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Bergdahl: the real blame

If you’re angry about the prisoner swap that brought Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl home in exchange for five Taliban fighters, perhaps some of your outrage should be directed at the lax recruitment standards that landed him in the Army and sent him to Afghanistan in the first place.

Before he became a Taliban prisoner, before he wrote [...]

Political shocker in Virginia

This is the most stunning result so far of the political year in the US.
Eric Cantor, the House of Representatives Majority Leader and the second most powerful Republican (after Speaker John Boehner) in the House, has lost his party’s nomination in Virginia’s Seventh District to Dave Brat, an economics professor who ran with tea party [...]

Owen Jones on the CIA

This is a guet post by Mugwump
Quick fisk of Owen Jones’ latest deeply, deeply ignorant article about the CIA. The first claim that he makes is in relation to Allende’s ousting by Pinochet in 1973. He claims that “This was the other 9/11, and the CIA’s fingerprints were all over it.” Except the documentary evidence [...]

Extreme Right terrorism in Las Vegas

On Sunday a married couple with links to the anti-government extreme Right murdered two police officers in a Las Vegas pizza restaurant and a customer at a Walmart before killing themselves.
“There is no doubt that the suspects have an ideology that’s along the lines of militia and white supremacists,” said Kevin C. McMahill, assistant sheriff [...]

The kids are all right

Apropos of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker:

“I’m kind of disgusted…”

You’re not the only one, Shep.

Shepard Smith continues his honorable role as the voice of sanity at Fox News. (See also here and here.)

The comedy stylings of Scott Walker

Scott Walker, the Republican governor of Wisconsin and possible candidate for president in 2016, has (like a lot of politicians with higher ambitions) written a book.
Walker rose to national prominence in 2011, shortly after taking office, when he set out to cripple Wisconsin’s public sector unions, provoking an angry reaction from organized labor in the [...]

Virginia state senator’s nauseating letter to Assad

For reasons I won’t even try to guess, a Republican state senator from here in Virginia (in whose district I am fortunate not to reside) has written a gushing letter of appreciation to Syria’s murderous dictator Bashar al-Assad.
The letter was posted on the Facebook page of the Syrian Presidency.
The most cringe-inducing paragraph of this disgusting [...]

The Old Guard honors the fallen at Arlington

I posted this photo from Arlington National Cemetery last year on Memorial Day. But I like what it represents about my country, so I’m posting it again on this Memorial Day.
The photo originally appeared on the Facebook page of the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment, known as the Old Guard, which conducts ceremonies honoring fallen [...]

BDS bullying at UCLA

It’s not always easy to evaluate reports of US campus conflict over Israel/Palestine. Sometimes the facts are unclear, and readers in the UK may not feel they have a full grasp of the wider cultural and political context.  I’m opposed to attempts to shut down debate and inhibit the free exchange of ideas by both [...]