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    Donald Where’s Your Bomb Belt?

    From the hot-bed of Islamophobia and routine discrimination which is Inverness comes reports of an unnamed Muslim man a grenade pin breadth away from joining ISIS. Speaking to the Press and Journal, Habib Malik said: “This is deeply worrying. Previously we had Rakib*, which was a huge shock. I don’t know the circumstances of the Inverness case, but any element of radicalisation of someone in Inverness is just shocking. “In a global village, with the internet, it is so easy now for individuals living in remote areas to connect with other parts of the world and get hooked up with the wrong club. It’s disturbing.” He added: “Parents try to…

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    The Scottish Equivalent of Taqiyya?

    Oaths of Allegiance have been taken in Parliament by the SNP MPs aka #team56 (not #the56 after it was realized, long after their supporters had piled into this hashtag, that it had been established for the 30th anniversary commemorations of the Bradford City fire). I would say all did so in the “Scottish style”, although Alistair Carmichael appears to have been the first to do so yesterday. There had been concerns that at least some of them would insist on doing so in Gaelic or snubbing the oath of loyalty to Queen Elizabeth, her heirs, and her successors. Yesterday, Rory Stewart pre-empted the first by asking if he could do…

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    Pedal on Parliament IV

    Pedal on Parliament, 25 April 2015 12:00 Middle Meadow Walk Edinburgh This Saturday I’ll be among the thousands pedalling from The Meadows down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile to Holyrood for the fourth year of Pedal on Parliament (POP).  The motorised traffic will stop and for once we can enjoy Edinburgh’s beautiful centre without the fumes, noise and fear that are the usual experience of cycling among the internally combusting. This is Pedal on Parliament’s fourth year. Transport is a devolved power in Scotland. According to Sally Hinchcliffe, one of the organisers of POP:- Since we started in 2012, Pedal on Parliament (PoP) has become a national force for cycling in Scotland. As soon…

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    Why Is Neville Cross?

    For much of the Medieval period, the Northern marches of England saw Scots in a similar way as the South viewed the French. In offering a “Manifesto to Northern England”, Nicola Strugeon might find that this is remembered.

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    Alex Salmond in the Marshal Tito Mould

    This is a guest post by Tom Gallagher Scotland’s Alex Salmond  offers the convincing impression of being a glad-handing, benefactor, at ease with artistic folk, world leaders and industrial workers alike. He has a passion for  sports like horse-racing and golf but uses his office to help plucky Scots who he believes embody the talent and grit of a small nation in the shadow of a bigger and sometimes intrusive one, England. These are some of the human themes which animate his new book, The Dream That never Died: 100 days That Changed Scotland Forever.  As I write, it is no 24 on the Amazon bestsellers list for Britain. Looking around…

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    Last post on the R thing

    One last post, and I shall move on from that R thingy, like most of Scotland (not all).  Sane Yessers don’t want to be that bitter old bugger weeping into his beer at their betrayal for the next twenty years, and have agreed to drop the subject and talk to their No friends again about other things. On Friday evening I thanked my upstairs neighbour for putting up four no thanks posters in his windows. He had done it, he said , because he’d been so angry about the intimidation towards No campaigners. Our neighbour to our right had got sworn at for having No stickers on her car and…

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    Crazy Days

    Didn’t I say that we’re going mad up here? Alex Salmond (isn’t he the guy who resigned on Friday because he lost the democratic mandate for an independent Scotland?) The First Minister appeared to blame elderly Scots, who were most hostile to leaving the UK, for holding back younger generations and argued that independence is inevitable after they die off. In a startling intervention, he also claimed that another referendum may not be required to break up Britain as the Scottish Parliament could unilaterally declare independence after gaining increasing numbers of powers. I count myself as “late middle-aged” rather than “elderly” but I’m going to live for ever to spite…

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    Greetings fellow citizens/Westmonster’s lackeys

    So here it is, a rainy Edinburgh and Scotland is still part of the Union. I can’t tell you how relieved I am. Here are a couple of pictures for you – from the flat upstairs:- I would have put one up myself but I’m on the ground floor, right next to the pavement and had new windows installed back in April. Here’s a billboard opposite my bus-stop:- I can’t say how relieved I am. As my last post said, this has been a nightmarish time, that through a nationalistic army that recruited many of those angry with Westminster, it looked as if we could be pushed out of the…

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    Sore losers

    The reaction of some Scottish independence supporters to their loss in Thursday’s referendum reminds me of this classic scene in “Citizen Kane”: Update: For a change, Alex Salmond does the right thing. Further update: Big honking irony alert: A team of observers from Russia declared that the Scottish vote “did not meet international standards.” Yes, that Russia. The Kremlin propaganda channel RT, meanwhile, speculated that the result might have been rigged and expressed surprise at the “North Korean” levels of turnout. Eighty-four percent of eligible voters turned out in Scotland. Russia claims that 83 percent of voters turned out for the March referendum in which more than 96 percent of…

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    Neverendum Land

    So we really have gone crazy up here. The polls tighten, the campaigners for an independent Scotland, the Yessers, who thought they could pat themselves on the back for making a respectable showing, now have a chance of winning. Heady, exhilarating – for those on the Yes side and for those who are cheering them on. For us Unionists – and I never thought of myself as such a thing, just a British citizen with dual nationality living in Scotland – these last weeks have been nerve-wracking. Acute anxiety is my normal state of mind now, and others feel the same. The charged, hysterical atmosphere is like the outbreak of…