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“[The] international jihad takes the form of solidarity with oppressed Muslims”

I don’t want to overly romanticize the International Brigades which fought against the forces of General Franco in the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s.
The Brigades were a creation of the Soviet-sponsored Comintern (Communist International) and were used to strengthen the Stalin regime’s position in Spain as opposed to the more democratic elements fighting the [...]

Syria Solidarity reject Stopper anti-airstrike demo

As the Stoppers again take to the streets (this time to oppose British airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria), Syria Solidarity UK explain why they are not supporting the demonstration.

We oppose the British government’s proposal to merely mimic the American ISIS-only counter-terrorism war; not only do we believe it is immoral to fly missions [...]

Stopping the War on Christmas

I’ll give the Stop the War Coalition this much credit: At least their hypocrisy about opposing only certain wars doesn’t extend to the War on Christmas that Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly and others on the political Right rail about every year.

So I think O’Reilly should give the Stoppers credit for hosting a “Christmas Fundraiser” instead [...]

Compare and contrast

A message from Kafranbel, Syria, where people have been the victims of both the Assad regime and the Islamic State:

A message from the Stop the War Coalition (since deleted):

Alec adds: The article has been removed from the Stop the War – no! Not that one! – Coalition site. Shame that means it is gone [...]

Diane Abbott Flailing

I know. As a headline, it’s a bit like “The Sun Came Up This Morning”.
Still, what a spectacle.

Labour thinks Abbott should be in charge of international development.

Have Stop The War Coalition finally jumped the shark?

This is a cross-post by Paul Canning
On Monday night the Stop The War Coalition (STWC) held a public meeting at the House of Commons – Syria: the case against military intervention.
Diane Abbott MP was the Chair. There were the usual suspects as speakers plus Tory MP Crispin Blunt, whose Foreign Affairs Select Committee had just [...]

But not surprising

[email protected] (Stop the War) meeting last night refused to allow Syrian victims of #Assad to speak on the platform or from floor. Appalling!
— Peter Tatchell (@PeterTatchell) November 3, 2015

Update: Huffington Post reports:
[Tatchell said] shadow international development secretary Diane Abbott would not allow Syrians to speak. “I was shocked, surprised and saddened by Diane Abbott’s unwillingness [...]

“I am now the president of everybody”

Yes, Sepp Blatter actually said that when he was reelected as president of FIFA on Friday.
I dunno, Sepp. I don’t think you’re the president of me. At least not yet.
It’s telling that his reformist, anti-corruption challenger for the presidency is a Jordanian prince.
Meanwhile, I see that the Stoppers have heavily edited their piece alleging that [...]

Stoppers to hold anti-NATO meeting at Baptist Church

I see the Stoppers are holding a meeting on Thursday which will blame NATO for the crisis in Ukraine.
Nothing surprising there. What did get my attention is that the meeting will be held not at the usual London location of the Friends Meeting House but at the Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church.
It’s hard to imagine a [...]

Seumas Milne’s “buts”

In his latest Guardian column on the “demonisation” of Russia (republished, of course by the Stoppers), Seumas Milne blithely dismisses the possibility that Vladimir Putin had anything to do with the murder of opposition figure Boris Nemtsov as “[making] little sense.”
Responsibility for an outrage that exposed the lack of security in the heart of Moscow [...]