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Regular Apologies, and Introducing Charge of Willful Neglect to the NHS

In what appears to be becoming a repeat event, Tony Spotiswood, the CEO of NHS Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Foundation Trust has apologized to the family of a mistreated patient. Terminally ill with a pulmonary disorder, 85 year old Dorothy Simpson’s last act when left unattended was to telephone her son for help: he [...]

NHS Protection Against Malpractice (and criticism?)

At first blush, 20% of the £2.4 billions maternity budget of the NHS being spent on clinical negligence cover by NHS England (the equivalent of £700 per live birth) seems, at least, an arguable precaution.  Any business – SME or large/corporate – should taken reasonable precautions regarding insurance.
In response to Public Accounts Committee chair, Margaret [...]

On Responsibility

My own negative experiences in the credibility gap between stated commitment to health care and actual practice by individuals in NHS was when study/training in a paramedical profession, and experiencing a spell of clinical depression. Despite keeping the departmental supervisor appraised and her expressing no concerns, on hearing of it the student co-ordinator ‘consulted’ [...]

Named and Dismissed

To the casual observer, it would have seemed that a Government-backed report into cover-ups and deliberate destruction of files – by public or private sector employees – related to internal and criminal investigations superseded glib readings of the Data Protection Act. The DPA would be assumed to be there to protect individuals’ personal data, [...]

Being a Tattle-Tale on Threats and Hate Campaigns

Assessing single-event news reports as reflecting on the [deteriorating] moral fibre and emotional backbone of an entire nation strikes me as being fundamentally reactionary in nature. Back in February, Libby T asked whence came a thin skin in response to the decision by Julie Bailey of Cure the NHS to report NHS Mid Staffs [...]

Britain’s NHS: Not So Healthy

This is a guest post by Samuel Westrop, a Fellow of the Gatestone Institute.
Ramadan TV, a platform for Islamist hate-preachers, refers to NHS North East London & The City as one of its sponsors[1]. In response to a Freedom of Information request, it has emerged that the NHS funded the television channel to the tune [...]

NHS issues

I mentioned the Carillion dispute, involving workers at Great Western Hospital in Swindon, in this post.  Here Todd Hamer reports on serious allegations against the private service provider:
Carillion bosses made the workers give them “gifts” in exchange for booking their entitled leave and shift requests.
And here is a report of how one worker’s name was [...]

‘Keep Our NHS Public’ – Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Bill – Is this the beginning of Privitisation of the National Health Service?

This is a cross post by Dr Mike Squires from The Patient Experience
Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Bill promises the biggest shake up ever seen in the NHS.
The Bill, at over four hundred pages, is even larger than the legislation that set up the NHS over sixty three years ago.
What does the Bill, if [...]

Transparent Clegg talks NHS veto

Two days after suffering a terrible performance in the local elections, and losing the Alternative Vote referendum, Nick Clegg is showing us he cares about the NHS. Really cares. Enough to play the veto card, which he must have misplaced as he reneged on his promise over tuition fees. Frankly, I’m embarrassed for him. No [...]

The Never-Ending Largess of the Scottish Parliament

Of course the NHS is not free. Prescription charges, like. Or, not so now in Scotland as we follow Wales and Northern Ireland in abolishing prescription charges.
It is a fairly good bet that one of the first comments on this thread will refer to the likes of the Scandinavian model which Alex Salmond [...]