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Note to Douglas Carswell

Everyone who voted in the referendum, whichever way, should read this – and worry about lawyers-in-wigs subverting our say — Douglas Carswell MP (@DouglasCarswell) November 17, 2016 UK Supreme Court justices and lawyers appearing have long since dispensed with court dress. @stellacreasy I'd scrap Judicial Appointments Commissars and open up the judicial oligarchy we […]

Then and Now

Perhaps Sturgeon’s Law should be applied to any public statements by the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon is actively considering the possibility of investigating the means of opposing Theresa May’s appeal against the High Court’s ruling that control has been taken back for the Commons and the Executive does not have free-rein with Royal Prerogative. The rule […]

Richard Burgon gives the game away

You said it! Alec adds: Burgon is the 2015 intake MP who, 11 days after a Labour MP was murdered in the street by a literally mad political opponent, attended a mad rally in Parliament Square. Screaming down a loudhailer talk-piece – no podium mounted microphone for him – he mocked and sneered at opposing […]

Euphoria In the Extreme

THIS IS A GUEST POST BY DHAIBHIDH C MHAC DHUIHDHLHEIGH OF THE LENINIST VANGUARD (DRUMNADROCHIT CHAPTER). Police Scotland working out how to charge people arrested for fighting under the OBFA. — Brian Spujahideen (@BrianSpanner1) May 24, 2016 Greetings all. Benjamin Button John Nicolson MP called it right when he described opponents of the Offensive […]

Fuck Off, Alex Salmond

I am sure this has nothing to do with his currying favour with Iran.

Mr. Salmond Goes to Tehran


Compare and contrast

A message from Kafranbel, Syria, where people have been the victims of both the Assad regime and the Islamic State: A message from the Stop the War Coalition (since deleted): Alec adds: The article has been removed from the Stop the War – no! Not that one! – Coalition site. Shame that means it is […]

Daily Mail Shames Victim with Video of Sex Attack (but she’s an unnamed Chinese so who cares?)

No context. No obvious – or even covert – expression of disgust for, you know, the sleaze responsibly. Just a prurient link to the video of this appalling instance. I would say this does not meet any public interest criteria. What a bunch of cockweasels.

Mhairi Black: more popular than the Alex Salmond?

THIS IS A GUEST POST BY POLITICAL JENGA. I’m an avid Twitter user and routinely browse through the “SNP” hashtag to keep up with the latest news of how wonderful the Scottish National Party (SNP) are and how bad everyone else is. One particular tweet caught my eye. Dated 15 July, it was from Paul […]

Something Funny?

As the Prime Minister was addressing MPs on the imminent threat to the life of Scots hostage, David Haines in Syria, at least half of the SNP Westminster group considered it a moment for cheap grandstanding and bandying around YES banners. From left to right: Angus Robertson of Moray; Pete Wishart of Perth and North […]