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Archive for 'Terrorism'

Abdel Bari Atwan and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The self-styled Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is actually a hate campaign. In particular, proponents of the most extreme violence are very welcome at its events. Come speak to us!
The latest is the journalist Abdel Bari Atwan. He will speak at a PSC event in Brighton on 14 September. Note how the [...]

Chronicle of an atrocity foretold

Meet Khuram Butt, one of the London attackers. He’s the charming fellow in the beige robes, from 14 minutes and 45 seconds in.

Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology

Never mind the quasi-bow, the sword dance or the remarkably unremarkable speech to Muslim leaders.
This has got to be the most fascinating part of President Trump’s Saudi visit so far:
At Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology. In a few minutes @POTUS and Saudi King to touch a globe to switch it on.
— Steve [...]

Haddad Preaching Jihad at Queen Mary University

We know that Mohamed Amoudi, one of the suspects arrested in the latest round of London terror arrests, was a student at Queen Mary University.
We also know that he was photographed listening to the hate preacher Haitham al-Haddad at an event at the university.
Queen Mary has long been a host for one of the worst [...]

Will Jeremy Corbyn condemn the shooting of Khalid Masood?

Will Jeremy Corbyn have the courage of his stated convictions and condemn the killing of Khalid Masood by armed police yesterday?
Corbyn has stated on record that he was “not happy” with police or security services operating a “shoot to kill” policy in the event of a terror attack.
In November 2015, Jeremy Corbyn was asked by [...]

Azad Ali of MEND – No time of day for the good and the brave

What do you call a Muslim working against extremists to keep people safe? A “snake”. Or “vermin”.
This is the message Azad Ali of the Islamist agitation group MEND is spreading. Four days ago he warned his Facebook followers to “be wary” of Mubin Shaikh, adding “don’t even give him the time of [...]

Flying Blind in Belgium

If you hijack an airliner, you can’t expect much sympathy, to say the least. Especially if you stab one of the passengers to death. If you use the hijacking to secure the release of terrorists who go on to commit further crimes, you are the worst of the worst.
Or the very best in [...]

Shakeel Begg Denigrating the Police

In today’s lunacy news, the BBC says it understands that local police officers in Lewisham will continue working with Shakeel Begg, the disgraced “Jekyll and Hyde” imam, as a member of their “advisory group”. The Sunday Politics segment begins at 29:40 here.
Now just one paragraph from Friday’s libel case judgment against Mr Begg should [...]

Chris Nineham backing a violent antisemite

So now we know that Chris Nineham thinks demonstrating outside the Russian embassy “wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference”.
The “Stop the War Coalition” vice chair and his fellows make very different calculations when it comes to other diplomatic missions in London.
The High Commission for Pakistan, for example.
Here is Nineham speaking outside the Commission in [...]

The Brussels attacks and the perils of neo-isolationism

A day after Donald Trump surely gladdened the heart of Vladimir Putin by questioning the need for NATO, terrorist murderers have attacked NATO member Belgium.
“At what point do you say, ‘Hey, we have to take care of ourselves?’ ” Trump said in [a Washington Post] editorial board meeting. “I know the outer world exists, and I’ll [...]