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Nation magazine editor denounces “neo-McCarthyite” attacks on Trump

Stephen F. Cohen, a contributing editor at the leftwing Nation magazine, accuses pro-Hillary Clinton liberals of “slurring” Donald Trump by pointing out his soft spot for Vladimir Putin and his murderous, expansionist, increasingly repressive regime.

In 1948 Cohen surely would have been a supporter of Henry Wallace and his Progressive Party campaign for president*, accusing anyone [...]

Stein, Flynn and Putin at RT dinner in Moscow

Last December the very strange retired General Michael Flynn and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein joined Vladimir Putin at a gala dinner in Moscow honoring the Russian TV propaganda outlet RT.
Flynn is in the tuxedo, Putin has the red tie and Stein is in the gray sweater:

Flynn, former director of the US Defense [...]

Putin’s candidate for president

Moving on to more substantive and critical matters…
Donald Trump gave an interview on foreign policy to The New York Times which ought to disturb anyone who cares about preserving NATO, defending democracy at home and abroad, and upholding human rights.
Jeffrey Goldberg writes at The Atlantic:
Fulfilling what might be [Vladimir] Putin’s dearest wish, Trump, in this [...]

Will Eurovision produce Putin’s challenger?

The Washington Post reports that the favorite to win tonight’s Eurovision song contest, Sergey Lazarev of Russia, is an outspoken opponent of the Putin regime’s denial of full rights to LGBTs and its annexation of Crimea.
After watching the video of his song, I think I can deal quite easily with missing the whole extravaganza for [...]

Lavrov asks Kerry to stop “anti-Russian” media

Perhaps related to Vladimir Putin’s sky-high approval ratings:
Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov may not approve of freedom of the press, but it’s rather disturbing that he doesn’t even understand it.
Lavrov calls Kerry to ask him to stop the "anti-Russian campaign" in the Western press.
— Julia Ioffe (@juliaioffe) March 10, 2016

Putin, of course, could say [...]

What’s behind Putin’s poll numbers?

To try and understand the polls that show more than 80 percent support among Russians for Vladimir Putin even as the country’s economy tanks, The Washington Post’s Moscow bureau chief tagged along with a poll taker as she went door to door in a Moscow apartment building.
Although Putin’s popularity is often attributed to his government’s [...]

Caithness Calling, Caithness Calling, Haw Haw Haw

This is a guest post by Bespoleznyi Idiot
A year and a day after Boris Nemstov met a Blackadderian end by accidentally tragically shooting himself four times in the back might appear as almost an inappropriate time to express delight at appearing on the Russian Federation’s international radio station as expressing delight calling for the dismantling [...]

Putin implicated in Litvinenko poisoning; Corbyn mum

Just when you think Jeremy Corbyn can’t get any more worthy of contempt:
The killing of Alexander Litvinenko was “probably approved” by Vladimir Putin. We suspected that already, of course: Your average hired thug doesn’t exactly have access to radioactive polonium, much less use it to murder an FSB defector in broad daylight in the middle [...]

Russian blogger sent to prison

The latest news from Vladimir Putin’s Russia.
Russia on Wednesday sentenced a blogger in the city of Tomsk to five years in a Siberian prison for “inciting extremism and hatred” after he criticized Russian military intervention in Ukraine in videos he posted to YouTube and Vkontakte, Russia’s version of Facebook.
The unusually harsh decision against Vadim Tyumentsev, [...]

Aww. I think they kinda like each other.

There was a time within my living memory when the virtual endorsement of a candidate for US president by an autocratic, anti-American leader in the Kremlin– and kind words by that candidate in return– would have killed off his candidacy for good.
We live in strange times.
So it will be interesting to see if the latest [...]