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Archive for 'Terrorism'

This time it’s Kansas

KCTV in Kansas City reports:
A man yelled, “Heil Hitler,” after he was taken into custody in connection with the fatal shooting of three at two Jewish-related sites in the Kansas City area.
Two males were killed outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City. A female was killed a few minutes later in the parking [...]

Alison Weir on Munich 1972

The Stop the War Coalition has republished an article by Alison (Blood Libel) Weir at the antisemitic website Counterpunch blaming Israel for the terrorist operation which killed 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics and complaining that the Palestinian “victims” (i.e., terrorists) deserve to be remembered as well– “not just the 11 preferred ones.”

The East London Mosque and Sulaiman Ghani

Sulaiman Ghani is an imam of the Tooting Islamic Centre in south London.
He will be one of the speakers at the “Global Aid Trust” event at the East London Mosque this Sunday.
One of Ghani’s favourite causes is the championing of suspected and convicted terrorists. For example, here he is at a rally for Aafia [...]

Shakeel Begg and the East London Mosque

The Young Muslim Organisation UK (YMO) is a youth arm of the Islamic Forum of Europe. It has a record of promoting nasty extremists, including terrorists.
Here’s a new chapter in the record. Next week the YMO will host a conference at the East London Mosque’s London Muslim Centre. Here’s the poster.

Now have [...]

Interpal and Murtaza Khan

You have seen the hatred of homosexuals promoted by speakers at this Sunday’s Interpal event at the Edmonton Islamic Centre in London.

Those vicious statements are part of a long record of Islamist diatribes on all sorts of issues. Terrorists are a favourite too, as shown in this post about a speaker at another recent [...]

Interpal and Uthman Lateef

It is hard to imagine a less suitable speaker for charity fundraising events than the extremist preacher Uthman Lateef.
Unless we’re talking about Interpal, of course. Lateef is perfect for the Hamas supporters of Interpal and helped them raise funds just ten days ago, as he has on other occasions in the past. (Click [...]

In defense of being a Marxist

Those who use the word Marxist as an epithet, and believe no decent person could be a Marxist, need to contend with the inconvenient example of Norm Geras– an eminently thoughtful man (the opposite of what Orwell called “the gramophone mind”), a passionate believer in liberal democracy and human rights, an anti-totalitarian and a self-styled [...]

Friday 7th August, 1998

Guest post by Sackcloth and Ashes
Fifteen years ago today al-Qaeda conducted two truck bombings against the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. 223 people were murdered (200 Kenyans, 12 Americans, and 11 Tanzanians), and over 4,000 were wounded.
The bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam are Osama bin Laden’s forgotten atrocities – [...]

US Conservatives and Central American Terrorists

This is a guest post by Garden Mole
Efrain Rios Montt, the former Guatemalan military dictator, is now on trial in his own country for genocide.
During his 18-month reign of terror, beginning in March 1982, Rios Montt embarked on a scorched earth campaign against communist guerrillas in which tens of thousands of Indians were massacred.
His methods [...]

Unite Against Fascism and Shakeel Begg

There is no good time to team up with Islamist extremists. There are also especially bad times to make such a foolish move. The aftermath of the terrorist murder in Woolwich is one of those times.
Yet this is exactly what the self-styled “anti-racists” of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) say they will do tomorrow [...]