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Archive for 'Utter Clowns'

Swimming Against the Tide

People in England, Wales and Northern Ireland should not be given a formal say on whether an independent Scotland joins a currency union with the UK, according to Alex Salmond.
The first minister said a referendum in the rest of the UK would “not be required” following a “Yes” vote.
Yes, and I should like a date [...]

More from Steve Hedley, the ‘Anti-Fascist’

Tobias Abse

Interesting reminder of the close friendship between Martin Smith and Gilad Atzmon, the notorious proponent of rabidly anti-semitic world Jewish conspiracy theories. During Smith’s leadership of the party Atzmon, a jazz musician, often did gigs for the party or its front organisations. Readers of the article below will note Atzmon’s aggressively sexist and anti-feminist [...]

Bradford Muslim women against Galloway

A detailed account in the Guardian’s Northerner Blog of a Galloway ’sermon’ to Muslim women in Bradford.
Galloway used the meeting as an attempt to rebuild his support among Muslim women, following his appalling comments about rape. It seems Muslim women, like most women and must people in general weren’t particularly impressed by G.G’s view [...]

Guardian Newspaper Cited Approvingly by Pyongyang


As I float through the gently undulating stems of the Asphodel Meadows, it is undeniably challenging to compose this message. I am fortunate, however, to have encountered computers and other data storage devices before my demise so can be channeled through one.
My fellow shade, [...]

After His Twitter Snit at Troofer Tit’s Pile of Shit, Guardian’s Brian Whitaker Asks – More Out of Hope Than Expectation – that His Newspaper Publish a Piece From a Non-Journalist Decrying the Infantile and Nihilistic Leftism Currently Devouring the Soul of Popular Discourse Through Its Blinkered Pursuit of Blanket Thinking

Hat-tip: DaveM and inspired by Flaming Fairy
Or we could talk about grammar.
Alan A adds:
What is strange about this tweet is that The Guardian has published Robin Yassin Kassab on a number of occasions.
Why is he saying that there’d be some difficulty in getting this piece into The Guardian? He is, after all, the former Middle [...]

Guardian’s Brian Whitaker Retweets Syria State TV’s Approving Tweet of Charlie Skelton’s Wretched Piece to Show His [Whitaker's] Disapproval of Whichever Morally Deficient Nincompoop At Cif Commissioned It [*]… Or, More Succiciently, Whitaker’s Twitter Snit At Troofer Tit’s Pile of Shit [**]

[*] Hat-tip: DaveM.
[**] Tm. Flaming Fairy.

Yes, I faked it, admits Ken

Unsurprising news via Labour Uncut:
Most people will have seen this photo of Ken Livingstone, overcome by emotion, crying at the screening of his election broadcast.
At the time the explanation given to reporters was that Ken was moved by the genuine words of Londoners and the responsibility he felt to win the election for them.
Stirring stuff. [...]

Osama, Osama, Osama Destroyed an Oil Tanker. Osama, Osama, Osama’s a Great Big…

… threat to international security.
Today comes the exciting claim that Damon Albarn intends to stage a musical about the life and death of Osama Bin Laden. And, unlike Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom or Josef Tura and his acting troupe, there would no intended subversive joke.
This would not be the most barking mad production [...]

Anti-Fascists Picket “Cowardly Antisemite” Gilad Atzmon. Falk Stands By His Man.

Two items.
First of all, Gilad Atzmon appeared this week at Exeter University – where else? – to promote his racist book. He was met by a picket of young anti-racists.
It goes without saying that Atzmon employed his customary bullying and blustering style against one of the women protesting against him. She replies, calling him a [...]