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Fathom Forum | ‘City on a Hilltop’? Sara Hirschhorn on the clash between liberal values and settler realities

To shamelessly quote from American constitutional history, we may find this truth to be self-evident: there is an emerging nexus between the Trump administration and the Israeli settler movement. Last summer, the Trump campaign opened an office in the Israeli settlement of Karnei Shomron to ‘get out’ the Israeli-American vote for the Trump presidency. Members [...]

Antisemitism in contemporary Great Britain

The Jewish Policy Research report into antisemitism in the UK, prepared by Daniel L. Staetsky, and published in conjunction with the CST, functions as a kind of social media Rorschach test.
Some are flagging the link between antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment, or the association between anti-Israel sentiment and the left, whereas others prefer to emphasise the [...]

The Israeli visa law and other own goals in the BDS wars by Gerald Steinberg

It’s time to press reset on Israel’s confused response to the genuine threat of BDS and demonisation. A series of own-goals have created the impression of a powerful, aggressive government harassing weak NGOs. An alternative approach, based on Israeli MKs and their counterparts in foreign parliaments creating a shared policy framework, is needed.
Among Israeli politicians [...]

Beyond the Green Line

The walls of the ancient Kasbah of Nablus were plastered with posters of suicide bombers back then. Each poster had a little film strip at the bottom lifted from the news showing the carnage they inflicted. These posters were interrupted only occasionally by a picture of Arafat with a heavenly light beaming down onto his face. [...]

When ‘progressives’ excuse Nazi ideology: The case of Bella Caledonia

This is a cross-post by David Collier
Just over a month ago, my report into hard-core antisemitism in the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) was published. Following its release, condemnation of the SPSC crossed the political divide, and was swift. Given what was uncovered, it seemed an obvious and natural response. Nobody wanted to be seen protecting [...]

11 September 1997

No, not the last affirmative Scottish referendum which Fish-heid McMoonface welcomed as follows:

It’s Happy Frasier Crane Day!

5 Live Breakfast on far right extremism

Recently five men, four of them soliders in the British Army, were arrested for involvement with a banned neo-Nazi organisation, National Action. This is disturbing, and it would be interesting to know more about how and why they were radicalised, and how this process intersected with their time in the army.
By contrast with the rather [...]

Ekrima Sabri visit cancelled

It’s very good to be able to report that Sabri will no longer be visiting the  UK.  Here is part of the statement from CUFI.
Over 18,000 people had signed a CUFI petition launched four days ago calling upon the UK Government to ban Sheikh Ekrima Sabri from entering the UK and not be allowed to attend [...]

Hate and Errors: Anatomy of a deeply nasty book

This a cross-post from The Times of Israel by David Collier and Jonathan Hoffman
On 3 November 2016 we were present at a meeting at SOAS (a London University), addressed by Thomas Suarez to discuss his new book, State of Terror. As he spoke, it became clear as day that the book was an attempt to rewrite the [...]

Kenan Malik on that Muslim/Christian foster furore

I’ve held off from writing about this one – but here Kenan Malik sums up (and crystallises) my own thoughts on the issue.  The original Times headline was pretty outrageous.
Christian child forced into Muslim foster care
This ‘clash of civilisations’ approach was compounded by other papers which photoshopped a picture of a woman wearing hijab, transforming the veil [...]