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Who do *you* think this Government should be giving more support to?

This latest Conservative advert is truly divisive and unpleasant, and I can’t imagine it’s just going to be those implacably opposed to the Government who find it distasteful.  Of course some people don’t want to work – such is life – but in the present climate it is simply impossible for many to find jobs. [...]

Council Tax reforms set to hit poor

Although according to this political test I’m some kind of Commie, I do think it is good to incentivise employment.  The proposed changes to Council Tax benefit will not do this – but instead seem set to make some of the poorest in society still worse off, as reported in this Observer piece which highlights [...]

Housing benefit for the young under threat

Apparently David Cameron is considering axing housing benefit for under 25s because he wants workers to stop resenting people on benefits.  But what about workers who resent Cameron’s policies, or the tendentious coverage of those policies in the Daily Mail?
David Osler identifies some of the problems with this plan:
What about young people subjected to violence [...]

Regional pay

In fact I tacked this issue on to the end of a brief post about the Budget recently, but no one bit, so I thought I’d set aside my husband’s suggestion for a timely post on ‘Why I’m converting to Islam’, and give you all another chance to discuss the exciting issue of regional pay [...]

Drivers vote yes to fuel strikes

UNITE claims (pdf) that the industry is unstable and fragmented, with workers being badly affected by a series of changes to contract and pension arrangements.
Firms, anxious to win contracts, are also cutting corners on health and safety and training. A ‘beat the clock’, ‘turn and burn’ culture has flourished with drivers forced to meet ever [...]


Unless an independent inquiry establishes that Peter Cruddas was on a jaunt of his own, the Government should really fall over this.
Alec adds: Googling for the following image, waddayaknow, I used it before:

The Budget – what do you think?

I’m sure many commenters will be able to offer far more informed opinions on the budget than me – so here’s your chance. A quick way of gathering your thoughts might be to take Left Foot Forward’s Budget survey here.  I found out that – I read too many blogs (question 21).  Here are my [...]

Welfare amendments defeated in the Commons

I completely understand why there is a lot of public support for the government’s plan to cap benefits, so that households where no one is working (with some exceptions) receive no more than £26,000 in benefits, a sum which amounts to a reasonable (net) salary.  But at the same time it is hard to feel [...]

A reasonable accommodation?

I knew there must be some reason why I actually thought one of the Coalition’s policies sounded quite sensible. It is in fact an evil socialist plot. Housing Minister Grant Shapps has suggested that one way to ease the housing shortage might be to enable older homeowners to downsize into rented accommodation while letting out [...]


I was ticked off a while ago by a commenter because I seemed to elide tax evasion with tax avoidance.  Yet it could be claimed that, if not of course identical, both are forms of tax non-compliance.  This seems to be acknowledged in the thinking behind GAAR, or the general anti-avoidance rule. Both Clegg and [...]