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Archive for 'The Left'

Another Socialist Tragedy

The New York Times has published a heart-wrenching and shocking look inside a hospital in Venezuela, a country whose embracing of Socialism was hailed as a model by the Western Left, and which is now facing devastating social and economic collapse. It seems glib, given the scope of human suffering, to qualify that observation with “predictable”, [...]

Not about anti-Semitism

This is a guest post by Eve Garrard
In spite of the temptation offered by the current goings-on within the Labour Party, this post will not be about anti-Semitism.  It will be about the UCU, but about another and different problem raised by some of its current activities.  I resigned from the UCU some years ago, [...]

Trumbo: Stalinists as victims

Cross-posted from Eric Lee
“Trumbo” is a the latest in a series of Hollywood films that looks back nostalgically at the McCarthy era, a time when the good guys were blacklisted writers accused of membership in the Communist Party, and the bad guys were the US government, studio bosses, and right-wing media.
The first of those films [...]

Washes Pinker

This is a guest post by Eve Garrard
As a splendid article by Jamie Palmer points out, a new way to protect the world from any possibility of  Israel appearing to do good things has recently become popular among those who make it their business to provide us with such protection.  It arises in response to [...]

Some positive developments on the Left

Cross-posted from Howie’s Corner
With the civil war in the Labour Party preparing to take a new turn after Corbyn completes his purge reshuffle of the shadow cabinet there have been some moves to try and rebuild what the far left call the “decent” left.
First is the announcement of Luke Akehurst (of Labour First) to stand for [...]

Wisdom from the Left and the Right

This is from the leftwing American academic Fredrik deBoer:
I know men and women, people of every race, gay and straight, trans and cisgender, and of every other facet of human diversity, who have deep reservations about the current habits of the American left and are desperate for a realist left movement that cares about winning [...]

A pre-Christmas Corbyn roundup

Today’s Telegraph carries an article by Andrew Gilligan about the family connections which link Momentum’s Jon Lansman to a property company whose methods, according to Gilligan’s report, seem at odds with the (New) New Labour philosophy.
“Jon Lansman’s followers are going round trying to undermine decent Labour MPs, like Stella Creasey, who have actually achieved things [...]

The Good Guy – On Peter Tatchell and BDS

This is a guest post by Saul Freeman
Peter Tatchell is perhaps one of the UK Left’s more recognisable characters. A long career as a social and political activist highlighting and challenging repression and human rights abuses has rightly won Peter Tatchell a place in the hearts of many on the Left. I doubt that anyone [...]

On why I’m not leaving the left

This is a guest post by Twll Dun
Nick Cohen is in typical excellent form in his recent Spectator piece “Why I am leaving the left”, in which he gives full vent to his disgust at the Labour Party for electing Comrade Corbyn, that champion of thuggish “social justice” movements and apologist for autocrats globally (as [...]

Some responses to Corbyn making the ballot

Some of my own feelings were well summed up in this paragraph from Dan Hodges’ recent post:
“Don’t worry, Jeremy Corbyn won’t be our leader.” “Er … but you’ve just nominated him to be your leader.” “Yes, but we don’t mean it. It’s important his views get a platform though.” “Er … so you agree with [...]