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From the Dusty Shoebox In the Bottom Drawer: In-house Proposal for Establishing Recall of MPs in Letters to the Telegraph, 29 February 2008

Sanctions against MPs
Sir – At a time when trust in politicians continues to be diminished, there is an urgent need to look again at the sanctions available when an MP has been found to have behaved improperly.
The Commons Standards and Privileges Committee is able to suspend an MP, but many members of the public feel [...]

We’re in this apart: Maria Miller and benefits claimants

Here’s a précis of some key facts in the expenses scandal surrounding Culture Secretary Maria Miller.
It is charged that she designated what looked an awful lot like her first home as her second home, claimed taxpayer support for its upkeep, and made an enormous profit on its sale. The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner concluded she had [...]

Farage-Galloway convergence watch

So if by some horrible sequence of events, Nigel Farage becomes Britain’s next prime minister, will he appoint George Galloway as foreign secretary?
The Guardian reports:
The Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, has broken the consensus inside western intelligence by telling the BBC before his Europe debate with Nick Clegg that he believes the chemical attack in Syria [...]

Pasties and Beer

The government has suggested that lowering tax on beer and bingo will “help hardworking people”.
The Guardian response, written by Owen Jones is:
“It is difficult to know where to begin with this poster: it is an #epicfail, to use the appropriate Twitter lingo. The suggestion that cutting bingo tax and beer duty will “help hardworking people [...]

Cuts continue to bite

Two factors make the below inflation 1% pay rise for NHS staff even less favourable: the additional payment will be non-consolidated and will not apply to staff receiving routine increments:
“The government has shown complete contempt for the NHS, contempt for staff and contempt for patients and will pay the price at the ballot box. [...]

BDSers: here’s your chance for martyrdom

Speaking today to the Knesset in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Cameron denounced the anti-Israel BDS movement and noted:
“[Israeli technology] is providing Britain’s National Health Service with one in six of its prescription medicines through Teva and it has produced the world’s first commercially available upright walking technology which enabled a British paraplegic woman to walk the [...]

UKIP councillor holds Cameron personally responsible for flooding

David Cameron faced some angry criticism from householders affected by December’s floods.  Some suggested he could have done more to help those at risk from flooding secure affordable insurance. UKIP’s David Silvester lays a more serious charge; according to a letter published in the Henley Standard Cameron must take personal responsibility for the flooding.
Sir, — [...]

Will 2015 be Labour’s Poisoned Chalice?

This is a cross-post from A Very Public Sociologist

It’s tough being a political party. Life outside of government is relatively care free affair. You can formulate policy, spend your time critiquing and criticising, and look forward to a fair amount of time sat atop opinion polls. But once you’re in power it’s a whole different [...]

It’s Time to Scrap Pairing

This is a cross-post from A Very Public Sociologist
How to make a good thing backfire in a few easy steps. Most Labour Party people and awavering chunk of the British public think the bedroom tax is as punitive as it is useless. Even those softened up by decades of relentless benefit-bashing and support it would [...]

The Politics of the Marriage Tax Breaks

This is a cross-post from A Very Public Sociologist
The Conservatives are a desperate party led by a desperate man. The stars are not lining up for an election victory in 2015, despite a summer of awful headlines for the Labour leader; and Dave finds himself with little room for manoeuvre now Ed has pledged action on the [...]