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Salaries, benefits, cuts

Both Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind have been suspended from their respective parties following cash for access allegations. As the BBC reported:
It is claimed that Mr Straw was recorded describing how he operated “under the radar” and had used his influence to change EU rules on behalf of a firm which paid him £60,000 [...]

Is a Conservative/Labour Coalition Possible

This is a cross-post from All That Is Solid
With the polls bouncing all over the place and only a few daft enough to make predictions about the general election, there’s a lot of coalition talk doing the rounds. The SNP and Greens – wisely – have ruled out any arrangement with the Conservatives. And Farage has [...]

Monbiot on Russell Brand’s refreshing incoherence

When Adam Holland tweeted this, I felt sure he was exaggerating:
George Monbiot calls Russell Brand a refreshing change from coherence.
— Adam Holland (@ad_holland) December 31, 2014

But no; that is precisely what George Monbiot wrote in selecting Russell Brand as one of The Guardian’s “Heroes of 2014.”
Monbiot concludes:
Brand’s openness about his flaws makes him [...]

Question Time with Brand and Farage: three moments

Many have commented on last night’s proceedings elsewhere – John Crace for example. Here are just three moments that particularly struck me:
1. Russell Brand managed briefly to call a halt to the “petty, adversarial nature of politics” (first topic of the evening) – by uniting Mary Creagh (Lab) and Penny Mordaunt (Con) in irritation against [...]

Incidental nonsense, bicycling nonsense

When the Plebgate story broke, cyclists were staunch. Though it’s neither big nor clever to swear at the police, a cyclist’s right of way had been unreasonably impeded.
According to the law books, there is a right for all Her Majesty’s subjects at all seasons of the year freely and at their will to pass [...]

Making The Disabled Heard Beyond Party Politics

This is a cross-post from homo economicus by John Sargeant
The hashtag generation demands that it be heard, and when you question what it is demanding expect your points not to matter. For the message of the hashtag, the emotions and passion are the thing.
My points on #CameronMustGo are very clear. It is one thing to [...]

Will John Baron be the next to defect to UKIP?

A Conservative source has apparently reported that John Baron, MP for Basildon and Billericay, ‘has mentally left the Conservative Party’.  Matthew Parris, writing in the Times (£), puts a positive gloss on these defections, describing UKIP as a poultice draining away pockets of nastiness in order to allow the party to reclaim the moderate centre ground.
It’s [...]

Theresa May’s Politically Driven Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is heading for disaster

This is a cross-post from Barrister Blogger by Matthew Scott
The problem of who should chair the proposed inquiry into the handling of child sexual abuse by public bodies in past decades has, after some delay, been solved.
Many other problems remain.
Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that it is to be chaired by Fiona Woolf, [...]

Together again for the first time

Update: That would be Rand “Let me put this hamburger down” Paul.

The Ghouta sarin massacre: one year on

Guest post by Sackcloth & Ashes
On 29 August 2013 the Coalition government reconvened the Commons to debate a motion calling for a third British military intervention in the Arab world. Ten days previously, the regime of Bashar al-Assad had gassed civilians with the nerve agent sarin in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, and the likelihood [...]