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Obama the reader

Let me stipulate that Barack Obama’s avid book-reading did not necessarily make him a better president (or a worse president, for that matter). Nor does the fact that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to read many books (although he has published several ghost-written books) necessarily mean that he will be a bad president. (There are plenty […]

Obama commutes sentence of Chelsea Manning

Although I’m sure plenty of people will (deliberately or otherwise) confuse the two, a commutation is not the same as a pardon. When she is released next May, Manning will have been incarcerated since July 2010 (as opposed to the original 35-year sentence for espionage). That’s not nothing, and I can’t imagine anyone else being […]

Obama’s “threat”

Guest post by Sackcloth & Ashes Following Obama’s remarks on BREXIT– and the hysteria being whipped up about them– I thought Harry’s Place’s readers might wish to see the transcript of his speech and the ensuing press conference, rather than relying on any version supplied by the Mayor of London (who has faced his own […]


President Obama’s endorsement of Britain staying in the EU has thrown London’s mayor into something of a tizzy, causing him to channel his inner Newt Gingrich. The mayor of London blasted President Barack Obama’s opposition to the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, suggesting in an op-ed that Obama’s background and values are at […]

“May the memory of the lost be a blessing”

Definitely a more heartfelt statement than Justin Trudeau’s. President Obama speaks at a ceremony honoring newly-recognized Righteous among the Nations (including the awe-inspiring Roddie Edmonds) at the Israeli Embassy in Washington:

Welcome home

At a moment when American politics is going through one of its periodic bouts of insanity, it’s good to read some of the comments by Amir Hekmati, the former US Marine who was arrested in 2011 on spying charges while visiting his grandmother in Iran and was released on January 16 as part of a […]

Obama’s continuing fecklessness on Syria

Regular Harry’s Place readers will know that while I find much to admire about Barack Obama, and much to support in his record as president, I have been deeply critical of his outright failures to deal properly with Syria since the popular uprising against the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad began in 2011. Unfortunately I […]

What do the other 99 percent know?

Hey, I’m not the only one. Forget that Muslim thing. 1% of Americans think Barack Obama is Jewish, per a recent CNN poll — Brian Ries (@moneyries) September 18, 2015 Heck, you can’t just ignore those Passover seders at the White House.

Netanyahu-Boehner vs. Herzog-Livni

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu recently appeared in this campaign video in which he is depicted as the only adult in a room of misbehaving children– all of whom happen to represent the Likud’s former coalition partners. The Central Election Committee has banned the ad for violating a rule against using children in campaign ads. But […]

Obama approves airstrikes, humanitarian airdrops in Iraq

President Obama responds to the horrific threats faced by Iraq’s Yazidis and other minorities.