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John Rees redux

Oh, look. It’s our old acquaintance John Rees, purged commissar of the Socialist Workers Party, former Respect party leader, founder of the SWP’s low-profile breakaway rival Counterfire and national officer of the Stop the War Coalition, joining CAGE UK’s Asim Qureshi and Cerie Bullivant at a news conference held by what the gullible Associated Press [...]

‘Essential Background’

Socialist Worker knows who shares the blame for yesterday’s Paris shootings:
The media present Charlie Hebdo as simply a “satirical magazine”. But it is not the French equivalent of Private Eye as some commentators have suggested. It may have been once, but it has become a specialist in presenting provocative and racist attacks on Islam. That does [...]

Solidarity with the Kurds– or NATO-bashing?

Cross-posted from Eric Lee
At the November 1st demonstration in Trafalgar Square in support of besieged Kobane, it struck me that the speakers — and more broadly, the Left — were not singing from the same page.
On the one side there were those who were demanding that Britain and NATO do more to help the Kurds [...]

“Poem” on Stopper website quotes antisemite on Joan Rivers

My feelings about the late comedian Joan Rivers were decidedly mixed, and what she told an ignorant interviewer at an airport last month about the deaths of civilians in the recent Gaza war was awful (although she later said she was talking about Hamas). But that doesn’t make this “poem” by Heathcote Williams at the [...]

The Stoppers’ sickening message

When will “Stop the War” have the decency to curl up and die? When will the unions and other organizations which fund it have the decency to disaffiliate?
Alex Rowell observes at NOW:
Britain’s Stop The War [Coalition]… said it was “vital that we oppose” the operation that rescued over 20,000 Iraqis from certain death at ISIS’ [...]

Stoppers protest anti-Hamas ad in The Guardian

Stop the War’s latest source of outrage of course isn’t the murder of hundreds of Iraqi Yazidis and the threatened extermination of thousands more.
Rather it’s an advertisement scheduled to appear Monday in The Guardian (The Times refused it) featuring Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel condemning Hamas for practicing and encouraging child [...]

Did anyone try to stop him?

In an account of recent antisemitic events in the UK, the CST blog featured this photo of a demonstrator at one of the anti-Israel rallies in London.

The presence of this man and his sign raises some questions: Did any of the demonstration monitors see the sign? Assuming at least some of his fellow demonstrators [...]

Why did Hamas reject the ceasefire? SU explains it all to you

Under the headline “The proposed ceasefire offered the Palestinians of Gaza nothing,” Tony Collins at Socialist Unity tries to justify Hamas’s rejection of a ceasefire. He writes:
What would this proposed ceasefire mean in practice? It would mean the existing air attacks by Israel would stop.
That’s not “nothing,” Tony.
Hamas is a social organisation as well as [...]

What now, Stoppers?

To bring you up to date:
Over the objections of Avigdor Lieberman and Naftali Bennett, Israel’s security cabinet approved an Egyptian ceasefire proposal to end the current phase of the war with Hamas in Gaza.
Even though Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas welcomed the Egyptian proposal, Hamas rejected it.
Senior Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri said [...]

Europe’s far Right ♥ Putin

Writing last week at The Washington Post, Anne Applebaum observed:
During his Brussels speech this week, Obama also declared that Russia leads “no bloc of nations, no global ideology.” This is true, up to a point: Russia’s “ideology” isn’t well-defined or clear. But the U.S. president was wrong to imply that the Russian president’s rhetoric, and [...]