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Holocaust abuse: the climate change edition

I’ve posted before about Holocaust abuse: the practice of invoking the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews before and during World War II in utterly inappropriate circumstances.
Holocaust abuse is practiced widely on both the Left and the Right: ranging from comparing Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto to comparing American tax policy and supposed loss of “economic [...]

John Oliver on unverified claims about unregulated supplements

I hope you can take a quarter of an hour to watch this:

For Republicans in Congress, climate change denial trumps national security

Pete Hamilton, a resident of Rockbridge County, Virginia, has written an op-ed for The Roanoke Times explaining why, as a former lifelong Republican, he now identifies as a political independent.
He cited one Congressional vote in particular:

My latest dismay arises over the May 22 vote on House Roll Call No. 231, which amended the Defense Department’s 2015 [...]

Are girls discouraged from science and technology?

Verizon is not exactly one of my favorite companies (employees of their Wireless division in Brooklyn, New York, recently voted to unionize despite fierce resistance by management), but I appreciate the message of this ad produced by the company:

(It’s symptomatic of modern corporate values that it’s possible to be seemingly progressive on women’s issues while [...]

The State of Louisiana versus science: the saga continues

Remember when Louisiana’s Republican governor Bobby Jindal mocked the very idea of monitoring volcanic activity?
And when Louisiana adopted a law that no public school teacher could be disciplined or fired for teaching an “alternative theory” (for example, creationism) to evolution?
And when Jindal’s administration tried to provide state-funded vouchers for students to attend schools that teach [...]

Republicans and evolution

According to a recent Pew Research poll, more self-identified Republicans now reject the theory of evolution than accept it.
Forty-eight percent of Republicans believe “humans and other living things have existed in their present form since the beginning of time” while 43 percent believe “humans and other living things have evolved over time.”
This compares to 33 [...]

Still stupid after all these months [see update]

After Barack Obama’s reelection last November, Louisiana’s Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal declared that the GOP needed to “stop being the stupid party.”
“… It’s time for a new Republican Party that talks like adults,” he said. “We had a number of Republicans damage the brand this year with offensive and bizarre comments. I’m here to say [...]

A link between lead and crime?

I’m not a toxicologist, a criminologist or a statistician (and I’d be interested to hear from anyone with expertise in these fields). But I think Kevin Drum at Mother Jones makes a compelling case for a causal relationship between the rise and fall of violent crime rates in the US and other countries and the [...]

Obama fudged it too

In fairness, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio isn’t the only politician who had Christian fundamentalist sensitivities in mind when he answered a question about the creation of the Earth.

At least Obama didn’t start wittering about the gross domestic product.

What’s the big news from Mars?

A report from Joe Palca of NPR news:
Scientists working on NASA’s six-wheeled rover on Mars have a problem. But it’s a good problem.
They have some exciting new results from one of the rover’s instruments. On the one hand, they’d like to tell everybody what they found, but on the other, they have to wait because [...]