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Alex Salmond in the Marshal Tito Mould

This is a guest post by Tom Gallagher
Scotland’s Alex Salmond  offers the convincing impression of being a glad-handing, benefactor, at ease with artistic folk, world leaders and industrial workers alike. He has a passion for  sports like horse-racing and golf but uses his office to help plucky Scots who he believes embody the talent and [...]

Last post on the R thing

One last post, and I shall move on from that R thingy, like most of Scotland (not all).  Sane Yessers don’t want to be that bitter old bugger weeping into his beer at their betrayal for the next twenty years, and have agreed to drop the subject and talk to their No friends again about [...]

Crazy Days

Didn’t I say that we’re going mad up here?

Alex Salmond (isn’t he the guy who resigned on Friday because he lost the democratic mandate for an independent Scotland?)
The First Minister appeared to blame elderly Scots, who were most hostile to leaving the UK, for holding back younger generations and argued that independence is inevitable after [...]

Greetings fellow citizens/Westmonster’s lackeys

So here it is, a rainy Edinburgh and Scotland is still part of the Union. I can’t tell you how relieved I am.
Here are a couple of pictures for you – from the flat upstairs:-

I would have put one up myself but I’m on the ground floor, right next to the pavement and had [...]

Sore losers

The reaction of some Scottish independence supporters to their loss in Thursday’s referendum reminds me of this classic scene in “Citizen Kane”:

Update: For a change, Alex Salmond does the right thing.
Further update: Big honking irony alert: A team of observers from Russia declared that the Scottish vote “did not meet international standards.”
Yes, that Russia.
The Kremlin [...]

Neverendum Land

So we really have gone crazy up here. The polls tighten, the campaigners for an independent Scotland, the Yessers, who thought they could pat themselves on the back for making a respectable showing, now have a chance of winning.
Heady, exhilarating – for those on the Yes side and for those who are cheering [...]

“Nothing screams Scottish freedom quite like a millionaire Australian antisemite on horseback”

John Oliver explains the Scottish independence referendum to an American audience and makes a moving plea to the Scots not to leave.

Two questions:
1. Why are there flames coming out of the bagpipes at the beginning?
2. In which movie does the guy hold up signs to the woman he’s trying to woo? I want to make [...]

Something Funny?

As the Prime Minister was addressing MPs on the imminent threat to the life of Scots hostage, David Haines in Syria, at least half of the SNP Westminster group considered it a moment for cheap grandstanding and bandying around YES banners.
From left to right: Angus Robertson of Moray; Pete Wishart of Perth and North Perthshire; [...]

Scotland Votes: What’s at stake for the UK

The debate between Salmond and Darling was not broadcast UK wide although losing one third of your land mass and suffering a big shake up of your politics is going to be of some interest to England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Andrew Neil’s programme Scotland Votes: What’s at stake for the UK last night covered some [...]

Not Being Aware of Your Own Brief

It makes a change from ousting college chiefs who are not beholden to you, I suppose.