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Fathom 18 | Jewish votes and British foreign policy: The 1930 Whitechapel by-election

At the Whitechapel and St. George’s by-election on 3 December 1930 Jewish voters directly influenced British policy on Palestine, effectively ending the Labour Government’s hopes of implementing the Passfield White Paper, which outlined plans for the Palestine Mandate over the next decade. Labour won the by-election primarily because Poale Zion, the Jewish labour movement, had [...]

Rahmaan Mohammadi: Golden Boy of NUS

The British government’s counter-extremism Prevent strategy has long attracted controversy. The main driving force behind the anti-Prevent lobby have been Islamist groups such as CAGE and the Islamic Human Rights Commission. The National Union of Students also launched the ‘Students Not Suspects’ campaign that attacked Prevent.
The main criticism centres on the idea that the prevent [...]

Holocaust Memorial Day UK as a Zionist

This is a cross post from The Zionist
The International Holocaust Memorial Day is on the 27th of January each year. This is also the day Holocaust Memorial Day is held in the United Kingdom.
The 27th of January 1945 is the day the Red Army liberated Auschwitz, the death factory where 1.1 million lives were [...]

Lauren Booth is confused

Although it’s hardly surprising that Lauren Booth has jumped on the anti-Sara Khan bandwagon, her particular take on the appointment may at first seem puzzling. What is she talking about here?
Meanwhile it’s interesting to note that the press have suddenly started referring to her Sara Khan not Saira Khan since her appointment. Perhaps they want [...]

Corbyn “Jews” and Holocaust Memorial Day

There has been concern (though little surprise) about a statement put out by Jeremy Corbyn on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day which neglects to mention Jews;

Editor of the Jewish Chronicle Stephen Pollard strongly criticised this message though he later retracted;

I’ve deleted this tweet from yesterday. In his statement on the day @jeremycorbyn did not [...]

Hezbollah’s Man in London?

This is a cross-post from The Zionist
There was a debate today in Parliament over whether to proscribe Hezbollah in its entirety as a terrorist organisation. At present the British government has constructed two separate Hezbollah’s, a political wing and a military wing. The distinction allows the UK to ban one and maintain relations with the other.
The [...]

Congratulations to Sara Khan

The chorus of disapproval and contempt which greeted the appointment of Sara Khan as the new Commissioner for Countering Extremism was perhaps, sadly, predictable.
The skewed coverage of her appointment in the mainstream media was really outrageous, and very well covered in this article.
Frustratingly it is of course impossible to express support for this excellent appointment [...]

Jordan Peterson vs Cathy Newman

Cathy Newman’s recent interview with Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson (I touched on his views in this post) has been much discussed on social media – you can watch it in full here. He does seem to attract a disproportionate amount of ire. Recently the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton refused to accept a booking for his [...]

Corbyn Ignores Iran, Attacks Israel

Jeremy Corbyn’s silence on the pro-democracy demonstrations in Iran is something that was commented on and forgotten about almost as quickly as the demonstrations were suppressed by the regime.
Naturally when Israel banned anti-Zionist organisations from the country Corbyn started commenting. According to Electronic Intifada his spokesman said the following;
“Jeremy is concerned by reports that activists [...]

Ahed Tamimi is NO Malala

Cross-post by Noah Phillips
The famed blonde-haired girl, a symbolic youthful leader of the Palestinian resistance, 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi, a West Bank resident, has been indicted on charges of assault following a viral video that surfaced of her yelling, kicking, and slapping two Israeli soldiers. The film presented the two soldiers remaining stoically still as they [...]