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Mothering Sunday

Happy day, mummies!

Anti-Roma bigotry in Europe: everyday discrimination

A bakery in Rome recently displayed a sign announcing that Roma (or gypsies) were strictly prohibited from entering.  This outraged many, including Italian Jewish leader Renzo Gattegna:
The “shameful sign evokes in a worrying way the darkest period of our history” Renzo Gattegna, president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, said in a statement Thursday. [...]

Open Season on Mehdi Hasan?

Mehdi Hasan has been the subject of a great number of posts on this site. To my mind all of them have been based on facts and one or other poster taking issue with his opinions on various subjects. From the Middle East to domestic British politics Mehdi is unlikely to find friends here.
And that’s [...]

Who speaks for British Muslims? Reflections on Newsnight

Here are some perspectives on the recent Newsnight debate.  Farooq Aftab, a spokesperson for Ahmadiyya Muslim youth, questioned the debate’s opening premise as well as the way it was conducted.
Rather than addressing the important question of the debate, the interview spiralled into a shouting match between three British Muslim men about whether or not a [...]

The Curious Case of Mehdi Hasan

This is a guest post by Sheikh Zubair
The maxim ‘politics makes for strange bedfellows’ is truer now than it has ever been. In an age in which numerous religions, political ideologies and social outlooks compete for supporters in a single society or nation, alliances of convenience become a necessity. Where there are alliances there will [...]

Extremist Activists Treating the Mentally Ill in the NHS

This is a guest post by Sparkbrook Citizen
Imagine if you or your loved ones were suffering from depression, anxiety or another mental health related issue and, after seeking professional help, you were to be assessed and cared for by a healthcare professional. After being given advice and care by this individual imagine you learnt that [...]

Mehdi Hasan vs Tariq Ramadan

It was particularly interesting to watch Mehdi Hasan go ‘Head to Head’ with Tariq Ramadan, having just been reading Paul Berman’s The Flight of the Intellectuals, an extended critique of Ramadan.
And it was gratifying to see his pomposity punctured by both Hasan and Yasmin Alibhai Brown, one of the invited panel of three.  (The others [...]

The changing reality of Israeli Palestinian peacemaking, a response to Daniel Gordis

This is a cross post from Marc Goldberg’s blog at the Times of Israel
The cities of the West Bank are a seething hotbed of resentment and hatred towards Israel. This is because the people living there have been suffering according to the whims of an Israeli government that dominates their lives. This in turn is because if [...]

Oxfam posts Cynthia McKinney webpage

Cross-post from Adam Holland.
The international food aid organization Oxfam, recently the subject of controversy for its condemnation of Scarlett Johansson’s appearance in a SodaStream advertisement, has a page on its website devoted to promoting Cynthia McKinney.

The page, which is headlined “Ms. McKinney is one of those old school social activists that sorely seems absent today”, [...]

Mohammed Naseem on ‘weaknesses and tendencies’

Recently a planned discussion of Islam and homosexuality on the BBC3 Free Speech(!) programme was postponed because of objections made by Birmingham Central Mosque where the programme was filmed.
Now the mosque’s chairman, Dr Mohammad Naseem, has explained his position. In a letter sent to the Huffington Post he asserted that the Muslim drag queen featured [...]