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Archive for 'Transphobia'

Free speech and censorship: Today’s letter in the Observer

A letter published in today’s Observer, and signed by a number of activists and academics, has prompted heated debate.  It raises concerns about a range of alleged examples of censorship on campus. Both the signatories and the letter’s critics perhaps have a point. The first issue raised was the cancellation of Kate Smurthwaite’s gig at [...]

Two responses to the suicide of Leelah Alcorn

Tabloid newspapers have a chequered record on this topic. However the Daily Mail’s report on this particular story – and the pattern of popular and unpopular comments underneath – reflects a growing awareness of, and sympathy for, trans* issues.  One of the most criticised articles on Leelah Alcorn’s suicide was published, not in a tabloid, [...]

CIF and Transphobia: Julie Burchill

I know one shouldn’t feed trolls – but what is the Observer playing at?  In case people haven’t followed the saga, here is some background.  In a recent article Suzanne Moore made a throwaway reference to women being expected to attain the body shape of Brazilian transsexuals.  Several commenters objected to this remark, partly because [...]

A failure to care

This is a cross-post by Dru Marland
It’s been quite a week for trans news. On 6th January, David Batty wrote in the Guardian about the GMC’s investigation of Dr Richard Curtis, whose  Trans Health Clinic provides a private alternative to the sometimes problematic access to medical services for trans* people under the NHS. It is alleged that [...]