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PEN, Charlie Hebdo and those who like farts

Well Charlie is back in the headlines, being criticised and lionised in equal share. I suspect the murdered emplyees of the satirical mag are smiling down on us with glee while watching the arguments going on over their literary legacy.
This time the storm in a teacup is over the decision by PEN America, a group [...]

British Jewry’s Islamist Problem

This is a cross-post from The American Thinker

In 2013, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Husseini, a passionate Muslim supporter of interreligious dialogue and a tireless advocate for Britain’s Jewish community, was fired from his job at a London Jewish college. Muhammad had made the ultimate mistake within the world of interfaith dialogue: he had criticized its disciples.
Sheikh Al-Husseini [...]

Labour’s SNP Disaster

This is a cross-post from MoreMediaNonsense
Yesterday’s poll which showed the SNP on course to take every seat in Scotland is a frightening one and its not clear that politicians have woken up to the implications. If Labour was to go into some sort of confidence and supply arrangement with the SNP after next Thursday it could [...]

Beach body ready?

In The Handmaid’s Tale Margaret Atwood draws attention to a possible uneasy (and unintended) alliance between feminist and theocratic objections to pornography.   In his recent Spectator column – ‘Feminism becomes more like Islamism every day’ – Brendan O’Neill returns to the same theme.
People are under very many pressures, and the pressure to look good is [...]

Could Galloway’s by-election victory have been voided like Rahman’s?

This is a cross post by Arieh Kovler
I’ve been reading the fascinating judgment(pdf) that today resulted in Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman being removed and barred from office and his election being voided.
The judgment is long but well-written and genuinely interesting. It covers a lot of ground specific to Tower Hamlets – internal Labour party splits, vote-tampering and personation, [...]

Amnesty’s Problem with Antisemitism

I can’t escape the feeling that not many people take antisemitism seriously. Even now while we witness its rise throughout Europe. Even when Jews are shot dead in supermarkets and schools. This was made particularly clear on Tuesday by the decision taken by Amnesty International to reject a motion calling for them to tackle the [...]

Boris is wrong; we must educate our way out of this mess, not hide behind linguistic obfuscation

This is a cross post by Jonathan Russell at Quilliam
The original can be viewed here

Boris Johnson, correct to be concerned about the rise of anti-Muslim hatred, was incorrect this weekend when he suggested that using words like ‘criminals’ or ‘bandits’ would be more appropriate to describe what I would term Islamist extremists or Jihadists.
The justification for [...]

Gender bias in STEM subjects and Science Fiction

This Daily Mail piece on the evils of feminism has been causing something of a stir. I began to wonder whether Peter Lloyd was secretly a radical feminist hiding under a pseudonym, given that his awful article seemed perfectly calculated to alienate readers – even readers who might think he raises some legitimate concerns. Rather [...]

Too Quick on the Trigger

This is a cross-post from Gerasites by James Snell
I do not begrudge you the ability to precede anything you write, say or do with a warning. That is your right, and I would not want to take it away from you even if I could.
But there is, of course, a disparity of some magnitude between [...]

History written by the losers

General Robert E Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant on 9th April 1865, one hundred and fifty years ago. What do Americans make of this? Has this historical event been as marked as the outbreak of World War I was marked here in 2014? During the extensive coverage everyone spoke of their family connections [...]