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Tommy Robinson Arrest Explained

The Secret Barrister has written an excellent post explaining the circumstances surrounding the imprisonment of Stephen Yaxley Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson. some parts have been added below however it is worth reading the whole thing for a fuller picture.
7. So what you’re saying is that Tommy Robinson was given a suspended sentence simply for trying [...]

Fathom 20 | ‘To understand what makes Israel tick today you must understand who Netanyahu is and how he became the man he is’: a Fathom Forum with Anshel Pfeffer

Anshel Pfeffer is the author of a major new biography of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In this wide-ranging discussion at a recent Fathom Forum in London Pfeffer talked candidly about his book and its subject. He claims that Netanyahu’s sustained dominance of Israeli politics is no interlude after which normal Labour Zionist service will [...]

Tommy Robinson Arrested

He was told if he did it again he’d be put inside. He did it again. He was put inside.
At HP we have no truck with the Far Right, if you don’t agree with that you can Fuck Off.

Tommy Robinson was given a suspended sentence last year. This was what the judge told him at [...]

Livingstone’s Leaving Potshots

It has been widely reported that Ken “Hitler was a Zionist” Livingstone has quit the Labour Party. The long statement he wrote when he did so has been less widely publicised. Jewish Voice for Labour of course posted the statement on their website. It’s worth taking a look at the below quotes from that statement. [...]

Chabloz found guilty after posting antisemitic songs to YouTube

Alison Chabloz has expressed the most vile antisemitism in her ’satirical’ songs.
The 54-year-old was convicted at Westminster Magistrates’ Courton Friday of three charges relating to three self-penned songs.
District judge John Zani said he was satisfied the material of the songs was grossly offensive and that Chabloz intended to insult Jewish people.
No decent person could dissent from [...]

Fathom 20 | Israel’s grand strategy and the return of Russia as a Great Power

Former head of Mossad Efraim Halevy presents a sweeping overview of Israel’s strategic situation. He argues that the desire in both US political parties to pivot away from the region, coinciding with the equally strong desire of Russia to return to the Middle East as a status-hungry great power will have significant long-term consequences for [...]

Saying Kaddish for Hamas

This is a Facebook Post by David Collier that has been reposted here
A couple of days ago a small group of Jewish people held ‘Kaddish’ for Gaza in Parliament Square. I have little interest in attacking the kids who turned up. An aggressive political stance in this situation can be self-defeating. I don’t want to [...]

Israel’s ‘Victory’ in Gaza

Around the world Israel is under attack from headlines and tweets. In Gaza Palestinians are under attack from bullets.
While questions are asked in the British Parliament and while journalists, television news pundits and the twitterati pound Israel for the number of dead at the Gazan border, Israeli politicians will be basking in the warmth of [...]

Fathom 20 | ‘Leadership is about telling your own people the things that are difficult to hear’: an interview with Yair Lapid

According to the latest polls, Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid is Israel’s most liked politician after the Prime Minister. In this exclusive interview with Fathom, he talks about Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran deal, prospects for restarting peace talks, and why he believes centrist politics still holds the key to Israel’s future security as a Jewish [...]

Another LSE Lecturer Caught Lying

This is a guest post from Golan Yarok
Mike Cushman, lecturer at the London School of Economics, was interviewed last month on the existence of antisemitism in the Labour Party on Radio Four’s 10pm News by BBC journalist Chris Mason (starts at 20 minutes in). Cushman belongs to the pro-Corbyn “Jewish Voice for Labour”.
Cushman denied in this [...]