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More male Republican politicians say stupid things about rape

Even after the 2012 fiascoes in Missouri and Indiana, it seems some male Republican politicians still haven’t learned to keep their mouths shut on the subject of rape. When they do open their mouths about it, there’s a good chance something stupid and/or offensive will emerge.

A West Virginia lawmaker has apologized for saying that while [...]

Lies, Damn Lies, and False Rape Allegation Statistics

Last month Rosie Warren wrote an article published by the International Socialist Network (ISN) entitled “On Believing Women Who Allege Rape.” Her concluding sentence sums up her position: “The statement that we believe someone alleging rape is not only an important act of solidarity, but is also, given what we know about the nature of [...]

What do the Socialist Workers Party and Silicon Valley have in common?

Both seem willing to shrug off reports of powerful men abusing women.
Gawker reports:
When TechCrunch founder turned venture capitalist Mike Arrington was accused last week of rape and abuse by an ex-girlfriend, many in Silicon Valley were shocked, but not entirely surprised. This is because rumors that Arrington abused women have circulated almost from the [...]

“Real men treat women with respect”

This video was made by a student at the University of Oregon in response to the widely-publicized Steubenville, Ohio, rape case. (If you want to save your sanity, don’t read the comments.)

But (if we assume the two people in the video had previously had sex at some point) it could also apply to George Galloway’s [...]


Any similarity between the Victory Christian Center of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the Socialist Workers Party of the United Kingdom is, I am sure, purely coincidental.

Bradford Muslim women against Galloway

A detailed account in the Guardian’s Northerner Blog of a Galloway ’sermon’ to Muslim women in Bradford.
Galloway used the meeting as an attempt to rebuild his support among Muslim women, following his appalling comments about rape. It seems Muslim women, like most women and must people in general weren’t particularly impressed by G.G’s view [...]

“None of this namby pamby stuff”

Because Socialist Unity has shut down commenting on its two recent threads supporting (or at least excusing) George “The Inserter” Galloway on the question of rape, discussion of the matter has shifted, rather incongruously, to a nostalgia-drenched thread celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. (It’s remarkable how some [...]

Children of rape are often victims too

In the wake of Todd Akin’s claim that “legitimate rape” almost never results in pregnancy, Andrew Solomon has written an excellent piece for The New Yorker about the relationship between rape and pregnancy, and the children of rape.
One only wishes that Akin, Paul Ryan and everyone else who believes that women should be forced to [...]