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Steel crazy

Guest post by Sackcloth and Ashes
The Independent columnist and ‘comedian’ Mark Steel is ‘fuming’ that his application to join the Labour party– and to vote in its leadership election– has been rejected because he ‘does not ’support their values”. His own newspaper has decided to make an issue of this, although in the course of [...]

!nternationalism! Festival

It seems the Socialist Workers Party’s annual Marxism Festival will have some competition this year– although it looks remarkably similar.

I’ll try to make it to the June 31 session. Can anyone direct me to the Cosmonaut School, Stroud?
(Hat tip: Howard Fuller)

“Militant” MEP calls for violence in the Israel/Palestine conflict

This is a cross post by Howard Fuller from Howie’s Corner
Readers will probably recall the old Militant Tendency that used to inhabit the Labour Party back in the late seventies and early eighties. At one point they even managed to have three of their members as Labour MPs. All that went pear shaped after the [...]

Lies, Damn Lies, and False Rape Allegation Statistics

Last month Rosie Warren wrote an article published by the International Socialist Network (ISN) entitled “On Believing Women Who Allege Rape.” Her concluding sentence sums up her position: “The statement that we believe someone alleging rape is not only an important act of solidarity, but is also, given what we know about the nature of [...]

Vietnam and the Trotskyists

From a  history book:

Vietnamese Communists who adhered to the Communism of Leon Trotsky, the Soviet luminary who a few years earlier had been murdered with an ice-pick on orders from his archrival Joseph Stalin, were shown no more mercy than the others. For Ho [Chi Minh] and the other Viet Minh leaders, Stalin was the [...]

Richard Seymour, the SWP, and Antisemitism

Richard Seymour had been a long term, high-profile member of the Socialist Workers Party until his recent resignation. He now believes everyone on the left has to confess to their crimes:

If you have never, as a socialist activist, found yourself defending a line you later regretted, kept quiet about something you shouldn’t have, rationalised away [...]

The SWP’s Hatred of Feminism (Part 2.)

I concluded in Part 1 that the SWP view feminism as a bourgeois deviation from the class struggle. It might be argued that Marxist feminism exists and the question can be asked as to whether such an ideology is supported by the  SWP. In response to that question, one can say that the term “Marxist [...]

The SWP’s Hatred of Feminism (Part I.)

The crisis in the Socialist Workers Party has brought an issue for Trotskyists to the forefront: that of feminism. Richard Seymour has commented “students, are yelled at in [SWP] meetings, denounced for ‘creeping feminism.’” Feminism has become a dirty word, a pejorative with which to denounce the non-ideologically sound. That is the position of the [...]

Daily Mail Mentions a Third SWP Rape Allegation

Today the Daily Mail has published a two page article headlined, “Did the SWP cover up nine rapes?” The headline is based on Linda Rogers’ claim that she made in a post at the end of January: “the [SWP Disputes Committee] has investigated 9 rapes in the past (I’m not clear on how recently these [...]

Beware of the blog…

According to this insider account of the Socialist Workers Party’s Special Conference on Sunday, a principal target of the leadership’s wrath was something identified only as “the blog.”

Speakers, crass or not, repeatedly defended the view that the blog was the problem… When some of us heckled a speaker for claiming that the blog was a [...]