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Prepare for Integrism! Radical Jew Hatred & the Decolonial Shakedown

This is a cross-post from Jacobinism
Western critics of regressive values within minority communities tend to elicit one of two accusations.
The first is one of misrepresentation. That is to say, the critic in question has – either through ignorance or malice – traduced benign cultures as backward and barbaric. Hostility to views perceived to be, say, [...]

BDS Bullies at NUI Galway

The shouty chap in the clip is Joseph Loughnane, of NUI Galway.
He is running for a position within the Irish Students Union. Loughnane’s campaign literature is tame. He passes himself off as a good student unionist. He isn’t.
He has in the past compared Israel to Nazi Germany. On the indymedia website he writes, “Concerning Israel, just [...]

Labour, liberty, progress and a cuckoo in the nest

This is a guest post by Howie
With the continuing attacks taking place on the hard won reforms of the NHS, working people’s rights and the welfare state, the Labour Party remains the sole vehicle through which the forward march of the coalition can be halted. As the recent attacks on the father of the Labour [...]

Israel Bartal on Shlomo Sand

(This is a crosspost from Fathom.)

Shlomo Sand, The Invention of the Land of Israel, From Holy Land to Homeland, translated by Geremy Forman
Verso, London & New York 2012, 295 pp.

Shlomo Sand’s political treatise, The Invention of the Land of Israel, is another link in his larger project of deconstructing the ‘historical super mythos of the [...]

Andy Newman and Socialist Unity: the politics of a scratch card

This is a cross-post from Howie’s Corner
The recent selection of Andy Newman as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Chippenham Labour Party at first caused some mirth as Andrew Coates lampooned the announcement over at Tendance Coatsey; however that was only the beginning. In a short piece here and at Harry’s Place the serious side of his selection was examined [...]

Growing divisions in the Socialist Party?

This is a cross-post from Howie’s Corner
A few weeks back I pondered on the question of whether there would be a split in the Socialist Party, which following the collapse of its rival, the Socialist Workers Party, is the “largest” far-left political party on the far-left. Of course this position could change in November if [...]

Left-Right convergence watch

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, a Tea Party favorite and likely candidate for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, approvingly quoted leftwing former Congressman Dennis Kucinich (now affiliated with libertarian former Congressman Ron Paul’s Institute for Peace and Prosperity) that an American attack on the Assad regime would turn the U.S. into “al Qaeda’s [...]

Socialist Action: hidden in plain sight

This is a cross-post from Howie’s Corner
One of the most secretive organisations on the far left of British politics is the tiny, yet ever present Socialist Action group lead by John Ross, a former member of the International Marxist Group (IMG). Earlier this year the Progress website reported on the appointment of a former SA member [...]

Ed, Falkirk and the Westminster Bubble

This is a cross-post by Phil BC
And so the infamous “Falkirk episode” comes to a conclusion by way of a press release squeezed out on a Friday afternoon. The co-accused, Karie Murphy and Stevie Deans, have had the suspensions from the party lifted, and the powers-that-be conclude there is no case to answer. Reciprocating, Murphy [...]

Do you dress (down) to the left or the right?

I quite enjoyed this piece by Dan Hodges yesterday on the ‘left wing mandatory tweet’ – it prompted me to have an anxious check through my timeline to make sure I had filled my LMT quota. This was perhaps my favourite:
5) “Solidarity with x”. Every member of the Left must send a “solidarity” tweet once [...]