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Honest Reporting review Beyond the Green Line

This is a cross post from Simon Plosker at Honest Reporting
In the interests of transparency and full disclosure, I first met Marc Goldberg, the author of “Beyond the Green Line,” when we both emigrated from London to live at a Jerusalem residential Hebrew-language course back in 2001.
It was crystal clear to everyone that Goldberg’s primary [...]

SOAS meeting to downplay anti-semitism sees Israel bracketed with North Korea

This is a guest post by Jonathan Hoffman
Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) is a tiny group of Corbyn-supporting Israel-demonising anti-semitism-downplaying Jewish (they claim) Labour members, plus their supporters. See JVL Watch on Twitter. They launched in a fringe meeting at the Party Conference, notable for the anti-Zionist Miko Peled telling Labour members that they should [...]

Are Israelis immoral for being occupiers?

When police investigate a crime you expect them to start with the victim and look for the perpetrator. When the NGO Breaking the Silence is involved the investigation (or in this case “probe”) starts with the perpetrator and ends with the perpetrator.
A few months ago the spokesman for Breaking the Silence, Dean Issacheroff, confessed on stage [...]

Nazreen Khan’s candidacy

Just a few quick points extracted from this recent piece in Jewish News which gives the background to Khan’s antisemitic comments. Apparently the revelations weren’t news to Labour.
Jewish News understands that the party said it would would not be able to suspend her candidature as details of her past had been known at the time [...]

Maajid lashes out at nativist Scrooges

Well said.

Congratulations David Collier

Here at Harry’s Place we’d like to wish blogger and all around star David Collier a hearty Mazel Tov on being the subject of a smear article by the Asa “through the looking glass” Winstanley for whom no event is too innocuous to be a part of a Zionist conspiracy.
Winstanley seems to have realised what [...]


This is a cross-post by Rob Francis
With wearying predictability, the annual arguments about poppies have begun in earnest. Yesterday, it was Nicole Scherzinger who was to be branded “disrespectful” for not wearing one during the X-Factor.
Celebrities being shamed for daring to appear in public without a poppy at this time of year is nothing new, but [...]

Labour Branch debates whether membership compatible with supporting Hezbollah

This open letter was sent to the Brent and Kilburn Times by Stephen Hoffman
I was absolutely appalled and shocked to hear about events at Queen’s Labour Party on the night of November 2 2017.
In a discussion about expelling members of the Labour Party who are also members of other parties, a member gave the example [...]

Nadiya Hussain’s Christmas double bind

It’s a common criticism that Muslims fail to integrate, and Christmas is a favourite focus for this kind of angst.  The suspicion that  Christmas is being replaced by ‘Winterval’ is one old chestnut. A few years ago the Muslim Council of Britain produced a humorous poster aimed at calming the fears of those who thought [...]

Moshe Machover Reinstated

This is a guy who thought quoting Reinhard Heydrich (one of the architects of the Holocaust) in a leaflet about how evil Israel is was a good idea.
This from the Jewish Chronicle on his expulsion:
Moshe Machover – a retired University of London professor who has lived in the UK since 1968 – was informed of [...]