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Corbyn and Munich

It’s interesting to map the different flavours of Corbyn supporter onto Damian Counsell’s handy field guide:

Owen Jones’ response was first of all to tweet non-stop about Boris Johnson and then insist that any left wing leader would attract a simila media onslaught – in other words, it would seem that he thinks this latest story [...]

Watching The Americans

I’ve recently finished watching the sixth and final series of The Americans. This award-winning show focuses on Soviet sleeper agents, Philip and Elizabeth, who live an ostensibly normal suburban life in 1980s Washington DC with their teenage children Paige and Henry. Elizabeth is, broadly, a regime loyalist. Philip is a bit more ambivalent – and [...]

Ben Jamal is a Liar

A couple of months ago at a meeting entitled Jeremy Corbyn, Antisemitism and Justice for Palestine the director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign stood up and said the following:
“We stand resolutely against antisemitism and I have no truck with anybody who says “well I have never encountered antisemitism within the Palestine Solidarity movement broadly” because [...]

Why the Nazi Analogy and Holocaust Inversion are Antisemitic

The following is an excerpt from ‘Antisemitism in the Guise of Anti-Nazism: Holocaust Inversion in the United Kingdom during Operation Protective Edge’, a chapter that will appear in Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism: The Dynamics of Delegitimization, ed. Alvin H. Rosenfeld (Indiana University Press, forthcoming).The editor and publisher have kindly agreed to the advance publication of this [...]

What Mehdi No Solidarity for the Jews?

Cross-posted from my criminally underused blog Marc’s Words
It hasn’t been a great weekend for Jeremy Corbyn or his Labour Party. Deputy Leader Tom Watson said:
“This is one of those moments when we have to take a long, hard look at ourselves, stand up for what is right and present the party as fit to lead [...]

Go to Bookmarks. Buy a Book, by Alan Johnson

But what were even gold and silver, precious stones and clockwork, to the bookshops, whence a pleasant smell of paper freshly pressed came issuing forth, awakening instant recollections of some new grammar had at school, long time ago, with ‘Master Pinch, Grove House Academy’, inscribed in faultless writing on the fly-leaf! That whiff of Russia [...]

Michael White on antisemitism and Islamophobia

The former Guardian journalist offered this surprisingly curt response to a question about the lack of coverage of alleged Islamophobia in the Conservative Party:

A number of instances have been offered where Muslims have experienced a problem in the Conservative Party or where Conservative activists have made bigoted remarks. I’m not sure how deep or widespread [...]

Jewish Voice for Labour – They’ll Even Vote Willsman

You can always rely on JVL to do what they were set up to do. Defend antisemitism wherever it rears its head. Even when Finlay has doubts about Willsman he’ll still vote for him. Obviously.

NEC antisemitism code: IHRA ibergezetst un farbesert?

Guest post by Amie
In the heyday of Yiddish theatre in New York, Translations of Shakespeare into Yiddish were sometimes inscribed with the phrase: “Translated and improved.” The Yivo archive says that ‘The phrase inevitably meant that the play was translated and not improved upon. In fact, it was probably translated and rendered worse, sometimes [...]

A few thoughts on MEND’s recent report on Islamophobia

Whereas definitions of antisemitism have of course been much discussed recently, I’ve seen little coverage of this report on defining Islamophobia.  The definition – and subsequent direct commentary – can be found on pp.20-23. Here are a few first thoughts. I’ve deliberately put to one side considerations of MEND as an organisation.
The short definition (p. [...]