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Pro-Kremlin party hosts extreme Right at St. Petersburg conference

After this, how can any “leftwing” apologists for Vladimir Putin even pretend that he and his regime are interested in “fighting fascism”– in Ukraine or anywhere else?
Russia’s appeal to Europe’s fringe was on full show Sunday [in St. Petersburg] at the International Russian Conservative Forum, a conference organized by a pro-Kremlin ultranationalist party to cement [...]

Rise of the Political Technologists

This is a guest post by James Snell
Review: Nothing is True and Everything is Possible by Peter Pomerantsev
For a generation such as mine, which attained political consciousness after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet system in the last century, it can sometimes seem strange that the iron fist of [...]

Russian Gulag museum won’t mention Stalin

In another ominous indication of the way things are trending in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, a Gulag Museum is set to reopen with no acknowledgement of the crimes of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Perm-36 museum director Viktor Shmyrov said the “memorial won’t disappear, but the museum has been taken over by other people appointed by the [...]

Seumas Milne’s “buts”

In his latest Guardian column on the “demonisation” of Russia (republished, of course by the Stoppers), Seumas Milne blithely dismisses the possibility that Vladimir Putin had anything to do with the murder of opposition figure Boris Nemtsov as “[making] little sense.”
Responsibility for an outrage that exposed the lack of security in the heart of Moscow [...]

Thousands of Russians honor Nemtsov

It may just be a symbolic act of outrage with little chance of affecting Vladimir Putin’s increasingly dictatorial and repressive regime, but it’s good to see tens of thousands of Russians taking to the streets to honor the murdered opposition leader and democratic crusader Boris Nemtsov.

More remarkable photos from the Moscow demonstration are here.
The [...]

Least reassuring news of the week

AP reports (since updated):
Boris Nemtsov, a charismatic former deputy prime minister turned Russian opposition leader, was shot and killed in Moscow Saturday, officials said. He was 55.
Nemtsov’s death comes just a day before a planned protest against President Vladimir Putin’s rule. The Kremlin said that Putin will personally oversee the investigation.
Nemtsov was a sharp critic [...]

Labour Friends of Ukraine

This looks like something worthy of backing by Labour party members and supporters in the UK.

The Labour Party believes and has always believed in a world governed by rules, in liberal democracy and in the territorial integrity of nations. Nowhere is the battle for those ideals more fiercely raging than in Ukraine.
Labour Friends of Ukraine [...]

Neil Clark: RT critics are worse than Goebbels

Milosevic apologist, Ostalgist and all-around appalling human being Neil Clark writes that those of us who criticize the Russian government-funded RT (formerly Russia Today) are worse than Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. (You’ll never guess where it was published.)
Anything else I could say about this would be redundant.

Straws in the Iranian wind?

I’ve long been at least as absorbed by what’s going on (politically, economically and socially) inside Iran as I have been in Iran’s potential nuclear weapons capabilities, in the progress (or lack of same) of negotiations on nukes, the regime’s anti-Israel activities, etc.
So I’ve noted some recent reports with particular interest:
–In the queue for bread [...]

Putin’s admirers looking kind of stupid

What do the following people have in common: Nigel Farage, George Galloway, Rush Limbaugh, Socialist Unity’s John Wight, Pat Buchanan, Seumas Milne, Marine Le Pen and The Nation’s Stephen Cohen?
They all have considered Russian President Vladimir Putin worthy of some degree of admiration; if not for his actions, at least for his alleged toughness and [...]