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Jordan Peterson vs Cathy Newman

Cathy Newman’s recent interview with Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson (I touched on his views in this post) has been much discussed on social media – you can watch it in full here. He does seem to attract a disproportionate amount of ire. Recently the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton refused to accept a booking for his [...]

Corbyn Ignores Iran, Attacks Israel

Jeremy Corbyn’s silence on the pro-democracy demonstrations in Iran is something that was commented on and forgotten about almost as quickly as the demonstrations were suppressed by the regime.
Naturally when Israel banned anti-Zionist organisations from the country Corbyn started commenting. According to Electronic Intifada his spokesman said the following;
“Jeremy is concerned by reports that activists [...]

Ahed Tamimi is NO Malala

Cross-post by Noah Phillips
The famed blonde-haired girl, a symbolic youthful leader of the Palestinian resistance, 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi, a West Bank resident, has been indicted on charges of assault following a viral video that surfaced of her yelling, kicking, and slapping two Israeli soldiers. The film presented the two soldiers remaining stoically still as they [...]

Bringing Corbyn into Disrepute?

Today it was announced that Momentum’s youth wing has been shut down. The reasons offered by Momentum founder Jon Lansman were that;
“MYS (Momentum Youth and Students) currently has no validity within the structures of Momentum, and therefore no legitimacy to use Momentum’s name or logo. In addition, I wanted to note, with regret, that the [...]

Jackie Walker Stops Moisturising, Occupation Ends!!

In a bid to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and to bring an end to an intransigent conflict that has claimed the lives of thousands, Jackie Walker announced today that she will no longer be moisturising. In what some commentators are calling a ‘brave’ and ‘daring’ step taken my Mrs Walker, Revlon [...]

Corbynistas Call for “Hanging” Tony Blair

While Jeremy Corbyn stands mute in the face of Iranians being murdered by their government his supporters call wholeheartedly for the death of former Prime Minister Tony Blair.
One place you can hear calls for the death of probably the most successful Labour politician in living memory is in the “lets help make Jeremy Corbyn prime [...]

Corbyn’s Refreshing Silence on Iran

When the streets filled with Iranian demonstrators in the so called Green Revolution of 2009 Jeremy Corbyn took to the regime mouthpiece Press TV to defend the reactionary, Islamic State regime. He didn’t stop there though, he’s been defending the Islamic Regime for years;

No one could be surprised at the fact that he has nothing [...]

Asa Winstanley Owned

Assorted Thoughts #1: Applying Averages

This is a cross-post by Anonymous Mugwump
This series contains some of the key books, studies, papers and events that I’ve read over the last year. I’ve decided to try to write one of these posts for two reasons. First, because as I finish books, I want a record of some the key insights from them both [...]

Not Prosecuting Antisemitism in Britain

The announcement by Donald Trump that the USA was recognising Jerusalem was met in London with crowds of people standing outside the embassy screaming Khaybar Khaybar, ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad, sa yahud” or “Jews, remember Khaybar the army of Muhammad is returning”. The video taken by us of this happening went viral.
Several people tweeted that [...]