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Archive for 'Scotland'

Someone Said Something

With the Scottish LibDem Conference under way, a senior-ish member is a likely candidate for Nick Watt’s unattributed scoop from an unnamed Government minister somewhere in the pro-Union campaign that the UK intends to enter into a currency union with an independent Scotland to ensure financial stability and secure Faslane naval base.
And currently having his [...]

Business As Usual?

I see no reason why an independent Scotland would not function as an acceptable simulacrum of a prosperous country: assuming it is as true an independence as can be achieved in the post-industrial world instead of a secessionist destination in which greater control is passed to another body (the EU) and the rest of the [...]

A Democrat Wrote

Tychy is a switherer on the upcoming Scottish referendum, and one point which would help decide for him would be the possibility of a restructured relationship between the EU and all its member states. In November last year, he wrote
Let us think the unthinkable. Just imagine for a moment that the supranational institutions of [...]

Any Colour As Long As It’s Independent

One of the manifestations of the sub state nationalism which many in Scotland have invested a considerable proportion of their personal identity and emotions is that it comes to see any criticism of it or – adding the personality cult which surrounds Fish-heid McMoonface to the mix – opposition to specific demands (such as allowing [...]

The Red Dress or Polka Dot Skirt

Although I am instinctively NO with regards to the Scottish referendum, I would not see a YES as an insurmountable problem regardless of my being a product of the UK as Shuggy is. It would be essential, however, that currency union on Ster£ing happens, and this is not more going to take place than [...]

You And Whose Army?

First off, I think Stuart Campbell aka RevStu of Wings Over Scotland is an idiot. A ridiculous buffoon who is a living embodiment of the adage of what happens when someone merely thought of as a fool opens his moosh. A pathological tribalist. A truly ignorant – in the pejorative sense as [...]

Swimming Against the Tide

People in England, Wales and Northern Ireland should not be given a formal say on whether an independent Scotland joins a currency union with the UK, according to Alex Salmond.
The first minister said a referendum in the rest of the UK would “not be required” following a “Yes” vote.
Yes, and I should like a date [...]

Independence allies

Talking of Scottish Independence – and to my disgruntlement we who live up here are not going to talk about much else until well after the referendum – there is a new campaigner for the Yes vote, though she is old in her many appearances on Harry’s Place.
I am talking about Yvonne Ridley, who has [...]

Scotland’s Turkmenbashi In His Natural Mileui

Recently I have noted the Alex Salmond deploying his deputy, Fish-heid NicMoonface more and more in front of domestic television cameras. Last year, however, it was he who provided a Scottish accent for Russia Today.
Scroll forward to 2014, and he is less oleaginous than floundering as George Osborne entered the pelagic zone [Ed: okay, [...]

‘Just Say Naw’ – should Livingston say yes?

I’m no fan of George Galloway, but the decision of Livingston Council to cancel his ‘Just Say Naw’ pro-union roadshow does seem, on the face of it, unreasonable.
The Bradford West MP has been in talks with QC Donald Findlay to move to reverse the local authority’s decision after being told his “Just Say Naw” rally [...]