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What is the Israel Palestine Conflict Really about?

Einat Wilf speaks;

Hershl Gwizdalski – We Remember

We remember #YomHashoah
— Hurryupharry (@hurryupharry) April 12, 2018

Democracy dead at NUS as BDS passes without vote

Speaking at a pro-Palestine rally opposite Downing Street, NUS representative Ilyas Nagdee said:

“My name is Ilyas Nagdee and I am here today representing a union that has seven million members, seven million members who have decided to stand on the side of justice. Two weeks ago at our National Conference our students voted to [...]

Dropped Labour PPC is Trying Again

Michelle Harris was shortlisted to be the Labour Prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) for the Hastings and Rye constituency until her antisemitic Facebook posts were revealed.
The Labour Party removed her from the shortlist of candidates in January as a result. We wrote about it at the time.
The Jewish Chronicle reports that she is now on her [...]

Nick Griffin Throws Support Behind Corbyn

Far Left and Far Right meet one another over Assad’s chemical weapon use.
Well then again Piers Corbyn did get caught chilling with Holocaust deniers.

IF he sticks to his guns then for 1st time in my life I will vote #Labour – right now NOTHING is more important than resisting the psychotic rush to #WW3 of [...]

Tariq Ali – Israel encourages antisemitism

Tariq Ali has accused Israel of  encouraging antisemitism. The veteran activist made the comments whilst addressing a pro-Palestinian rally opposite Downing Street on Saturday. He said that Israel was a purveyor of antisemitism and to blame for producing a ‘crude form of antisemitism‘. Without any hint of irony,  in the same speech Ali stated his [...]

Anti Assad Protest

Jewish Community Condemned at Pro Gaza Rally

The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council were accused of trying to bring about the political lynching of Jeremy Corbyn in Westminster today.
At a demonstration organised by the Palestine Forum in Britain Glyn Secker, Secretary of Jewish Voice for Labour, attacked the two main representative bodies of the Jewish community, [...]

Tough Times for Jewish Corbynistas

The life of a Jewish Corbynista is not an easy one. Michael Segalov is finding it tough to get the message across to the thousands of Labour members for whom Labour membership is pointless if you can’t attack Jews;

I have been told this letter is being circulated by some Labour members for people to sign, [...]

Jackie Walker, the Worst Anti-Racism Campaigner Ever?

You can read the comment thread to this post here on Facebook.
Make sure you’re not of a sensitive disposition first.