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    Chris Nineham backing a violent antisemite

    So now we know that Chris Nineham thinks demonstrating outside the Russian embassy “wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference”. The “Stop the War Coalition” vice chair and his fellows make very different calculations when it comes to other diplomatic missions in London. The High Commission for Pakistan, for example. Here is Nineham speaking outside the Commission in November 2010. His cause – championed with “the support and the solidarity of the Stop the War Coalition” – is Aafia Siddiqui, a citizen of Pakistan. The demonstration’s demand is that Pakistan ask the United States to send Siddiqui home. And what a cause Aafia Siddiqui is. In 2004, the Director of…

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    The Brussels attacks and the perils of neo-isolationism

    A day after Donald Trump surely gladdened the heart of Vladimir Putin by questioning the need for NATO, terrorist murderers have attacked NATO member Belgium. “At what point do you say, ‘Hey, we have to take care of ourselves?’ ” Trump said in [a Washington Post] editorial board meeting. “I know the outer world exists, and I’ll be very cognizant of that. But at the same time, our country is disintegrating, large sections of it, especially the inner cities.” Trump said U.S. involvement in NATO may need to be significantly diminished in the coming years, breaking with nearly seven decades of consensus in Washington. “We certainly can’t afford to do this…

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    Tarik Hassane and thanks for Cage and its circles

    The terrorist support group Cage should be thanked for its exemplary services to the country. No, really. If you want to understand the extremist scene, including terrorism, simply see Cage’s bluster. It’s not just about ideology and politics either. They are also a handy guide to dangerous individuals. Tarik Hassane is the latest. He’s been in the news this week: A man has admitted plotting to kill British citizens in a series of Islamic State-inspired drive-by shootings in London. The first defendant, Tarik Hassane, 22, dramatically changed his plea part way through his trial at the Old Bailey. He admitted conspiracy to murder and preparation of terrorist acts just as…

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    Steven Saxby – Corbynista Vicar for Extremism

    Our Government and the Prevent Policies are Extremist Meet Steven Saxby, vicar of Saint Barnabas in Walthamstow. Keep in mind that his patch of London is a terrorism hotspot, from the airliner bomb plot of 2006, where the aim was to murder thousands over the Atlantic in a single day, right up to Syria cases in our time, including Siddhartha Dar of Islamic State. Saxby’s role in this worrying place is to defend extremists. Watch him at it in this clip, filmed at a Walthamstow mosque last December and posted on Saxby’s Youtube account. He knows what to talk about when it comes to extremism – our government and its…

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    Corbyn friend Andrew Murray: we are much worse than the terrorists

    Here’s another scene from Jeremy Corbyn’s career which illuminates the strange and nasty darkness he so loves. It’s the middle of January 2015. The terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo, a Jewish supermarket and police officers in Paris less than two weeks earlier are on people’s minds. The horror is hard to comprehend. Pain is giving way to anger. The world is with Paris. Not Mr Corbyn, though. He is busy holding a “New Year of War and Terror” stopper meeting in Parliament. Luminaries such as George Galloway and Shameless Milne are speaking. The “our fault” line must be defended, amplified even. Up comes trade unionist Andrew Murray’s turn to speak.…

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    More on the trail of a beautiful young man

    You will recall the terrorist support group Cage insisting that Mohammed Emwazi was actually a “beautiful young man” when they worked with him in London between 2009 and 2012. He did become a terrorist better known as “Jihadi John”, sure, but that only came later, at the end of a long road of “harassment” by the security services. It was MI5 that “radicalised” him, naturally. Now we have a rather different account of Emwazi’s trail, provided by Islamic State, the terrorist group he joined in Syria. It appeared in “Dabiq”, the house magazine. There we read that Emwazi saw the jihadi light as early as 2005, the year of the…

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    John “Jihad” McDonnell

    Here’s the Labour shadow chancellor joining up with the terrorist cheerleaders of Cage at a rally outside the US Embassy in London earlier today. He’s flanked by Moazzam Begg and Shaker Aamer. The men on the right are the extremist liars known as the “Tipton Three”. He has been a bit weak on the jihad front, unlike his master. So well done, John.

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    Stopper Lies and “Heroic Resistance”

    Stung by people seeing it for what it is, the “Stop the War Coalition” has reached for one of its favourite tools: lies. They can be seen in this press release. Let’s look at the first statement on the list. 1. The STWC has never supported the Assad regime. Just as we never supported the Taliban, Saddam Hussein or Colonel Gaddafi. Only in the minds of ‘them or us’ pretend patriots does the opposition to our own government’s wars mean support for dictators or terrorists. Oh really? You have seen prominent stopper Chris Nineham’s salute to the “resistance” in this post. The stoppers and the jihadis are a team. This…

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    Stopper Chris Nineham: Back the Terrorists

    Calling the “Stop the War Coalition” an “anti-war” movement is offensive, stupid, and stone dead wrong. It is more important than ever to note this, since Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour rolled out the “anti-war” line just yesterday, making it too a party of lies. Let’s look at prominent stopper Chris Nineham, the face of the movement in the media in recent days. He alone makes the case abundantly clear. This video is from a “No to NATO” gathering of far left extremists and street thugs in Strasbourg in 2009. Here are a few of the lowlights. Pacifists are welcome in the movement, but “resistance” supporters will find the door wide open…

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    Azad Ali of MEND: Pray for Jihadis

    Azad Ali has spotted a big problem in British mosques – there are not enough prayers (“dua”) and words of praise for “the mujahideen”. This is a terrible violation of the most sacred. The government has “scared the heaven out of the Muslims!” See for yourself. Here is MEND’s “Head of Community Development & Engagement“ – Ali’s title – on video at a rally last month organised by Cage, the notorious terrorist support group. Ali then goes on to praise Cage for its “noble stand” and laments the lack of backing for such a wonderful group. Which jihadis might Azad Ali support? We know from his own words and also…