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Why I’m rooting for the New England Patriots

Guest post by Andrew Murphy
Several years ago, when the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl, Gene posted about how the Packers were the only “socialist” National Football League team. They are owned by the fans of the team, not by a wealthy businessman.
Usually the only “socialism” in professional sports occurs when taxpayers subsidize [...]

Netanyahu-Boehner vs. Herzog-Livni

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu recently appeared in this campaign video in which he is depicted as the only adult in a room of misbehaving children– all of whom happen to represent the Likud’s former coalition partners.
The Central Election Committee has banned the ad for violating a rule against using children in campaign ads. But [...]

RIP Mario Cuomo

The Democratic former governor of New York has died at the age of 82.
I remember him best for his powerful keynote speech to the 1984 Democratic National Convention, which nominated Walter Mondale to run against President Ronald Reagan.

I wasn’t the only one who wished that it was Cuomo, rather than Mondale, running against Reagan. [...]

GOP African-American/Jewish outreach watch

Not only has it been revealed that Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the third leading Republican in the US House of Representatives, addressed a conference of a white nationalist group organized by David Duke in 2002 (here’s a photo of one of his fellow conference speakers), but he made some remarkable comments about Duke when the [...]

Hanukkah at the White House

A belated חנוכה שמח (Happy Hanukkah) to all who are marking the occasion.

Again President and Mrs. Obama hosted a candle-lighting at the White House– part of what I suppose a handful of our readers consider their ongoing effort (along with annual Passover seders) to disguise their enmity for the Jewish people.
As Obama noted, this [...]

“It should have broken you into pieces”

Last week Congress approved a $1.1 trillion spending bill that included a number of provisions totally unrelated to spending.
One of those provisions weakened a part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law designed to prevent risky behavior by federally-insured banks– especially “too big to fail” banks like CitiGroup.
Speaking Friday on the floor of the Senate, Senator Elizabeth [...]

The torture report

The more Western society reacts to terrorist assault with an answerable illegality, the more it depletes the very spiritual and political resources which it takes itself to be protecting. Which is no doubt part of what terrorism has in mind. In this sense, triumph becomes failure, as military victory upends itself into moral defeat. (Terry [...]

The sad implosion of The New Republic

I’ve been a longtime reader of The New Republic, a small-circulation but venerable magazine of journalism and opinion.
Although staunchly liberal in its political orientation, the magazine has regularly challenged conventional wisdom on the Left– while sometimes, it seemed, being contrarian for the sake of being contrary.
Although the quality of the articles varies, it has produced [...]

“[M]y margin for error was nonexistent”

I don’t presume to know what happened between Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown, an 18-year-old black teenager, on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, that led to Wilson’s fatal shooting of Brown.
Although a number of people who claimed to have witnessed the shooting offered varying accounts to the grand jury which chose not to [...]

Bill Maher on non-voters

Maher makes the unexceptionable point that even in elections with highly imperfect choices, the results can affect the lives of millions of people for better or worse. Well said. And good for singling out Russell Brand’s anti-voting shtick for the ridicule it deserves.
Brand’s rather feeble response is here.
As for Brand’s call for a “peaceful, [...]