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Archive for 'Never forget'

Remember Clause 28?

Tom Watson has reflected briefly on the political achievements of Michael Howard.

And now for something completely different?

So, to no great surprise, IDS has lost his confidence vote and there will now be an election for a new leader of the Conservative Party.
I hated it in the 1980’s when Tories used to lecture the Labour Party about what their policies should be and who they should choose as leader. And while it [...]

Is he or isn’t he?

I’m not trying to score points, it doesn’t really matter and I’m just mildly curious but – is he any relation?

Memory aid part 8

Memory Aid Part 7

Hmm, perjury seems to be establishing itself as a leitmotif…

Memory Aid Part 6

He’ll be out soon…

Memory Aid parts 4 & 5

Two Normans for the price of one:

Memory aid part 3

Memory aid

When I hear people on the left talk about how the Labour Party is now “no different from the Tories” I do wonder if memories are still functioning. Perhaps some people need an occassional memory jog?
Psychologists say that the best form of memory aid is visual so I have decided to introduce a new [...]