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The Remnant of Al Muhajiroun

The Times has noted that Sophie Rahman, headteacher of Eton Community School in Essex, has been banned from teaching.
This school that hired Khuram Butt, one of the terrorists who carried out the terror attack close to Borough Market that killed 8 and wounded another 48 people.
They report that
Sophie Rahman allowed Khuram Butt to teach children as [...]

Imran Waheed from Hizb ut Tahrir

The Daily Mail has published an expose on NHS psychiatrist Imran Waheed who is also a prominent member of Hizb ut Tahrir.
Waheed is also employed as an expert witness in court:
A radical Islamist preacher who has said he ‘does not believe in democracy’ and is ‘not obedient’ to secular law is working as an expert [...]

Fathom 20 | From ‘intersectionality’ to the exclusion of Jewish students: BDS makes a worrying turn on US campuses

Kenneth Waltzer is the executive director of the Academic Engagement Network, a national US faculty organisation committed to countering Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). In this survey of BDS activity on US campuses he argues that, where BDS has a following, Jewish students are increasingly being consigned to a place of insult and derision, barred from [...]

The Guardian channels its inner Jeremy Corbyn

This is a cross-post from UK Media Watch
When it was revealed that Jeremy Corbyn participated in a Passover Seder with members of the radical left British Jewish group Jewdass, Times of London columnist Daniel Finkelstein, writing in the Jewish Chronicle, argued that it was no gaffe or political error. Rather, Finkelstein observed, Corbyn’s evening with the fringe non-Zionist group which [...]

Corbyn’s Call for Palestinian Return to Israel

While on a recent visit to Jordan Jeremy Corbyn called for the implementation of the “Palestinian right to return”.

In Jordan, I went to Baqa’a, one of the largest Palestinian refugee camps.
We must work for a real two state settlement to the Israel-Palestine conflict, which ends the occupation and siege of Gaza and makes the Palestinian [...]

The Quest to Free Palestine Continues…

The quest to Free Palestine continues at the World Cup with screams of “Fuck Israhell”

Gene adds: Meanwhile, in Iran…
Instead of chanting “Death to Israel” or “Death to America,” protesters shout “Death to Palestine.”

Here they chant “Palestine and Syria make us miserable” and “Our enemy is here! It is a lie that America is our enemy.”

Fathom 20 | Professor Asher Susser on Ian Black’s history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Ian Black has written a very well-researched, comprehensive and insightful survey of a century of Palestinian-Israeli conflict, from the Balfour Declaration to the present. Even though this is well-travelled terrain, his systematic and detailed account is instructive as it pulls together from a wealth of, albeit secondary, sources a complex story in a very coherent [...]

Billy Elliot cancelled in Budapest

Following an article in an Orban-supporting newspaper claiming that the show could cause homosexuality, fifteen performances of Billy Elliot have been cancelled by the Hungarian State Opera House.
“As you know, the negative campaign in recent weeks against the Billy Elliot production led to a big drop in ticket sales, and for this reason we are cancelling [...]

The Ravings of Roshan Salih

Roshan Salih is a ‘journalist’ for Iranian propaganda mouthpiece PressTV UK and founding editor of the website 5Pillarz. He’s appeared on The Daily Politics discussing “can we mock Islam?” alongside Melanie Phillips and interviewed Ken Livingstone on Holocaust Memorial Day about whether the Holocaust has been Exploited To Oppress Others.
Here he is on a PressTV UK [...]

Hillel Neuer on Trump and the UN Human Rights Council

Coming in the midst of appalling reports of children being separated from their parents and detained in distressing conditions, the announcement that Trump now plans to quit the UN Human Rights Council has elicited sharply hostile responses.  Amnesty International posted the following tweet.

Hillel Neuer of UN Watch responded by supplying ten good reasons for doing [...]