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Then and Now

Perhaps Sturgeon’s Law should be applied to any public statements by the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon is actively considering the possibility of investigating the means of opposing Theresa May’s appeal against the High Court’s ruling that control has been taken back for the Commons and the Executive does not have free-rein with Royal Prerogative. The rule […]

Dear Sir/Madam, Please Find Attached a Copy of My CV

Osama Saeed appears to have departed from al Jazeera. Where is he now? On a potentially unrelated subject. Warming up with a cup of tea after a good afternoon campaigning in Glasgow Southside. #BothVotesSNP — Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon) March 6, 2016

Fuck Off, Alex Salmond

I am sure this has nothing to do with his currying favour with Iran.

Stands Scotland where it did?

As I’m sick of, and sickened by, Scottish nationalism Tom Gallagher’s Scotland Now: A Warning to the World,  wasn’t the jolliest holiday reading. I relived the independence referendum which was the worst political time of my life – the flags, the bad history, the bad economics, the endless flattery of the Scots, forming a wave […]

Mr. Salmond Goes to Tehran


SNP MSP Sandra White “in error”

If a politician retweets this grotesque antisemitic image, it’s career over, right? Wrong. Not even close. SNP MSP Sandra White did just that and her party simply brushed it away: After the JC brought the tweet to the SNP’s attention on Monday, a party spokesman said: “This tweet was re-tweeted in error and has been […]

SNP MP Tommy Sheppard helping Hamasniks

SNP MP Tommy Sheppard was so angry about Israeli prime minister Netanyahu’s visit to London last September that he went to Downing Street to demonstrate. That demonstration quickly turned into a swaggering display of atrocious antisemitism, with Hezbollah banners flying. You can see ample video evidence in this post. Here’s part of it. “Blood-drinking swine” […]

To Ian Blackford, where is Charlie now?

THIS IS A GUEST POST BY POLITICAL JENGA. In the 2015 General Election Ian Blackford won the Ross, Skye & Lochaber seat from the late Charles Kennedy. During the campaign, Charles endured vicious online personal attacks from SNP supporters and officials, some of which has already been reported. However, a review of Twitter messages indicates […]

Mhairi Black: more popular than the Alex Salmond?

THIS IS A GUEST POST BY POLITICAL JENGA. I’m an avid Twitter user and routinely browse through the “SNP” hashtag to keep up with the latest news of how wonderful the Scottish National Party (SNP) are and how bad everyone else is. One particular tweet caught my eye. Dated 15 July, it was from Paul […]

The SNP’s position on fox hunting goes down the memory hole

The SNP have announced – with remarkably similar statements on Twitter – they will vote against Tory amendments to the Hunting Act. Until some time on the night of 19/20 May they said: The SNP has a long-standing position of not voting on matters that only affect England. The Hunting Act is one such matter […]