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    Nikki Haley will be dearly missed

    This is a guest post by Grayson Slover Earlier this week it was announced that UN Ambassador Nikki Haley will resign her post, taking effect at the end of this year. President Trump, who praised Haley’s work and emphasized that she was leaving on good terms, said that he would name her successor at some point in the next several weeks. The move not only shocked experts and media pundits, but also, reportedly, came as a complete surprise to many inside the Trump administration as well. At times, Haley’s center-right foreign policy views have collided with those of others in the administration. President Trump’s consistent obfuscations on all things Russia,…

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    Jake Tapper calls out anti-Israel hypocrisy in UN vote

    This is a good commentary from Jake Tapper of CNN. But if the Trump administration is serious about retaliating against countries that voted to condemn the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, I hope it isn’t similarly hypocritical. For instance, Trump threatened to cut off US aid to poor and developing countries that voted for the resolution. But there was no talk of acting against other countries which supported the resolution– including Saudi Arabia, Russia and China. I wonder why.