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    Stop the War: Shame on You [updated]

    An agitated man, reportedly a Syrian refugee, here takes issue with Stop the War Coalition’s demonstration against Trump’s recent air strike in Syria. But Chris Nineham, a StWC founder member, doesn’t seem keen for this voice to be heard. ‘Keep chanting’, he urges his distracted followers. Update Here Hassan Akkad, the Syrian who tried to argue with StWC, offers his own perspective.

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    Jeremy Corbyn and Anas Altikriti

    Jeremy Corbyn and Anas Altikriti will speak at a “Stop the War Coalition” rally in October. How appropriate, for they make a fine pair. Starting with Mr Corbyn’s “friends” Hamas. Here’s Mr Altikriti, a veteran Muslim Brotherhood devotee, posting a happy moment with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in 2012. The links are close: Mr al-Tikriti states openly that “the Brotherhood supports Hamas. I believe that if you are occupied you need to fight back.” Mr al-Tikriti co-founded a group called the British Muslim Initiative with a senior commander in Hamas, Mohammed Sawalha, and a Hamas “special envoy,” Azzam Tamimi. Hamas is but one of Mr Altikriti’s causes. The Muslim Brotherhood…

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    Andrew Murray writes defense of Stoppers

    Apparently reacting to the wave of critical attention after Stop the War Coalition chair Jeremy Corbyn was elected head of the Labour party, current chair Andrew Murray has written Stop the War and its critics. The book is published by Manifesto Press, which also published Murray’s page-turner The Empire and Ukraine. You can read Murray’s introduction here. All the criticisms addressed here express outlooks which have a history, often a very long one, within the British labour moment. But they also have a strictly contemporary edge – they are driven by the desire (for the establishment, the necessity) to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. The Stop the…

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    Corbyn friend Andrew Murray: we are much worse than the terrorists

    Here’s another scene from Jeremy Corbyn’s career which illuminates the strange and nasty darkness he so loves. It’s the middle of January 2015. The terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo, a Jewish supermarket and police officers in Paris less than two weeks earlier are on people’s minds. The horror is hard to comprehend. Pain is giving way to anger. The world is with Paris. Not Mr Corbyn, though. He is busy holding a “New Year of War and Terror” stopper meeting in Parliament. Luminaries such as George Galloway and Shameless Milne are speaking. The “our fault” line must be defended, amplified even. Up comes trade unionist Andrew Murray’s turn to speak.…

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    Stop the War figures out Islamic State

    As you have seen, the “Stop the War Coalition” has had to resort to airbrushing several dangerous truths from its website as the warmongers’ assault on the vanguard gathered strength. It’s a survival measure, comrades. Regrettable, sure, but some flanks are dispensable in a fight like this. Still, not to worry. A number of the deepest insights have been preserved here. Moreover, you can still find some cracking exposés on the stoppers’ website. In August 2014 they offered this big breakthrough by Sami Ramadani, a member of the steering committee. Just who is behind Islamic Sate? Now you know: Another important dimension to the rise of ISIS terror in Syria…

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    Stopper Andrew Murray’s Good Wars

    Andrew Murray is Chair of the “Stop the War Coalition” (StWC). So of course he is fond of war. Provided it is jihad. This puts him right in line with his stopper comrades Chris Nineham and John Rees – this is the cause, proudly proclaimed, not a deviation. Here he is at a “No to NATO” rally in Strasbourg in 2009. Defeat NATO! Resist! But let us not forget that the victims of NATO are not in Europe. They are in the Middle East. They are in South Asia. And our common humanity and our desire to defeat NATO demands that we extend the hand of sympathy and solidarity to…

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    Stopper Lies and “Heroic Resistance”

    Stung by people seeing it for what it is, the “Stop the War Coalition” has reached for one of its favourite tools: lies. They can be seen in this press release. Let’s look at the first statement on the list. 1. The STWC has never supported the Assad regime. Just as we never supported the Taliban, Saddam Hussein or Colonel Gaddafi. Only in the minds of ‘them or us’ pretend patriots does the opposition to our own government’s wars mean support for dictators or terrorists. Oh really? You have seen prominent stopper Chris Nineham’s salute to the “resistance” in this post. The stoppers and the jihadis are a team. This…

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    Stopper Chris Nineham: Back the Terrorists

    Calling the “Stop the War Coalition” an “anti-war” movement is offensive, stupid, and stone dead wrong. It is more important than ever to note this, since Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour rolled out the “anti-war” line just yesterday, making it too a party of lies. Let’s look at prominent stopper Chris Nineham, the face of the movement in the media in recent days. He alone makes the case abundantly clear. This video is from a “No to NATO” gathering of far left extremists and street thugs in Strasbourg in 2009. Here are a few of the lowlights. Pacifists are welcome in the movement, but “resistance” supporters will find the door wide open…