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Archive for 'Orwell'

In post-coup Thailand, a fear of George Orwell

In the wake of a May 22 coup, Thailand’s military regime seems to have developed a fear of a 65-year-old work of fiction by a long-dead English author.
One form that anti-coup protests took in Bangkok was public and silent reading of George Orwell’s dystopian novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”
Bangkok’s City News reported:
On Sunday, 22th June, a lone [...]

Big Mullah is Watching You

A popular coffee shop in Tehran is closing down rather than comply with a government order to install telescreens, er, surveillance cameras.
Cameras have proliferated in Tehran coffee shops since last summer. “Most people thought they were part of the security systems installed by owners to protect against theft,” one Tehrani said. However the cameras are [...]