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God is love

Sky News reports:
A fight has broken out at the church built on the spot where Jesus is said to have been born.
Palestinian police stormed the basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem after rival groups of Orthodox and Armenian clerics clashed in a row over the boundaries of their respective ancient jurisdictions inside the church.
Armed with [...] A must for far-right music fans?

Remember the NME? Well, it turns out it’s still going, and its website proclaims:
You know us. We’re the NME. We’re a weekly magazine that’s a must for right–thinking music fans… In a world drowning in musical disinformation we’re shit–shovelling Vikings, clearing the path for your festivals of wine and song.
No doubt this isn’t the [...]

Only in America

Arizona Republicans are fundraising by raffling off a Glock pistol, the same brand of gun used to shoot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords just eight months ago.
On Aug. 26, the Pima County Republican Party sent out an online newsletter that described the raffle as part of an initiative to raise money for get out the vote efforts, [...]

Huffington Post on ‘Gaddafi’s Fashion Highlights’

The Huffington Post UK offers an article promoted as ‘Gaddafi: Retrospective Of A Fashion Maverick’:
A lot of statesmen are aesthetically uninspiring, not so Colonel Gaddafi. He knew that as a dictator, the projection of a powerful image was vital. Sometimes this meant full military regalia, other times it meant an all-in-one silky [...]

Tom MacMaster and the Two-Faced Bloggers

by Joseph W
The Tom MacMaster debacle has sparked a debate about online identity, which the BBC has picked up on. It has been revealed this week, that not only Tom MacMaster was faking a blog identity as the pretend-lesbian “Amina Arraf”, but also that “Paula Brooks” was actually Bill Graber – another straight American white man.
In this post [...]

“Amina Arraf”, Britta Froelicher & the University of St. Andrews [see update]

by Joseph W
In September 2007, “Amina Arraf” started a blog on Blogspot.
The first post stated:
This blog is … … where I will be posting samples of fiction and literature I am working on. This blog will contain chapters and drafts. This blog will have what may sometimes seem likely deeply personal accounts. And sometimes they will be. But there will [...]

Célébrité, Accusé, Solidarité

by Joseph W
Michael Weiss has written an excellent piece, powerfully deconstructing Bernard Henri-Levy’s sorry attempts to defend Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
As Weiss reminds us, Henri-Levy has a history of defending celebrities accused of sexual crimes, insisting they are innocent because of who they are and what they have achieved. In 2009, Henri-Levy published a polemic written by the child rapist [...]

Arguing in Synagogue

Have a read of Geoffrey Alderman’s blog, that chronicles the long tradition of making a fuss during a religious service. Zionists, anti-Soviet activism, Feminism, and a performance of Rule Britannia. It’s all there.
Some people don’t approve of arguing in Synagogue, of course, and call in the police.


Yesterday, we had the volunteer at an interfaith project, who committed a vicious assault on a Muslim taxi driver.
Today, we have this:
Three Canadians arrested in an alleged terrorist conspiracy had bomb parts and plans and posed a “real and serious threat”, Canadian police have said.
The trio, arrested this week, were charged with supporting terrorism.
Hiva Alizadeh [...]