for being a bit blunt: I need you to come to Barking & Dagenham today to help stop the BNP. Any spare time you can give can make the difference. An hour, two hours – we’ll take it. We need you. Sign up right now to let me know I can count on you this evening: HOPE not Hate HQ 50-52 New Road Dagenham, Essex RM9 6YS http://action.hopenothate.org.uk/electiondaypush The situation in Barking & Dagenham is worsening. Turnout is heavy in those polling districts where we know the BNP have a lot of support. Unless we…

  • The Right,  Vote 2010

    BNP’s internet operation closed down

    This is a cross-post from Nothing British Further to yesterday’s cyber civil war between Simon Bennett and Nick Griffin, the BNP’s former web-master has now closed down the party’s entire Facebook and Twitter operation – leaving the party without an effective communications weapon on Election day. Bennett has also closed down the party’s website, leaving Griffin to replace his professionally designed website with just a single page and message. This is seriously bad news for the BNP. One of the most successful parts of the BNP operation was its internet activity. Facebook, Twitter and the BNP website allowed the party to bypass the mainstream print and broadcast media and to…

  • Homophobia,  Moonbattery,  Tories,  Vote 2010

    Demon hunter claims she’s being demonised

    Yesterday Alan A covered the story of Philippa Stroud, the Tory candidate who it is alleged in The Observer runs a church that tries to drive demons out of gay people. But now Pink News is reporting that lawyers letters have been dispatched by Mrs Stroud’s solicitors and that she denies she is homophobic. PinkNews.co.uk has been told by solicitors representing Philippa Stroud that a number of media organisations have been contacted warning them of their duties not to publish “false” allegations about a parliamentary candidate in the run-up to tomorrow’s general election. Mrs Stroud, the Conservative candidate for Sutton and Cheam, was accused in The Observer of having founded two…

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    Labour and Atlanticism

    This is a guest post by Norf London Writing in The Guardian, Jacob Weisberg, the editor of Slate, claims that the UK election does not mean much for the U.S.: “What differences exist have few implications for the United States.” Weisberg is wrong. Britain’s alliance with the U.S. is a cornerstone of British foreign policy and the differences between the parties are substantial. Labour is the true Atlanticist party. Just look at their record under Blair and Brown (Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq)—and compare to the Tories under Major during the Bosnia war (1992-5). Don’t let any Tory con you by invoking Thatcher’s Atlanticism, because Cameron wants to have nothing to do…