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Hillel Neuer on Trump and the UN Human Rights Council

Coming in the midst of appalling reports of children being separated from their parents and detained in distressing conditions, the announcement that Trump now plans to quit the UN Human Rights Council has elicited sharply hostile responses.  Amnesty International posted the following tweet.

Hillel Neuer of UN Watch responded by supplying ten good reasons for doing [...]

Palestine – The Progressive Cause?

This is what happens to peaceful demonstrations in Gaza:

Today, during a peaceful demonstration in Gaza City, the Hamas terror organization used force to disperse protesters just for expressing their opinions. Hamas proves again that while they call for protection of human rights they are in fact the ones who violate them.
— COGAT (@cogat_israel) June [...]

Fathom 20 | Israel70 ‘Young Voices’: Reading Herzl’s Altneuland in 2018

Asaf Yusufov is one of seven new generation voices featured in Fathom Journal this week. Asaf is a former counsellor and manager at Tel Aviv’s Barnoar (an LGBTQ Youth Club) and is currently media coordinator and video editor for Darkenu, a non-parliamentary political movement of ‘the moderate majority’.
I grew up in a patriotic Israeli family. [...]

PSC Bankrupt?

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) lose to government in court of appeal, now face “substantial additional legal costs”.
On June 12th the court of appeal overturned a ruling enabling local councils to discriminate against Israeli companies on so-called “ethical grounds” regarding the investment of pension funds under their control.
A year ago the Palestine Solidarity Campaign took aim [...]

The Metaphoric Kite

This is a Guest Post by Noah Phillips
Hamas’ riling up the masses and ‘populist warfare’ tactics are a concerted effort to provoke Israeli retaliation.  These tactics are not novel by any means, nor are their espousal of terrorism and advocacy for the destruction of Israel by way of bombings, rockets, and lethal Intifadas. However, the [...]

Fathom 20 | Amos Oz’s Israel

While Amos Oz’s novels are often read reductively as political allegories, Liam Hoare suggests that Oz’s special subject is really a particular people, the Israelis, and their experience in a particular place. ‘All the stuff of Israel’ is in his books, writes Hoare, and we should count ourselves fortunate to have such a guide.

The Muslim Council of Britain Call for an Inquiry into Islamophobia in the Tory Party

It’s difficult to take the Muslim Council of Britain seriously when they do much of anything much less when they call for the governing Conservative Party to launch an investigation into Islamophobia in their own party. It would be interesting to see the reaction of the Muslim Council of Britain were we to call for [...]

How to avoid antisemitic tropes: a masterclass from Giles Fraser

You can read Fraser’s full blueprint for a better society  here. In the first version a rather dodgy phrase was used.

Here’s the second version – presumably altered because someone pointed out the problem.

Hat Tip: @Twlldun

Fathom 20 | Burning money: the urgent need to rethink UNRWA

Dr Simon A. Waldman is the author of Anglo-American Diplomacy and the Palestinian Refugee Problem, 1948-1951. In this opinion piece he makes the case for the urgent institutional reform and restructuring of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) before other countries follow Trump and cut funding, making the humanitarian work of [...]

Sajid Javid on Marr

As readers will probably be aware, there have been calls for the Conservative Party to set up an independent enquiry into anti-Muslim bigotry.  It seems as though there is a strong prima facie case for going ahead with this, given a string of disturbing allegations.
Sajid Javid’s attempts to defend the Conservative Party didn’t strike me [...]