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British Prime Ministers in Transition

After transitioning, these British PMs had the following careers (in chronological order, from bottom right) Sister Winnie Churchill – Senior Midwife, popular with her patients Alexandra “Sandra” Eden – debutante, married a banker Harriet MacMillan – Madam of a brothel, suing her cosmetic surgeon Harriet Wilson – lecturer in economics at Somerville College Edwina Heath […]

The morning after the morning after

A few years ago I found it dispiriting that so many people in the UK seemed bored or even completely alienated by politics.  Then Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn came along – be careful what you wish for. But whatever you thought of the result, it’s healthy for people – perhaps particularly young people – to […]

UK election results

Comment here. You might want to wait until there actually are election results to comment on.

Responses to the PM’s speech.

You can watch the Prime Minister’s speech on last night’s terrorist attacks here. Responses were mixed – here is a sample.

And what’s happening in your constituency?

Look on the bright side in this general election.  At least there’s no Russell Brand – remember Ed Milliband paying court to him last time?  Not to mention the Ed Stone.  The process of democracy, of politicians out-sloganing each other, the photo stunts, the slagging and counter-slagging is fairly undignified. The dignity belongs to the […]

Back to Work

My local hustings was cancelled last night. Electioneering was put on hold after the Manchester bombing and will not resume until tomorrow. Outside of Manchester itself, one day’s pause would have been enough. There has been plenty written by Mancunians celebrating their city, their football and music and creativity. That is their Manchester, and they […]

General Election 2017 – Bradford West Again

Who can forget George Galloway of the Respect party winning Bradford West in a by-election after running a foul sectarian campaign back in 2012? And his tweet saying “shattered but happy after the Blackburn triumph?” The 2015 General Election’s brightest spot was Naz Shah’s defeating him and telling him off for running a further disgusting […]

We are all sinners

Yesterday’s news prompts innumerable talking points – the factors behind May’s decision, the reactions of some Labour MPs, the rather disturbing tabloid coverage, and so on. For many voters Brexit will be a key issue. Whereas Corbyn mentioned Brexit neither in his initial statement nor in his email asking members for donations, for the Lib […]

Wait. What?

From a program on the Putin regime-funded propaganda TV channel RT:

Government’s voter ID moves divide opinion

Following Sir Eric Pickles’ review into electoral fraud, a pilot scheme will require voters to show ID in selected councils. Different councils will trial different types of photo ID, including driving licences, passports or utility bills to prove addresses, although the creation of a new form of ID specifically for voting has been ruled out […]