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Archive for 'Syria'

Farage-Galloway convergence watch

So if by some horrible sequence of events, Nigel Farage becomes Britain’s next prime minister, will he appoint George Galloway as foreign secretary?
The Guardian reports:
The Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, has broken the consensus inside western intelligence by telling the BBC before his Europe debate with Nick Clegg that he believes the chemical attack in Syria [...]

The bravery of Kamal al-Labwani

Kamal al-Labwani is a democratic opponent of the Assad regime, a former Syrian military doctor who endured a total of eight years in Bashar’s prisons before his release in November 2011.
Now in exile, he recently was interviewed on Orient News TV, an opposition Syrian channel based in Dubai, and spoke in favor of making peace [...]

My upcoming reading tour of Syria

Cross-posted from Kevin Higgins at Mentioning the War

Bashar al-Assad was once rather cruelly described, by Christopher Hitchens, as “the human toothbrush”. There is, undeniably, a certain likeness. Many people don’t like Mr Assad. It’s said of him that he’s a homicidal dictator and even more desperate to stay in office than Alan Shatter. 
Mr Assad is [...]

Syria three years on

Let’s not forget that the Syrian uprising-turned-horror is now entering its fourth year with no end in sight.
It’s appropriate that the US Holocaust Memorial Museum issued a statement to mark the depressing anniversary.
The conflict in Syria is not simply a civil war between opposing armed forces. What started as a democratic uprising has now become [...]

Syrian TV blames you-know-who for crisis in Ukraine

Guest post by DaveM
Wondering what exactly is going on in the Ukraine? Wonder no more as Syrian TV station Al Ikhbaria has all the answers!
They explain it all in their March 8 report entitled “The crisis is an opportunity to make the Jews emigrate to the Occupied Lands”.

No sooner had the flames of the Ukrainian [...]

Weaker than a spider’s web

Guest post by DaveM
On 26 May 2000, shortly after Ehud Barak withdrew the Israeli army from Lebanon’s south, Heznbollah’s general secretary Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech where he uttered these words:

“This Israel which possesses nuclear weapons and has the most powerful air force in the region, by God it is weaker than a spider’s web! [...]

That’s what friends are for

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent “a message of confidence to Venezuela” and “signed agreements on financial support.”
Meanwhile, in a message to Putin, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “expressed his solidarity, on behalf of the Syrian people, with Putin’s efforts to ‘restore security and stability in the friendly country of Ukraine.’”
Assad [...]

L.A. gangbangers fighting for Assad?

I’m not sure whether to believe this is for real; it’s almost too good (or too awful) to be true.

And yes, I know there also are some vile foreign elements fighting against Assad. But if the Syrian regime (or its Hezbollah allies) is actually willing to arm and mobilize undisciplined, self-promoting clowns like these (with [...]

Yarmouk Camp, Damascus: January 31, 2014 [see update]

When I first saw this photo, I couldn’t believe it was genuine. I thought perhaps it was a CGI from some post-apocalyptic movie.
But apparently it’s for real [probably not-- see update below]. Click to enlarge and get the full impact.
The World Post reports:
A sea of hungry, haunted faces looks out from a massive queue [...]

Palestinians starve to death in South Damascus

By DaveM
Not only is Ba’athism brutal, it is also absurd. It’s an ideology which, as Paul Berman points out, “has slaughtered more Arabs than any institution in modern history”. Despite this (or rather because of this) it claims to have the interests of the Palestinians at heart.
A few months ago Syrian Prime Minister Wael [...]