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This Guy Wants to Kill You

This is a cross post by Amjad Khan

Radio clip can be viewed here

Are you an apostate from Islam, homosexual or just don’t believe in theocratic totalitarian dictatorship?
If so, then there are people in the UK that want you dead. In fact, these individuals don’t just harbour these beliefs privately they broadcast them proudly on BBC [...]

The Genocide Next Door

Cross posted from my ToI blog
The flag of the Islamic State is flying in the hills over the Kurdish city of Kobani. The flag of the Islamic State is flying on the roofs of buildings in Kobani. The Turkish military sits on the border watching without moving to intervene, the air strikes supposedly being carried [...]

Seven Theses on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

A speech by Alan Johnson to a Greenwich University Debate on ‘Is Peace Attainable’
7 October 2014
Other panellists: Norman Finkelstein (via Skype), Sunny Hundal (Resident Journalist at Greenwich University), Doris Carrion (Research Assistant, Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham House)

Thank You.
Thanks to My Life My Say and to Cllr Mete Coban for inviting me.
I have [...]

The NUS and Black History Month

This post was prompted by a recent piece on the excellent Student Rights blog.  It was revealed that the latest NUS Black History Month Guide heaped praise on Hamas-sympathiser Azad Ali – the same Azad Ali who has openly stated: “democracy, if it means that, you know, at the expense of not implementing the Sharia, [...]

Alan Henning, Cage and Moazzam Begg

In the wake of Alan Henning’s brutal murder it is indicative of the way that the organization Cage feels about the action by the Islamic State by their retweeting of this:
I am against what IS did to Alan Henning but I blame UK government & Parliament, they are directly responsible bc of the vote for [...]

Jennifer Williams’ Twitter travails

Jennifer Williams is a Research Assistant at the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings – and describes herself as a ‘blond tattooed Texas girl’.  She takes a tough line on terrorism and Wahhabism, and all in all looks like the kind of person Jan Morgan would welcome to her Arkansas shooting range. But Williams [...]

Exclusive Interview with a British Jihadi

This is a cross post by Amjad Khan
Video can be viewed here

I have just watched this interview with a foreign fighter – one of the funniest things I have seen.
He talks about

“drinking the spiritual milk from the divine mammary, spread the marmalade of truth on my toast and dip the tea-bag of chastity into hot [...]

Proposed new measures against extremism

There is something alarmingly vague about some of Theresa May’s latest proposals to tackle extremism.
At the moment, organisations can only be banned if there is evidence of links to terrorism.
Under the Tories’ new proposals, groups that cannot currently be proscribed could be subject to banning orders should ministers “reasonably believe” that they intend to incite [...]

Muslim women invite Israeli-born writer to speak at Bradford Literary Festival

In the light of George Galloway’s hateful assertion that Bradford should be an ‘Israel free zone’ it was heartening to read this news.
Now, two Muslim women have invited an Israeli-born poet to take part in Bradford’s literature festival this weekend. The festival will also feature a walking tour highlighting the city’s Jewish heritage, which includes the [...]

Our Enemies’ Enemy is not always our Friend

This is  cross post by Mohammed Razzaq – a research assistant at Quilliam

A recent video plea by imams earlier this week to free the captive British aid worker, Alan Henning, is welcome, but we have to be wary that our vigour to condemn ISIS, does not help legitimise other extremists that hold views which are [...]