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Michael Weiss on Trump, Russia and “Trumpkin Republicans”

Our friend Michael Weiss was on CNN Tuesday night reporting that government-controlled Russian media are reporting that President Trump is a true friend of Russia being victimized by the “liberal mainstream media and US intelligence services,” while the Putin regime has “a sense of relief in watching the US government tear itself apart.”
He also says [...]

Trump fires Comey; hilarity ensues

With exquisite timing, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meets with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (and later President Trump) the morning after Trump fired FBI director James Comey, who was leading an investigation of possible collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Putin regime.

I’m pleased Lavrov was able to find some humor in the [...]

The dangers of standing up to Putin

A good report on “60 Minutes” about the Putin regime’s sometimes murderous campaign against its Russian opponents.
Or is it all a series of startling coincidences?

International Women’s Day, Putin style

From an AP roundup of worldwide activities on International Women’s Day:
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (dih-MEE’-tree med-VYEH’-dyev) has approved a five-year national action plan supporting women’s interests.
The signing came on International Women’s Day on Wednesday.
Valentina Matvienko, who as speaker of the upper house of parliament is one of Russia’s most prominent female politicians, calls the [...]

Wait. What?

From a program on the Putin regime-funded propaganda TV channel RT:

Flynn out

The real question isn’t why Michael Flynn was forced out as Donald Trump’s national security adviser (that’s obvious enough), but why someone like him was appointed in the first place.
It’s not like his close ties to the Putin regime and strange behavior were a secret.
The Washington Post reported last August:
Like Trump, Flynn has advocated forging [...]

I’m no national security expert…

… but this probably isn’t good.
In light of this, and out of worries about the White House’s ability to keep secrets, some of our spy agencies have begun withholding intelligence from the Oval Office. Why risk your most sensitive information if the president may ignore it anyway? A senior National Security Agency official explained that [...]

This just in from Moscow

From the non-state owned English-language Moscow Times:

And in what must be a completely unrelated report:

And in case you missed it:

It’s funny until you see this:
Russian politician tweets yesterday: "That's it!Trump is president!"USA is ours!"#Inauguration
— Julia Ioffe (@juliaioffe) January 21, 2017

McCain versus Trump

Getting back to the subject of moral courage…
While soon-to-be president Donald Trump takes the side of a foreign adversary against his own government, Republican Senator John McCain is spending New Year’s Eve with Ukrainian Marines defending their country against Russian aggression.
Spending #NewYearsEve w/ brave #Ukrainian Marines at a forward combat outpost – we stand w/ [...]

Let’s review

· Donald Trump has selected Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, who received Russia’s Order of Friendship from Vladimir Putin after signing deals with the state-owned Russian oil company Rosneft, to be the next secretary of state. However he would need to be confirmed by the Senate, and that is not assured.
· Trump’s selection for national [...]