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    ‘Essential Background’

    Socialist Worker knows who shares the blame for yesterday’s Paris shootings: The media present Charlie Hebdo as simply a “satirical magazine”. But it is not the French equivalent of Private Eye as some commentators have suggested. It may have been once, but it has become a specialist in presenting provocative and racist attacks on Islam. That does not justify the killings, but it is essential background. Wow. Just wow.

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    Martin Smith ‘resigns’ from the SWP

    This is a cross-post from Howie’s Corner The man at the centre of the recent scandals and controversies in the Socialist Workers Party finally fell on his sword and “resigned” from the organisation. This belated action by Martin Smith was brought to our attention by the ever reliable Soviet Goon Boy who wrote: Here’s the situation, as I understand it. First, Delta has resigned from the SWP. Second, it has been decided that, rather than trying to crudely draw a line under the affair, the Disputes Committee will proceed to hear the second complaint – the sexual harassment complaint brought by Comrade X, which has been postponed several times already…

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    The SWP won’t call the police over an ‘alleged rape’ but threaten to ‘sue’ protestors who put posters up at ULU

    This is a cross-post from Howie’s Corner The increasingly bizarre behaviour of the Socialist Workers Party over “Comrade Delta” and all the related issues led to the following incident outlined on Face Book by Michael Chessum, a student at ULU: Feminists and student activists stuck posters up on the ULU building today, some with the ULU statement on them, some with other slogans criticising the SWP leadership’s behavior. Immediately, a number of SWP members – some wearing red organiser t-shirts (they say “team” on them in arty white lettering), mostly not – run at the people with the posters, tear them down, and rip them out of their hands. They…

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    SWP cosying up to Islamic fundamentalists…again

    This is a guest post by Howard Fuller The Socialist Workers Party is renowned for its support for dodgy organisations and movements around the globe with their twisted armchair anti imperialism outlook. Still cheerleaders for the genocidal Hamas and terrorist Hezbollah organisations, it hasn’t taken them long to find another group to cosy up to. This time the Hefezat-e-Islam party seemingly gets their “revolutionary” approval. 1. JusticeForBangladesh @Feb28info3h Charlie Limber Socalist Workers Party “The tide of revolution spread across Arab world and now must spread in Bangladesh” #BanglaSpring Expand 2. JusticeForBangladesh @Feb28info3h Charlie Kimber (socialist party): “The Savar Tragedy was caused by the government, dont be fooled, they have… http://fb.me/2BzjXyQJ7 Expand…