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The beleaguered Citizens of Pakistan

This is a guest post by Shahid Khan Few years ago, I visited Youhanabad, one of the largest Christian neighbourhood in Punjab, Pakistan. I remember the long terrain of endless houses that had an acute sense of love and unity in the air. Today this sense of a peaceful community has gone and instead blood, […]

Supporting the victims of terrorist attacks in Lahore

Sunday’s bombings of two churches in Lahore, in which seventeen people lost their lives, have been widely condemned in Pakistan.  However more needs to be done to protect Pakistan’s minorities, already under pressure from the country’s blasphemy laws and other discriminatory legislation.  As Manassi Bernard, Chief Executive of the Global Minorities Alliance (GMA), points out: […]

France offers a refuge to Christians fleeing from Iraq

As Damian Thompson observes in the Spectator, the international/media response to ISIS’s treatment of Christians in Iraq has been apathetic: Most modern Christians have no idea that a gigantic Church worshipping in Syriac — a form of Jesus’s mother tongue, Aramaic — once spread from the Mediterranean to the Pacific. And this ignorance helps explain […]

Christians in Pakistan

Today the Reverend Rana Khan gave a very informative talk at St Paul’s Cathedral about the plight of religious minorities in Pakistan, drawing on his own experience of unwelcome changes in his country. As a child Rana Khan had been sent to stay with distant relatives so that he could attend a Christian school, but […]

Support Shahin Lahouti

Christian Solidarity Worldwide is calling on people to  show their support for Shahin Lahouti, an Iranian musician who has converted to Christianity, and was arrested last year on ‘political’ charges. He is currently serving a two and a half year prison sentence: Shahin Lahouti is well known for his generous heart – he’s played concerts […]

Easter in Egypt

Although it is unclear exactly how many Copts have left Egypt in the wake of a string of violent incidents and many deaths, it is hardly surprising that a good number of those who are able to move – generally the wealthier and more educated – are choosing to do so. Coptic Christians celebrated Easter […]


Please read this.


Across northern Nigeria, Christians will celebrate Christmas at home, wary of Boko Haram terror attacks over this period, which have become part of the country’s Yuletide traditions. 11 died in a recent church bombing. Boko Haram kill 150. A prosecutor in Turkey is removed from his role, likely due to his zeal for wanting to […]


Massacred. By a group which the USA has not yet deemed to be a terrorist organisation.


Nigeria. Kenya. Tanzania. Pakistan. Iran. Egypt.