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Something Funny?

As the Prime Minister was addressing MPs on the imminent threat to the life of Scots hostage, David Haines in Syria, at least half of the SNP Westminster group considered it a moment for cheap grandstanding and bandying around YES banners.
From left to right: Angus Robertson of Moray; Pete Wishart of Perth and North Perthshire; [...]

The Unbearable Lightness of the SNP

The tweet now has been deleted. I suppose it is a less embarrassingly impetuous use of social media than Igor Girkin’s loose lips.

The Snide Mocking of Wings Over Scotland

Wings Over Scotland is a crank site. Following a minor piece on the Huffington Post, this (using so not to give ‘them’ any web-hits) is one reason why:
There was an article on independence in the Huffington Post yesterday, which we’ve only just seen. Penned by one Dr Nicholas M Almond, a “cognitive neuropsychologist [...]

I. Think. I. Am. Going. To. Be. Violently. Sick.

Scotland’s Turkmenbashi In His Natural Mileui

Recently I have noted the Alex Salmond deploying his deputy, Fish-heid NicMoonface more and more in front of domestic television cameras. Last year, however, it was he who provided a Scottish accent for Russia Today.
Scroll forward to 2014, and he is less oleaginous than floundering as George Osborne entered the pelagic zone [Ed: okay, [...]

Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Tactical Retreat

To be honest, the tactics adopted by Unite against the Ineos Group reminded me of the above. Fortunately, in addition to the jobs of the super-annulated grandees of this trade union, those of the 800 employees at the petrochemical site which a frozen protozoa on Mars would have been able to identify at [...]

Free Your Mind Sheeples


I first encountered anti-Bulgarian sentiment in George Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man, with the wealthy but uncouth Bulgarian nouveau riche who made Terrance Aubrey Boyce look like Dr. Frasier Crane.
Now I see Borzou Daraghi, the Financial Times MENA correspondent is pushing this even further with a recent brainfart tweet:

Like so much anti-Bulgarianism, this is [...]

More from Steve Hedley, the ‘Anti-Fascist’

Tobias Abse

Interesting reminder of the close friendship between Martin Smith and Gilad Atzmon, the notorious proponent of rabidly anti-semitic world Jewish conspiracy theories. During Smith’s leadership of the party Atzmon, a jazz musician, often did gigs for the party or its front organisations. Readers of the article below will note Atzmon’s aggressively sexist and anti-feminist [...]

Then and Now (Another One About Simon Jenkins’ Being a Twat)

Richard Littlejohn in 1994:
Does anyone really give a monkey’s about what happens in Rwanda? If the Mbongo tribe wants to wipe out the Mbingo tribe then as far as I am concerned that is entirely a matter for them.
Simon Jenkins in 2012:
North Korea has fired a big rocket into the sky, put a satellite in [...]